Cat-astrophe Witch

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Chapter 1

If someone asked me what I was doing on a Friday night, I would say studying or watching netflix films all night long. Not once did I think I would be chasing a cat, with my panties in it’s mouth, around my dorm room.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

From the moment I got out of bed this morning, I felt like someone was watching me from the shadows. Thanks to my paranoid ass, I had several nearly terrible accidents and one near death experience. The ominous presence that stalked me all day finally revealed itself in my underwear drawer. Once it’s mismatched eyes reached my blue ones, it immediately jumped off my drawer along with my panties.

I didn’t want it to expose my panties to anyone outside, so the only thing I could do was to try to keep it in my room while I also tried to catch it.

After an hour or so, I was finally tired from chasing the cat. I’m laying on my couch with the cat watching me with the panties on his head.

“Don’t you have anything better to do than wearing a girl’s panties?”

Dumbass. Cats don’t talk.

“Nope. I wish I did, but my previous master died a couple of weeks ago.”

Or maybe they can.

The cat’s words were spoken in a playful manner with a boyish charm to it.

Suddenly hearing the cat talk, I immediately reacted in the only way I could.
“You will never take my soul Satan.” Jumping from the couch, I grab the broom I keep to the side.
The cat tilts its head to the side in confusion. “Satan? Oh, is this your first time meeting a talking cat? Don’t worry I will-”

Before the cat could finish, I whacked him on the head with my broom. In response to the act of violence, he hissed at me.

“Please don’t kill me.”

You're begging a cat not to kill you. Your friends would laugh at you.

The cat jumps onto the top of the couch then jumps across to the kitchen counter. Now I’m having a proper look at the cat, instead of screaming at him, I notice that he is a calico cat. “I won’t kill you and I’m not Satan. He is my boss though.”

“Your boss?”

“Where are my manners?” The cat jumps off the counter and at the same time, he transforms into a young man - a naked man. “I am Rune Crowley. A demon and a famil-”

I whack him with my broom again, interrupting him once again. “Why are you naked?!” My face is a red mess. I admit it, I’m a virgin. A virgin that has never seen a naked man, not even half naked.

“Can you please not do that? I had enough of that when I sneaked into people’s homes.” Rune grabs a blanket from the couch and wraps it around his waist. “Anyway, most of the time I’m a cat.”

“Sorry, I am not used to this type of situation.”

“Because you're a virgin, my dear Mika?” The blush got even worse. I can feel my heart beating faster.
“How did you know that and how do you know my name?”

“I see your soul and I must say that it looks very desirable. Also I heard your friends call you that; remember I followed you all day” He runs a hand through his hair. His hair matches the colours of his cat form’s fur. He even has the cat's slit eyes.

Wait, did he say “desirable”?

I put the broom back and look back at the cat-man. “What do you mean my soul looks desirable?”

“There’s definitely something strange about it, but I can’t confirm it since I'm familiar without a master.”

“Familiar? You mean a witch’s familiar?”

“Yep and without a witch, I’m not as powerful as I used to be.”

I question him further. “What happened to your witch?”

Instead of answering my question, he puts a finger on my forehead. At the moment of contact, my eyes felt heavy. Then my world went dark.

As I dream, I was falling through a dark void. I heard whispers, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. To be honest, they were getting pretty annoying.

Be good to my kitten.

A smooth and gentle voice breaks the whispers and darkness. Before I could call out to the voice, my eyes opened. The sun’s beams hit my face, forcing me to get up. I realise I’m in my bed.

The door, in front of my bed, suddenly opens and reveals a girl in an apron. Focusing on her, I realise that she is wearing my clothes. However, that wasn’t the thing that really caught my attention: her hair and eyes match the man from last…
Wait a minute… The man from last night!


“Me!” Shouted the cat happily. “Hehe… Anyway, I made breakfast as an apology for last night. Come on, before it gets cold.”

“Ok..” Their personality seems to be more jolly than last night. So jolly, I don’t even know what to say. So I followed them to the kitchen. I notice that I’m in my PJs.

That cat changed my clothes?!

“Yes I changed your clothes and my name isn’t cat. My name is Rune.” She stopped as soon as she realised she read my mind.

“Did you read my mind? Is that a demon thing?”

Rune turns around to face me. She nervously plays with her fingers and looks down. I can imagine her cat ears flatten. “No. No, it’s not a demon thing.”

I’m even more confused. “Then how can you read my mind then?”

She finally looks up to me and confesses. “I became your familiar last night.”

It took me a moment to register what she said. “You... became my…familiar?”

“Yes. I was just desperate for a new master because if I didn’t find one soon, I would go back to Hell.”

“But wait. I’m not a witch, so there’s no way you could have become my familiar.” Rune walks over to the counter where she left the food and brings it to my small dining table. She sits down and gestures for me to sit across from her.

I walk over to the table and sit down. Looking down at the plate, Rune had prepared eggs, bacon and pancakes?

I’m pretty sure I only had cereal. Where did she get the ingredients to make this?

“I went to the store around the corner.” Rune answers, once again reading my mind.

“Can you try not reading my mind?” I don't think I feel comfortable with the idea of someone reading my mind.

“I try but it’s just that your thoughts are too loud.”

“Oh.” I better not think of anything embarrassing then. “So can you explain how you're my familiar.”

Rune sighs. “I followed you all day yesterday because I sensed magic and I needed a master.”

I laugh. “I don’t have magic.”

“All witches have magic.”


“I’m not a witch. I am a normal human being.” The cat familiar laughs at me. “Why are you laughing? I’m serious!”

Rune finally stops laughing. “You're definitely a witch because one: the contract between us wouldn’t have happened and two: it’s hard to notice for humans, but for us supernaturals we can see magic that tries to hide itself.”

“My magic is hiding itself?” Shouldn’t the witch be able to hide the magic, not the magic hiding itself.

“Yes and the reason for that is because you haven’t tried to talk to it. You see magic is alive and you must be in sync with it or you will explode.”


“Don’t worry, that rarely happens. Anyway, you should probably start syncing with your magic before it decides that it wants to leave you.”

“Why hasn’t it left already?”

“Maybe because it was waiting for my purfect self to come save it.” I roll my eyes in response. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Soz.” I stabbed my fork into one of the fluffy pancakes and began cutting it up. “ So what should I do?”

Before Rune could reply, I heard a phone ringing. My phone.

“Your phone is on the couch.” Points Rune.

I get up from the table and walk over to the couch where my phone sat. Looking at the caller ID, I see it is my friend from college. I pressed the answer button and was immediately bombard by thousands questions.

“Slow down. What is this about?”

“Where are you? You missed class this morning?”

Well shit

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