Cat-astrophe Witch

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Chapter 2

“Hey don’t stress about it.”

Rune has been trying to calm me down and avoid my wrath. Ever since I hung up the call from my friend, Jesse, I have been glaring at Rune.

How in the world did I miss two whole days? I missed my two days of break!

“I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!”

I guess I can get notes from Jesse. Well if she has taken notes.

“Hey, I got a idea. Let’s go out and get some clothes so I can return to my male form. In exchange, I will answer all questions.” Suggested Rune.

That doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I might as well gain some kind of knowledge after losing some.

I get up from the couch, which I sat on while I listen to Rune, and go to my room to get change. “Ok Rune. Let's go out.” I grab a white jumper and a black denim jumper skirt from my small wardrobe and start getting change. “Now I think about it. Demon’s change gender?”

I hear Rune starts cleaning our dishes, which she used for breakfast, in my kitchen sink. “Yeah. Angels can do it as well.”

“So we are getting you clothes more suited to your male body because you prefer being male?”

“Yep. I don’t mind being female; it is useful when getting what I want.”

I laugh. “Like what?”

Rune mumbles something. “Can’t hear you.”

“Catnip!” Rune lifts their hands up dramatically and gets water everywhere. “I trick people into giving me catnip.”

I laughed hysterically. “Wait, you flirted with people for catnip. I thought you were a demon. I thought you would be after souls.”

I don’t think I laughed like that in a long time.

“When demons take on the form of animals to be a witch’s familiar, they inherit some of that animal nature.”
Rune explains.

I guess that makes sense. Being in the form of a cat for so long could make you think you're a cat.

“Ok. I stop teasing you. Fur now.”

Rune looks at me with wide eyes. “Did you do a cat pun?”

“I’m just kitten around.”

Rune punches me in the arm. “I stop. I stop. Come on, let’s go. I know where we can find some cheap clothes.”

I head to the door that leads outside to the corridor of the dorms. Rune tags behind me. “You can’t just get me ‘cheap clothes’. My body is that of a model.”

“Yeah, whatever you say.”

Leaving the college campus and heading into the town of Darkwell, while also trying to avoid teachers who are pissed that I missed their lessons, was easier said than done.
We literally had to jump in a bush when my morning class teacher came out of one of the college.

There isn’t much to Darkwell except a few family run businesses and some bars. Most people live here to get away from city life or join the college since the education is good.

We arrived at a charity store that sells old toys, china ware, books and clothing. While Rune looks around, I pick out some clothes for them that are cheap and not too flashy. “Are you really buying that?” Rune asks from behind.

I roll my eyes in response. “It’s my money. Unless you have any money in your cat pockets.”

Rune only groans in response. “Thought so.”

After paying for the clothes, we headed to a public restroom so Rune could shift and get change without anyone noticing. Rune asked me if it's really a good idea to shift in a ‘public’ restroom. I told them it would be fine, but only to get them to hurry up so they can answer my questions.

When they came out, I got a better look at the male.

His freckles are so cute!

“Aww, you think I’m cute?” He puts on a mischievous smile, showing off his sharp canine teeth.

I really should learn how to mute my thoughts to him.

Rune lets out a little laugh. “I will tell you how to do it, but first I have some questions to answer.” Rune looks around until he spots a nice cafe across the street from us. He grabs my hand and pulls me along with him.

After ordering what we wanted, although it took Rune ages to decide what drink he wanted, we sat down outside on the tables in front of the cafe. The waiter brought us our drinks - one black coffee and one ice coffee.

Rune’s face lights up at the taste of his ice coffee.

“I think it’s time we start talking about your future as a witch.” Rune starts off with.

“I guess there's no backing out?”


“Alright then. Tell me about magic and how to sync with it.”

With some examples and hand gestures, Rune tries to explain magic to me. All supernatural creatures can use magic, but only witches can truly unlock the potential of their own magic. Once a witch does, they can perform their own type of magic like water magic or animal magic. When Rune told me I was a witch, I wasn’t all that thrilled. But now, I want to be a witch more than ever.

I wonder what type of magic I can do?

Rune was about to say something, but a certain someone interrupted him.

“So you were hanging out with cute boys, while I was stuck in a classroom?”

I blush at the question and try to explain to Jesse. “We’re not dating-”

Jesse slaps me in the arm and laughs. “I’m just messing with you.” Jesse turns to Rune. “I don’t think I've seen you here before?”

Rune smiles at Jesse’s positive attitude. “I’m new. My name is Rune. Rune Crowley.” Rune takes my friend's hand and kisses it softly. Jesse blushes.

Does Rune like Jesse? And does Jesse like Rune? Is this what people call love at first sight?

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