Cat-astrophe Witch

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Chapter 3

We were on our way back to the dorm after our encounter with Jesse. She invited us to Club Knockout - the hotspot for college students. I was going to tell her I’ll be busy, but Rune accepted the invitation for the both of us.

“Do you like her?” I’m too curious.

Rune only responded with a positive hum. He stops just in front of the door that leads into the dorm. “Have you heard of reincarnation?”

I looked up at Rune as they stared into the sky. “You mean rebirth? Like you're reborn in a new body after death?”

“Yeah that's it.” Rune looks back down at me with a smile on his face. “The point is that I’m sure she is the reincarnation of an old master of mine.”

“Jesse was a witch in her past life? Is she one now and if so why not choose her?”

We walked into the dorm and started climbing the stairs to my dorm room. “Jesse is not a witch. Even if she was, I would still pick you as my master.”


“Because like I said - your soul is definitely different. Even for a witch.”

Now as we stand in front of the door to my room, there's one thing I realised. “Did you fall in love with your master?”


“Is that a common thing to happen?” I ask.

“It does happen, but most relations between witch and familiar are strictly master and servant relationships.” I don’t think I am good at being a master.

“Our relationship will be friends. I don’t like commanding people.” I smile at Rune and he smiles back. “Moving on.”

I grab Rune by the ear and bring him down to my height. “What were you thinking when you accepted Jesse’s invitation?!” I release him from my hold and glare at him with my arms crossed.

Rune sighs. “Just looking around your room, I could tell that you're an introvert of some sort. So I thought it would be good if you spent the night with friends.”

Putting the key into the keyhole of my door, I twist the knob and let us both in. “I’m not great at clubs.” I throw myself onto the couch and look up to Rune. “Plus, I thought we could spend the night helping me learn magic.”
If I learn magic now, then I could do some really cool things.

“I can’t teach you magic.”


I immediately sat up from the couch. “What do you mean you can’t teach me magic? I thought you said you would help me?”

“I can help with the connection, however learning new spells is sort of beyond me. You will need an experienced witch to teach you.”
“Where will I find a witch?”

“To be honest, I thought this town would be full of witches.” Rune shows a look of disappointment.

“What do you mean?”

“A friend of mine told me Darkwell is a city full of supernatural races like vampires, werewolves and hell, even fairies. But so far, this Darkwell is meh.”

“Maybe your friend gave you the wrong name?” Darkwell is definitely not what Rune described. “So what should I do then?”

“Lets connect you to your magic.” Before I could reply happily, Rune was in front of me and placed a finger on my forehead like before. But this time, his long and pointed nail pieces hit my skin. I could feel the blood run down my face. And just like that, My world goes dark.

I was in the same dark wood as before, however I wasn’t falling but standing on water. Whispers echoed throughout the void. I could still not hear them.

“I wish Rune told me how to start connecting with my magic.”

In the distance, I hear someone whistling.

The water below me ripples as if something or someone just stepped on it. I look behind me and I see a white door carved with mysterious symbols.
I guess this is a start.

Before I could reach a hand to the door knob, the door suddenly opened by itself. On the other side, there is a tea room? I certainly didn’t expect to see this.

There's a maid, with a blank mask with no holes, standing by a table in the center of the room. She gestures that sit in the chair to her left.

I didn’t have no other choice, but to sit down and see where this goes.

The masked maid carefully lifted the tea pot and began pouring me a cup of tea. “Am I meant to be meeting someone?”

Instead of replying, she began pouring another cup. I followed her movement until she placed the cup down for the person in front of me.

Wait! When did they get here?

“I have been here this entire time.”

Great, another person who can read my mind. But that voice…

The man sitting opposite me has the same gentle and smooth voice from the void.

“Who are you?”

The man smirks. “I am Michael Vanitas.”

Michael is a tall man with dark wavy hair. His skin is pale and almost like a blank canvas if not for the mole under his left eye.
He is wearing a black trench coat, with black trousers, a black waistcoat and black shirt with a white bow.

It must be awful wearing that outfit during summer.
“Where are we?” I ask. I don’t recognise this place at all.

Michael sips his tea, enjoying the warmth of it. “This is a space I created in your mind.”

“Why is it here? Actually, why are you in my mind?”

“Our mind.”


“We share a mind.”

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