Cat-astrophe Witch

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Chapter 4

As I stare into Michael’s pinkish red eyes, I ponder at the thought that we share a mind.

“You're confused” He said it like he knew what I was thinking. “Of course I know what you are thinking. One mind remember?”

“Yeah I know. It’s just that I don’t understand how you're here. Are you somehow connected to my magic?”

Michael rolls his eyes at my question. “That magic is my magic. I don’t know how you have it and why I’m here, but I do know that I’m a part of you now and there's probably nothing I can do about it.”

“Maybe Rune might know.” I suggest. Michael’s eyes sparkle at the mention of the name.

“I miss Rune. He was such an adorable familiar. I wish I could spend more time with him.” A lightbulb suddenly appears above his head and switches on.

I get up from my seat, backing away from the plotting witch. “What are you thinking?”

Michael chuckles at my uneasiness. I notice he has fangs, not long ones but still pointy.

Maybe I should try to leave before he does something that messes me up.

When Vanitas finally stops with the chuckles, he pushes his fringe back with his pale hand and stares at me. “Lend me your body for only a couple of hours and I give you free reign to use my magic.”

“Just like that?”


“I guess it’s not a bad deal if it is a couple of hours. Ok, you got yourself a deal.” I put a hand out for Michael to shake.

He grins at me and takes my hand to shake it

The space around us begins to fade away and it feels like I’m falling asleep.

Can I even fall asleep in my own mind?

When my eyes shut, they immediately open to a bright light. My head is pounding. My body is screaming in pain. What the hell happened?

I feel a pressure on my stomach. Looking at the cause, I see Rune sleeping in his cat form; I would have thought it was cute, but this headache really puts me in a bad mood. Grabbing Rune by the scruff of his neck, I throw him onto the floor and Rune lands on his feet. I guess it’s true that cats land on their feet. Well maybe demon cats.

“Hey! I know you're having a hangover from last night, but don’t be so rough with me!” Rune hisses.

“Last night?”

“Yes, last night. We went to the club with Jesse. You were really weird, even before the drinking.”

I put a hand to my forehead, massaging it. I need water.

Going over the kitchen sink, I grab a glass and fill it with cold water. “Do you know Michael Vanitas?”

“Oh yeah I know him. It’s been ages since I heard that name. Michael was a powerful witch and my master back in the old days. Why do you ask?”

Finishing the last bit of my water, I look down at cat Rune. “When I went into my mind, I met Michael Vanitas.”

“That's normal and surprising.”

“What do you mean?”

“When Witches tap into their magic, they usually meet an ancestor of theirs. It's the first part of learning magic - understanding your roots.”

“Are you saying Michael Vantitas is related to me?”

Rune licks his paw. “I guess. But in all the time I served him, I don’t remember him having any siblings or children.”

“Maybe a one night stand?” I suggested.


Wait a minute… It's morning and I was meant to go to a club with Rune and Jesse. But Rune said I already went...

I look down at what I’m wearing: a white top, leather jacket and ripped jeans. I’m pretty sure that I don’t own any of this. Rune said I have a hangover, which I do, and I just woke up.

It finally clicks into place.

“That son of a bitch!” Rune jumps at my sudden shouting. “ He said a couple of hours, not an entire night! When I meet him again, I will strangle him!”

Rune shifts into his human form, however he has his clothes on this time. He looks at me confused. “Are you ok? You look mad?”

Realising I’m shouting like a mad woman, I try to calm myself down by breathing in and then out.

Rune walks over to the couch. “Take a seat. Let's talk about what got you so mad.” I agree to sit on the couch with Rune. “Now let's begin.”

I lay back on the couch. Rune summons a notepad and pen to his hands. “When I met Michael in my mind, he had a proposal.” Rune nods for me to continue. I look at my hand, inspecting my fingernails for dirt. “He said I can use magic if I let him borrow my body for a couple of hours.”

I hear Rune groan. I look up and see he is not surprised. “Let me guess, this is a common thing to do.”

“Yes. As long as I have been with Michael, he is very selfish. Everything he does, he always wins and everyone else would lose.”

“Sounds like an asshole.”

“He is.”

Before Rune could continue ranting about Michael, a knock interrupted us. “Expecting anyone?”


I get up from the couch and walk over to the door. Upon opening it, a man dressed up like a butler stood on the opposite side. “You need something? I think drama is in the main building.” I point in a random direction.

The butler looks at me confused, but decides to make his introduction. “I don’t know anything about drama, but I am here for you.”

“Me.” I point at myself. The butler nods.

“I am Alair, a servant to the king of Darkwell.” I couldn’t help but laugh. The butler looks to be unamused.

What is he on about? I lived in Darkwell for a few years now and I heard nothing about a king.

Rune does a fake cough behind me, hinting that the butler isn’t joking. Shit.

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