Cat-astrophe Witch

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Chapter 5

We all sat down in my dorm room. Rune made us coffee and tea for the new guy who introduced himself as Alair. I feel bad for laughing at him; I hope I haven’t offended him.

“This tea is dreadful. I can’t believe you drink this.” Asshole.

I smile at the butler, hiding my annoyance. “Is there a reason you're here in my dorm?”

The butler puts down the cup of tea on my coffee table and takes out an envelope from his breast pocket. He passes it to me. “This will explain everything.”

Taking hold of the envelope, I see there's a wax stamp keeping it sealed. I’m not familiar with the symbol on the stamp. Breaking the wax seal, I take out the letter.

“I can’t read it.” I stated bluntly. Rune laughs before removing it from hands.

Rune’s eyes widen and he rotates the paper, trying to read it. “Who wrote this?”

Alair scoffs at the both of us and rips the letter from Rune’s grasp. Turning it around to read, Alair takes a look at the letter and shows a similar expression that Rune had. Realising he couldn’t read it, Alair threw it to the side and looked back at me and Rune. “I am here on the King’s request to bring you to Darkwell.”

I move a strand of hair out of my face and look at the butler questioningly. “Aren’t we already in Darkwell?”

The butler laughs at me as if he heard the most hilarious joke. When he noticed I was serious, he finally calmed down. Alair coughs into hand after the awkward moment. “This town we’re in is only a cover, so the hunters don’t suspect anything.” Alair explains. “The entrance to the real Darkwell is the well in front of the college.”

“That’s clever!” Rune shouted enthusiastically.

“But how? The well is filled with dirt and all sorts of trash.”

Alair lets out a sigh. “I know. I guess it has been a while since someone used it. But don’t worry, I cleared out the dirt.”

“So when do we go?” Rune asks excitedly. I guess he did want to go.

“We go now.” Alair stands up suddenly from the couch. “Pack only the essentials. You can buy supplies in Darkwell.”

I got up to pack a small bag with things like a toothbrush and a book I’m still reading. My phone vibrates, signaling that it has fully charged.
“Oh you won’t need that.”

I jump at Alair’s voice. “Jesus, you scared me.” I turned to face him, but he was gone. Alair has moved to my draws, examining what I wear. “So why won’t I need my phone?”

Alair pulls out a hoodie, which has a few rips in it, and frowns at it. “You don’t need your phone because it won’t work in Darkwell.” He puts the hoodie back. “You don’t have the best choice of clothes do you. I guess I could call a friend to help get you ready before you meet my king.”

Rune walks into my room next. “Are you ready? I want to go.”

Looking at Rune’s clothes, Alair groans. “It looks like your cat needs help. Second hand clothes.” Alair grumbles the last part.

Asshole. Being poor is not my choice.

As soon as I packed my things, we made our way to the well at the front of the college. Rune had to turn into his cat form since the well isn’t big enough for the three of us. Rune snuggles close to my chest as I hold him close. He is so soft.

Rune lets out a happy meow. I smile. “I’m so glad you stalked me.”

“Stalking is a bad thing you know.” Alair interrupts.

“Be quiet.” I look into the well and see water reflecting the blue sky and white fluffy clouds. “So how does this work? Do we swim?”

Alair laughs. “Of course you don’t swim. Anyway that water is no ordinary water, it’s water from a magically river that creates branches between worlds.”


Alair’s expression is shock. “You know for someone who has first experienced the supernatural world, you don’t seem to be amazed and awed by the idea there are ways to travel to other worlds.”

I only shrug in response.

“Nevermind. Come on, step into the well.”

The well itself is only small so going into didn’t require much.

Lifting one leg over the stone bricks, I place a foot on top of the water. Instead of going through, like I thought, I stood on top of it. Alair stepped in next.

“What’s next?” I asked curiously.

“Just watch.” A smug smile forms on Alair’s face. Scary.

Alair began to speak some words that I don’t recognise. I’m guessing Latin. In most fiction, magic spells are written or spoken in Latin.

My eyes widened when the water beneath us began to glow and bubble. Before I could say anything to Alair, the water shot up and encased us. A blue light surrounds us.
I feel light like a feather being carried by the wind. Or water in this case.
Suddenly gravity pulls me down and I feel ground beneath my feet. The light clears and I see that I’m no longer on college grounds.

“Welcome to Darkwell Miss Walker.” Exclaimed Alair.

There was only one thing on my mind - My clothes aren’t wet.

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