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If given the chance; would you use your powers for good? To save the people who hurt you? Protect the innocent? For helping and saving. To build a better world; or would you use it for vengeous? To right all wrongs? Destroy evil and fill with light and Be the bringer of Justice

Fantasy / Adventure
Emerald Sheep
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“I am Aris the queen of light fairies, ruler of these lands and who dares enter my kingdom.” “TIs I the wickedest of all the fairies, the dark fairy, Na’dame.” “Have you come to take my throne, Na’dame?”. Aris fluttered down off of her dragonfly and approached the dark fairy.“Cause you will need to fight me first! I won’t let you ruin my kingdom!” Aris let out; making an angry face. “I don’t want to fight. We are sisters, Aris! I came to help you rule by your side!” Na’dame dropped her sword and a shield, holding her arms out for a hug. “Dee! You ruined it we’re supposed to fight!” Aaria screamed in anger.“But, I don’t wanna fight. I love you! Let’s never fight.” Nadia hugged her upset sister when a rock hit her in the back.“Mom said come inside for dinner and stop eating dirt and worms.” Said a boy behind Nadia and hearing those words made Nadia tear up. “No, she didn’t” Aaria let out face scrunched and red. “Yes, she did. I know because I’m 10 and y’all are 7. So you listen to me snot face!” leaves crunched behind her as Nadia whimpered in her sister’s arms; a slap resounded through the trees. Aaira was no longer hugging Nadia and she watched as the bigger boy was on the ground and Mom was screaming at Aaira about getting into another fight and was taking them back to the kid store in the car. Nadia wanted to scream but every time she opened her mouth another mushroom came out of her mouth and the car was filling with tears. Mom turned around and…..made…..alarm…….noises….?
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