Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 8

Cielast grinned and hissed at Castien, “I’m not letting you escape. Even if they are friends of yours, I am not letting you go so easily.”

“What an imbecile,” he muttered to himself, pacing the floor once again. “Have fundying, then.”

The dusty mist from the explosion of the wall slowly cleared, revealing the large figure, it was Waves. “Demolish this place, leave no survivors,” he barked in an annoyed tone.

Castien stared at the navy blue dragon curiously, then at Cielast. He then decided that he’d wait until the bars would be destroyed and then he’d make his escape. Dust started to flood into the room yet again, making it almost impossible to see around. He coughed and launched himself at the bars impatiently with a growl.

Cielast veered her gaze over to him anxiously, her talons shivering. She couldn’t let him out, not after he had killed the queen. Maybe she could just leave him there for the others but she wasn’t that cruel. “Uh,um,” she said, startled as her eyes twitched. “Okay… Never mind, no....”

“What are you going to do?” Castien narrowed his eyes at her, a hiss of fire appearing in the back of his throat.

“I-I’m notsure,” she admitted, turning around wildly to face the attackers, then back at him.

Cielast was shaking wildly, not too sure what the right choice was.

Castien put out a talon to her, waving it around. “So, are you going to let me go? Or leave a poor, helpless dragon trapped here all alone?” his offer seemed so convincing but was it really worth it? What if he didn’t even know who they were? He looked desperate to get out of that cell and get away from all of this.

Waves looked over to some of the dragons who remained in the main hall of the castle. “You three, go and retrieve our agent and bring him back to the kingdom.” He commanded and the trio immediately started to spread out to search.

Cielast shook her head furiously and sighed, “All right, but please refrain from killing any more of us, okay?” she pleaded weakly. Castien nodded with a smirk as she picked the lock with her talon.

“T-the lock is stuck... I-it won’t budge,” she said, all the hope draining from her eyes.

“What?” Castien roared and pushed up against the bars furiously.

Cielast nodded with a frown, “They aren’t moving... I-I’m sorry.” He flipped back in the cell and paced the floor angrily. She couldn’t believe it - Feeling empathetic for a murderer?

“I’m so sorry, but you’re on yourown,” she said firmly and launched into the air.

“What?” Castien shrieked up to her with a hint of anger in his crackly voice. He was too late, Cielast was already barrelling into the sky as fast as she could, away from him. She was his only hope.

She beat her wings wildly, lifting into the sky and looking down upon the battlefield. Half of the castle had been demolished, bricks tumbling to the ground. “I hope Flarius is safe,” she sighed and darted down towards the violence, swinging her way past some of the dragons.

It was moments before she spotted the easily recognizable orange dragon who wasslittinganother’s throat. “FLARIUS!” she roared in relief and bolted towards him, her talons skidding across what was left of the floor.

He finished killing one of the dragons and glanced towards her, “Cielast...” he breathed a plume of flames up at the sky and knocked a dragon out of the air, stabbing it with his tail.

Cielast stared up at him, hope glittering through her eyes. “I left Castien to die,” she whispered up to him with a slight frown. He stared down at her and stopped for a moment, perhaps memories were racing through his head of Fyriah. She must’ve been a nice queen since Cielast had never seen a king care about their mate so much.

Flarius huffed and shook himself out of his thoughts and reached his talon over to Cielast. “I’m not losing you this time,” he said to her softly and turned around to see the battles around him.

Dragons were swinging left and right through the air in panic, swerving towards them. Flarius spread his huge, torn wings with a furious roar before he launched himself off of the ground. “SKORIAN!” he bellowed into the sky, staring at the entrance hall to see someone but it was empty.

A few moments passed before he grumbled to himself and shouted, “JADE!” Cielast perked her horns up and stared at the entrance, wondering if Flarius had gone mad. She stared up at him brightly, then back at the battlefield with anxiety.

“Erh, Flarius… We have to go, they’re approaching here.” She called up to him faintly as a serpentine green dragon could be seen in the distance.

It slithered from the entrance, approaching them. The dragon had several jewels implanted into its forehead, lining down its back. Her eyes were like rubies that glittered brightly in the golden sunshine. She was smaller than Cielast, with a thinner body build. She appeared to be more of a snake than a dragon.

“Father,” Jade yelped and slithered closer, leaping onto Flarius with a smile. He grinned back at her and glanced at Cielast.

“Jade, you have to take her to the safest place possible, away from this death and gore. I want you two to be safe, all right?” he demanded sternly, pointing at a pathway that seemed to not be crumbled as of yet. Jade nodded and took her by the talon, rushing ahead without glancing back. Cielast jerked to attention and waved to Flarius once more, tears slowly sliding down her snout.

Flarius smiled weakly and wheeled around to face the battlefield. He sighed, hoping that Jade and Cielast would be safe, he really wanted to protect them but it was a relief they were away from the battlefield. The figures of the two slowly glided away from sight.

Then, suddenly, a familiar taunting voice echoed through his castle, “Why hello old friend.” It took him a moment to realize who this was.

“Waves,” He growled and swerved around to meet his nemesis, the dragon’s deep soulless eyes matched exactly what Flarius’ nightmares were made of.

He was a huge,toughlybuilt dragon who had dark blue scales coating his body with occasional spirals whirling through them. He had huge webbed gray talons that were sinking into the mud below them and the huge dragon smirked.

Waves approached Flarius slowly, circling around him with a snarl. Flarius launched himself at his vicious opponent, missing by an inch and sliding across the ground, his talons skidding across the floor.

“I’ll always wonder why you through your life away so recklessly,” Waves remarked with a fake frown, observing his enemy’s every move. Flarius dug his talons into the ground deeply with a snarl, preparing to leap at him again.

They inched closer together, both being very cautious as not to turn their heads a slight inch away from each other. He felt a rush of adrenaline pump through his body as he leaned down and torpedoed towards his opponent, his jaws open wide.

Waves took this with a shrug and held his talons out before him, taking Flarius by the neck and ramming him into the ground with ease.

Flarius struggled in his grasp and tried to stab Waves with his tail to no avail as it had been stepped on and damaged majorly. He winced at the pain and growled, his horns slowly tilting downwards as he snapped his jaws up at Waves once more, failing miserably to tear his throat.

“How would Aurora feel about this?” Flarius scoffed up at him, flaring his wings helplessly.

“Is that of any importance? She’s dead and that’s that.” He hissed ruthlessly, only showing a hint of distress before it vanished.

Waves’ claws slowly sank into his flesh as he grinned deviously, his soulless black eyes staring into Flarius. “Maybe you will stop wasting my time without these,” the blue dragon suggested, then proceeding to tear at Flarius’ wings, ripping them to shreds as dark red blood splattered all over the ground around them.

He then flexed his claws and yanked them out of Flarius’ chest, proceeding to bring them back and prepare for the final strike to rip his heart out.

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