Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 9

At the last moment, a hiss of fire came up Flarius’ throat and he launched upwards, letting the scorching breath hit Waves. His blue nemesis staggered back and whacked his opponent with his tail, sending him backward.

Flarius attempted to balance himself with his wings to no avail as they had been shredded and instead fell to the stone floor. He quickly crawled to his talons and hurled another fire blast at Waves, the scorching flames sizzling and eating at the scales on his chest. Flarius’ ripped a tear down his enemy’s chest, puncturing a vital organ, before barreling backward with a loud growl of agony.

He landed in the ruins of the building, skewering his leg on a sharp pillar piece. Waves was immobile, aching from every region of his body. He mumbled to himself and winced, laying his head back on a piece of rubble.

“Where are my second and third-in-command when I need them?” he hissed to himself.

The battle outside was muffled, he could hear his heavy breathing echoing across the room. Everything else was silent until he heard the clicking of talons as someone entered the room. A dark, ominous figure glanced down at the king with a sly smirk, tapping his talons together.

“Waves?” the dragon questioned, leaning down to see the king who glared up at him.

“Oh, look who it is. Just who I wanted to see in a time like this,” Waves sneered sarcastically and raised a brow, “Valkryne.”

“I’m surprised I caught you in this position,” his expression shifted deviously.

Waves scoffed, seemingly displeased but he showed no signs of fear, “Well, what do you want?”

“I’ll be taking your throne,” Valkryne shrugged and gestured his claws.

“Hah, you have a good sense of humor, but now is not the time to joke. You couldn’t even lead a parade,” Waves scoffed.

Fueled by rage, Valkryne ignored the question and growled, “Being the distant nephew of Suntrap, I’d beg to differ.”

“Who you are related to has no impact on how strong or how good of a leader someone is. You don’t get respect or power, you have to earn and fight for it like I did. You can be considered lucky to even have the honor of bearing that emblem,” Waves snorted, pointing towards an ocean blue pendant on Valkryne’s neck.

The dragon scoffed and wheeled around to pace what was left of the floor, “It shouldn’t concern you too much anyhow since you won’t be there to stop it.”

“That may be correct but don’t think you’ll get away with something like that, you have much to learn.”

"Much to learn..." Valkryne mimicked while rolling his eyes, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that before.”

“And you will never get my kingdom, not today, not in billions of years. Waiting to strike is only a cowardly tactic used to make weak dragons seem stronger.” Waves snarled in disgust.

“Uh huh,” he responded, half paying attention, “Just you watch... Oh wait, you can’t.”

“Hah, even until the end, garbage stays garbage, you haven’t changed one bit.” Waves remarked.

Valkryne growled and glared deeply into Waves’ soulless eyes, “Then why was I third-in-command, hmm?”

“It was an experiment and you were the perfect test subject. You dedicated your existence to plotting and scheming but it’s a failed experiment. It was only a title I gave you,” Waves paused, then laughed and continued, “Did you honestly think I would let someone like you have any decision over what happens?”

Valkryne’s devious smirk seemed to vanish as he thought about the statement, disguising his fear in anger, “I’ve had enough chatter, let me get this done and over with.”

He took a deep breath and hurled a plume of flames at the former king, the fire beginning to slither around Waves’ body as it engulfed him. He let out a low, raspy grumble and twitched.

“Rrrgh, go ahead, see what the others back at the kingdom think about you and see that they’ll never choose a failed experiment as a leader.”

Valkryne smelled the scent of burning scales and gave his ruler a triumphant grin before batting his wings and launching himself into the air. His figure became a dot in the sky as he flew, towards the Nova Ice Kingdom where he’d claim his throne.

“Hmm, even if I’ll die here and now, my legacy will continue to rage through the historic scrolls, bringing fear with a measly mention of my name,” Waves assured himself with a smirk as his end drew nearer.

Minutes later, a blue figure slithered into the ruins and saw Waves, gasping with his eyes narrowed. He pushed his way past a broken pillar and perched himself on a piece of the rubble.

“Azure,” Waves opened one eye, a pleased expression on his face.

“What happened?” Azure demanded, his eyes filled with fury, “Who did this?”

“Our little experiment came and decided to make its move and take the upper hand,” Waves muttered and stretched his old torn wings weakly, pointing towards the direction where Valkryne had gone.

“Pah, I knew that he would be useless, even now he continues with his endless stupid ideas,” Azure growled.

“Do what you want with him, it’s too late for me. That moron must not be in charge of my entire kingdom. Now go and show the price of a traitor to that idiot,” Waves commanded as he fell limp, his eyes shutting for the last time.

“Well, I do say that this went better than expected,” Valkryne said to himself as he perched on a pillar in the kingdom. Dragons peered up at him, wondering where their king had gone.

“As some of you may know, Waves has unfortunately died and I, Valkryne, as third-in-command will take charge of the kingdom,” he roared to assert his dominance.

Beside him was a dragon named Astaroth with a bulky body build and sharp dark eyes and navy scales. She had a furious expression on her face and snapped, “You aren’t the rightful leader, you imbecile. My father’s second-in-command should be our king.”

“Boohoo,” Valkryne snorted, “What are you going to do about it?”

Astaroth’s eyes filled with a fiery rage and she launched herself forwards, toppling him off the pillar and they plummeted down to the ground. The two dragons wrestled, clawing each other mercilessly.

“Get this thing off of me!” Valkryne ordered, kicking her stomach repeatedly.

Two guards marched towards them and pried Astaroth off of the imposter, swinging her talons at them. She hissed and sent plumes of flames into the air.

Valkryne gave her a thoughtful look and swung back around to face the crowd, “Now, let’s continue.”

A large dragon stepped out of the shadows and clapped slowly, “Congratulations, you’ve graduated from idiot to dumbest imbecile who ever lived.”

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