Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 11

Azure laughed, “That was pathetic, but with a little practice you might learn how to intimidate ones opponent and not make them cry of laughter.”

Hydrax grumbled to himself and wheeled around to see the huge dragon before him, he rolled his eyes. “Uh huh.”

Jade stepped forwards with her eyes narrowed, preparing to strike as Cielast grabbed her arm, concerned. “Don’t...” she slowly whispered, flaring her wings.

Azure stepped forward, “Maybe you could work on that attitude too,” he growled, his cold breath running down Hydrax’s spine. “Anyways,” he continued. “I’m not here to waste time with some measly dragon like you,” he looked at Hydrax.

Hydrax leaped to the wall of the cave with a hiss and Cielast narrowed her eyes as well, peering over towards Jade.

“Will you just die already?” Jade snapped up at him.

“I’d refrain from saying that,” Azure snarled and swayed his icy tail from side to side. Hydrax stared up at him fearfully, with his wings furled as he whimpered. Azure’s talons extended as he launched himself at Cielast without hesitation whilst he roared.

She slid to the side to avoid his attack, her eyes darting left and right to find a place to hide. Jade stood as she watched her attempt to escape Azure’s grasp and Cielast swore she could see a grin stretch across her face but it couldn’t be, they were friends, weren’t they?

“Ooh, this is just like the time I killed your mother.” He said, taunting her as he prepared to leap at her again. Memories soon started to flood her thoughts again and she gritted her fangs in anger.

His eyes sparked up with amusement, seeing Cielast’s glittered with tears as she sniffled. “Now, you managed to get away as a hatchling but now you will go back to my prison. Perhaps you can give as much entertainment as your mother did… Before I killed her, but to be fair, she did get boring and tried to escape, so that’s that.” He taunted, his words were like daggers slicing through her scales as her breath became heavy.

Jade didn’t do anything to help her, she stood in the middle of the cave and watched the chase with a smirk drawn across her face. Cielast was surprised but kept whirling around Azure as quickly as possible, his talons approaching her slowly. Her heart pounded restlessly, making her tremble in fear of the notorious king.

“Your miserable attempts to escape my grasp will surely backfire,” he remarked as his talons slid around her neck with ease. She howled in disappointment and tried to wriggle out of his grasp. “I’m sure hoping you’ll be of good entertainment in my arena,” he snorted as his tail uncoiled and grappled around Jade.

She snapped to attention and realized what was going on with a snarl, joining in Cielast’s struggle. She opened her mouth to breathe a plume of flames, but it was snapped shut soon afterwards.

“Haven’t you caused me enough pain?” Cielast roared up at Azure who then pinned her to the ground with her wings bent in uncomfortable positions behind her back.

“That was one of the lines your mother told me before I left her to die,” he remarked, clearly enjoying Cielast’s ride of emotions that rushed through her like a hurricane.

She roared up at him with her snout closed, struggling to say something. “You… You monster!” she shouted up at him, her voice being muffled by the stone.

“Oh stop it with the compliments, I only disposed of an annoyance, besides, I enjoyed her screaming as she died.” He taunted her as she tried her best to wheel around to stab him.

He then slammed Jade into the wall with his tail as she fell limp and tumbled to the ground with a thud, her eyes slowly shutting. He then turned back towards Cielast and looked her in the eyes deeply, his deep violet eyes sparkling excitedly.

“Heh, enough of this. Sweet dreams, next time you wake up, you will be back “home.” AHAHA!” a sharp pain then hit her temple as her eyes got droopy and darkness crowded her vision and she, too, fell limp.


Waking up with a grumble, Cielast found herself in a large stone cell. She shook her head repeatedly and blinked, wheeling around to see the crowded room she was crammed in. It took her a moment to realize what had previously happened and her eyes narrowed deeply. Her wings draped over herself with a sob as she crippled to the floor restlessly.

Her snout was stained with tears as new ones slowly drifted down between her scales. She snorted and took a peek around her surroundings, they were all stone walls with metal bars standing like soldiers ahead of her. There were scratch marks dented all over the walls in rows of five, almost as if they were counting the days of how long a prisoner was in the cell.

There were blood splatters in the far left corner which looked pretty fresh. She shivered, all the memories rushing back into her brain. The sound of the bones cracking between Pyra’s talons returned to her and repeated inside of her head as if they were trying to taunt her.

She grumbled and shook her head from left to right, trying to focus on something else. It took her a few minutes to realize that the mirror of which Flarius had given her had mysteriously disappeared. She gulped and wheeled around to see the bars in front of the cell.

A figure stood in the blinding light, a blue glint to its scales. She quickly realized who this was and narrowed her eyes with a hiss, her tail swaying dangerously.

“Rise and shine,” he snorted. “Welcome home, I did quite a bit of furnishing since your last visit. There is now sixty percent more spikes and forty percent less comfort.” He then barked a laugh and continued to stare down at her amusingly, “and now I made sure you can’t and won’t escape, so there’s nothing standing between you, mindless murder and entertainment.”

He tapped his talons together deviously and leaned towards the bars closer, his talons grappling around them. They both glared at each other for a few moments before he whirled around to face the hallway.

“Now, if you excuse me, there’s some important stuff to do.” He gestured his talons towards her and proceeded to walk out of the prison, his tail snaking close behind him. She gave him a furious glare before turning around to face the wall, observing the marks on the walls.

Looking closer at them, she noticed that they were just claw marks scraping against the wall that led upwards and dragged right back down. She winced and stepped back, observing that they led to the blood stains. It was definitely a long struggle, the punishment would have painful.

The cell was just as she remembered, gray with huge bars stretched across the entrance. There were a few cobwebs dangling from the corners with weird eight-legged creatures crawling around. There was also a small window leading out to the arena, it was abandoned now, tumbleweeds slowly drifting across the blistering sands.

The bleachers were calm and quiet, it seemed so alien to her. She could remember the sounds of talons clapping together and the sight of Waves staring proudly down at the place that he’d built.

She bared her fangs with a growl, clenching her claws together tightly. The crowds were roaring from outside in her mind, their endless cheers raging on like a storm. The faint blood stains were still seen on the sands, splattered around in the middle of the arena.

Lava pits were rimmed around it, bubbling furiously as if there were dragons chained down inside of them. She shivered, almost feeling the pain of being burned alive, swallowed by the lava. The sizzle of fire sparked up from the pits like someone trying to escape but being pulled back by invisible ropes.

She wondered about Waves and if he was still alive somewhere. What if he won the war and personally sent Azure to capture them? It led her to the next thought: where was Jade?

Is she okay? The thoughts started to stir around in Cielast’s mind again like whirlwinds, tearing apart her good memories. She shook her head furiously, ofcourse,she was okay and Azure didn’t have anything to do with her.

Cielast tried to make herself believe that everything was going to be all right but failed miserably. Nothing was okay, everything was a catastrophe and everyone was dead.

Inside, she was screaming at herself. It was all her fault that they’d been captured, it was not all right.

Her heart pulsed restlessly in her chest and she felt weak compared to the monstrous king who had taken everything away from her. Her only chance to make things right again was to kill him.

I’ve been waiting for this day for years, she’d planned to say, and finally I can get my revenge on you for taking away everything I loved. Goodbye, Azure.

She frowned and sat motionless for the day, her back was slouched against the wall as her eyes slowly closed. The sunlight started to become dim as it set over the mountains.

Her eyes slowly started to shut as she yawned. She slowly started to drift off to sleep, her eyes shutting while darkness swallowed her vision.

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