Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 13

Cielast blinked up at the ceiling, her muscles were sore and felt like a group of eels were gnawing on her bones. She grunted as her tired wings spread weakly onto the cell floor. She didn’t remember hardly anything, all she knew was that she needed to rest.

With a yawn, she slowly crippled into a ball and rolled onto her side. She was back in the lonely, gray cell. The walls were as dull as ever, the old cell she was used to.

She was beginning to be paranoid as this crowded little room was feeling almost as if it was her home. Her eyes widened and she rolled over restlessly to be greeted by the bars of the door ahead.

Grumbling, Cielast slowly put her head up, she felt dizzy. Her vision was groggily and she could see a faint figure of a blue dragon.

“You did a fantastic job out there,” Azure congratulated, clapping his talons together in delight. His horrid, slick voice took a moment to echo through her mind before fully registering what he had said. She frowned and shook her head, the past was all coming back to her and all she could hear were screams ringing through her mind like a bell.

They both were quite surprised at what she had done. Cielast gulped, swaying her tail to the side.I wouldn’t murder anyone if I didn’t have to, I only did it for my mother. Killing other dragons is against what I believe, I wouldn’t slaughter another innocent dragon without having to.

The questions scrambled around her mind as she swallowed hard, glancing up at the huge tyrant that stood before her. He yawned and glared sharply into her eyes. They were like huge whirlpools leading down to the empty abyss of his soul. Then, out of the corners of his mouth a sly, toothy grin awoke.

Cielast knew exactly what he was planning, the look in his eyes gave it away. His glare slowly faded into a fake friendly stare whilst he raised his brow. She shook her head slightly and felt small compared to him, tucking her wings behind her back.

“Oh, what would your mother say if she saw you like this?” He paused with a short laugh, “No matter, this is only the first battle of many to come in the future. So, you better get used to killing.” He gave her a look almost as if he saw her as a precious jewel, but thought of her worth much less than that.

To him, she was just a source of endless entertainment. A bug to his eye but also amusement in flesh and bones. He always made sure that she knew that she was his prisoner and she’d be kept that way until the end of time.

He snickered, tapping his claws together and enjoyed the look of agony that wisped across her face as she had flashbacks of her childhood, filled with joy up until they were captured.

He was such a cruel dragon with no place here in Gholis. Cielast wanted him away, banished, along with all his other little minions. He had taken everything away from her, Pyra, Flarius and Jade. She was just about to get comfortable in a fresh new life in Flarius’ kingdom and forget about her past but that wasn’t possible, he had to ruin every last bit of her freedom.

He’ll pay for this, she promised herself while clenching her fangs with shut eyes. He’ll pay for all of this one day.

Azure leaned closer to the bars, his talons holding onto them tightly as the faint sight of icy bits in his cool breath glued themselves onto the bars. They stood in a moment of silence, their eyes fixed on each other.

“But for now, I shall grant you rest,” he informed. “Until then.” He gestured his talons towards her and whirled around to meet the entrance, walking away silently.

She then crippled to the ground, her tail coiled around herself. The dry blood glistened on her talons brightly as she frowned with a sigh. She’d killed another of her kin. She was like Pyra now, a murderer who meant well but couldn’t serve it.

A single, crystalized tear shed from her eye as she draped her wings over herself. Cielast sobbed silently, remembering Jade’s screams as she tried to escape the lava, but it took her as a prisoner and dragged her right back down. It made her wonder, what would have happened if Jade would have won? She’d probably be kept as a prisoner again, just like Cielast.

She had the burning desire to escape this terrible cell, but one thought countered her. Where would she go? She had nothing and Azure’s words were all so true. She was alone, useless to the rest of the world. Flarius was gone, Pyra was dead, Adrian was presumably killed, Jade betrayed her and everyone else worked for Azure.

She had absolutely nothing but her mind and soul, which were shattered into the pit of her stomach. She grunted in agony and hit her head against the ground, closing her eyes. Life wasn’t worth living anymore if she had no one to spend it with. What if she could escape with Astaroth? She didn’t seem as if she was a cold-blooded killer like her father, she seemed just as innocent as Cielast.

Well, that wasn’t all true. She had probably killed many dragons, she was built for it. Overall, she didn’t seem all too bad, just a dragon trapped in a horrible situation of working with mindless murderers.

She took a moment to imagine what it’d be like to finally have peace amongst the others if all of this didn’t happen. If it were all just a nightmare and she woke up, curled beside her mother happily. If she’d grow up to be a queen like her mother promised, if she’d find a mate and have hatchlings.

What if it all actually went right? What if Waves didn’t exist? What if Azure hadn’t found us in our home? Cielast questioned herself, wincing at the pain of the memories that sawed through her feelings like a blade. She cursed under her breath, wishing that Pyra was still there to keep her safe and preserve her sanity. If only.

She concluded her thoughts with a nod and peered over at the doorway. The metal bars were very uninviting, reminding her that she was cramped in a cell forever. She huffed with a grumble and lied her head down on her talons.

In the cell beside her was another dragon who was hunched over at the back of his cell. He had dark, swirling orange scales that shifted into a deep scarlet red similar to Flarius’. His eyes were a light green that got darker as it pooled inwards to a whitish color. His underbelly was a beige color that led to his tail which had a slender spear on the tip.

She stared at his eyes and nodded at her thoughts. Maybe he could help her.

“Hey,” she exclaimed towards the dragon, swallowing nervously. Her eyes were fixed on his and her wings lowered to the ground.

“Hmm?” he questioned, his huge snout slowly veering towards her.

He’s cute.She remarked, keeping that to herself. “Hi,” she said again and this time, more enthusiastic.

The large dragon grumbled and slouched over again. “Oh, why hello.” He called, his voice crisp and clear. She stepped back slowly, observing him. The scales under his wings were dark red stars, dancing through the sky of his outer wing which faded to a beige color as the scales drew inwards.

She gestured her talons at him, slowly lowering herself to the ground. “Um, hi. It’s quite lonely in here, isn’t it?” she was trying her best not to sound creepy, but instead, she was stuttering as if she was very nervous.

“Indeed, it is,” he agreed as his voice started to become quieter. A frown grew across his face as he slunk to the floor, his talons crossed. “How long have you been here?” he asked.

“Uh… Two days… I think.” Cielast answered, attempting to keep her nervousness down. She stared down at her claws, avoiding eye contact with him. “So you were captured from Flarius’ kingdom, too?”

“Yes, I was one of his many royal guards, my name is Skorian. Flarius fled on us and bolted away as soon as trouble stirred.” He certainly didn’t sound too impressed by the way the tone of his voice was.

“Oh.” She gulped, did he really leave them to die? He couldn’t. Those dragons werehisdragons and he couldn’t just leave them to die, not after he spent all his time watching over them.

“Miserable coward,” Skorian scoffed, giving Cielast a sharp glare which made her flinch. She looked away for a moment and kept her mind on that thought.

“Do you have an escape plan?” she asked, trying to veer the conversation in another direction.

He shook his head sorely with a large frown. “The window and gate are the only way we can escape from here, I’ve studied the walls many times.”

“Oh,” she returned the frown and curled her tail around herself with a miserable expression on her face.

They both sat in silence for a few moments, staring into each other’s eyes daringly. There trulywasn’tanother way out, he was right. The walls were impenetrable to their talons, they weren’t strong enough to blast through them.

The sunlight soon started to fade away into the darkness as both of them yawned in unison. Tomorrow would be another day. Hopefully, it’d be better and hopefully, they’d escape.

“Goodnight,” Skorian exclaimed, breaking the silence. He then gestured his talons as the darkness shaded over his figure.

She nodded tiredly and furled her wings around herself with an exhausted, hopeless yawn. “Yeah, goodnight.”

She caught one last glimpse at him before the darkness drifted into her vision, she closed her eyes and lied down. Tomorrow… Tomorrow will be a whole new day and it’d be better…

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