Eclipse of the Moon

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The silver glint of the moonlight shone upon the dark waters of a lake where a sole dragon peacefully glided from above. Her wings gently brushed against the water’s surface, creating ripples that echoed across the waters. Owls sang their sorrowful melodies from above; everything else was silent. Dark gray clouds swirled from above, thunderbolts crackling across the night sky as rumble joined its performance.

She dipped the tips of her wings into the lake, stirring small fish that quickly scattered away from her. She smiled, twirling in the air majestically.

Cupped in her talons was a small, oval-shaped aquamarine egg with light gray swirls running across its shell. At its top was a crack that started to erupt across the smooth surface, signaling that the new hatchling would be born soon. She held it close to her chest, closing her eyes.

Its mothers’ name was Pyra; an outcast among the other dragons in her kingdom. She was exiled along with her fellow companions for being a peacekeeper, otherwise known as an imbecile to other dragons.

Her journey for a home commenced long ago when her king discovered her beliefs and immediately exiled her group out of the kingdom. Her mate, Adrian, found out about it too and angrily smashed their eggs to smithereens, leaving her with one left.

He always had anger issues and was a controlling dragon, striking fear into the hearts of those he spoke to. Pyra was the only one brave enough to face the lumbering dragon, going as far as to be his mate, although it ended when he crushed her offspring.

She kept the last egg close to her as she flew away from all that she had ever known, venturing far off over mountains and rivers to find the perfect spot for her final offspring to hatch.

It took her a year before a sanctuary was found, but unfortunately most of her comrades had been captured by Waves, the tyrannical king that reigned superior over the other kingdoms.

He had captured her before and forced her and other peacekeepers to watch other dragons be killed mercilessly in his arena for his amusement and she was the only one to escape the bloodbath. Being one who attempted to preserve peace, the event had scarred her for life.

The mother had silver scales with light blue swirls dappled on her tail and piercing silver eyes. She had a slim, elongated body that reminded others of a serpent.

Another crack appeared on the shell, creating an earthquake that spread across the surface. Pyra began to hurry, beating her wings faster towards the small nest that she had made months earlier. It was in a pine tree surrounded by giant trees that protected it from the elements. Embedded deep in the trunk was a clump of leaves and grass which would be a sanctuary for the young dragon.

Pyra dipped her head into the water and snapped her jaws, seeing gray flashes whip past her face. Catching a few squirmy fish in her mouth, she swung up into the air and twirled, grasping onto one of the branches of the tree. She perched herself and gently placed the egg in a patch of grass, smiling.

The moon was but a thin silver crest pouring its light into the hatchling place, illuminating the egg. Pyra watched intently and the egg rumbled, another crack growing over the shell. The small oval cracked and caved in on itself to reveal a small hatchling beginning to crawl out of the egg.

“Cielast,” Pyra whispered to herself, seeing her baby topple out of her shell and land on her back.

The offspring’s scales were the same colors as its mother and its eyes were an emerald green, the color of a lake’s waters. Her tiny wings unfurled, pieces of shell tumbling down her scales.

Her mother cupped her snout in her talons and pulled her closer, cradling her in her wings.

“You are destined to be an amazing dragon,” she told Cielast, swelling with pride, “and you are already so beautiful.”

Cielast nuzzled against her mother’s wing and nodded as if she understood the words.

Pyra felt emotions wash over her, remembering when Adrian yelled at her for being a peacekeeper, feeling a stab of guilt as she had a flashback of him stomping over the eggs, unborn hatchlings being crushed under his talons. She shut her eyes tightly and tried not to remember the horrific event, focusing on the offspring in front of her.

“You might become the queen of your own kingdom someday,” Pyra whispered softly, “and I’ll be there every step of the way, my dear Cielast... I promise.”

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