Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 18

Cielast gulped, she had no idea what to do anymore. Her eyes darted left to right, Suntrap’s tail had blocked the entrance.Thump, thump, thump.Her heart hammered against her ribs, making her feel weak.How could I be so oblivious?

Suntrap appeared to be a monster now, his razor fangs poking out through his jaw. He roared loudly and spread his large wings, causing boulders to crash all around them. He roared mightily and stormed through the rocks, his tail snaking behind him.

“Thank you, Cielast, without you, I wouldn’t be able to take my revenge on this horrid world.”He cackled bitterly and flew out into the world, darkness trailing behind him.

“No, no, no,” she yelped softly, not caring about the flying debris that seemed to fall around her like a cell. She closed her eyes with a sigh, sobbing quietly.

The Deathseeker would never be found now, it was all gone. Everything that was important had vanished and it would never be back to the way it was. She lost her final chance.

Her emerald eyes blazed as she got to her talons with her eyes narrowed. If she was going to give up now, Suntrap would kill every dragon alive, not stopping until every living creature was dead. Not until he destroyed everything in his path.

Her eyes darted around the surrounding area and she began to climb out of the rocky bars around her. She sat on the ledge, her tail coiling around a piece of rubble. Cielast was the dragons’ only hope, she had to find Moongrace.

“What have I done…?” Cielast muttered to herself as the sound of a scurrying dragon echoed from behind her. She peered backward, her eyes glistening with tears.

A scrawny greenish dragon came barreling out from behind a wall, sitting upwards. He stepped out of the yawning cave entrance and hurried towards her with his large orange eyes gazing up at her. He looked over a thousand years old and had cuts lining the sides of his body.

“Looks like you freed the wrong dragon,” He sneered, blinking at her, his eyes adjusting to the light.

“I know.” She snapped back at him, throwing a pebble at his snout angrily. She sighed and twitched, slouching her back down.

He swiftly slid out of the way and climbed up one of the rock pillars to sit beside her. His tail swirled into a spiral, tilting his head to get a better glimpse of her. “I’ve been hiding with Suntrap for as long as he’d been trapped, bringing him food as he pleased. His pendant wore out, he can’t make any magic now and he spent the last of it on reading minds of those he can sense. He felt your presence, seeing as you were afraid and took advantage of it, I know him all too well.

“You seemed gullible enough to take advantage of and didn’t have much knowledge of him. You were desperate too and he knew you would be strong enough to break the chains. I’m too weak and I know of nobody that would free a helpless dragon from under a mountain. They’d all know it was him.”

“Are you saying I’m stupid?” Cielast asked coldly, her eyes narrowing as she prepared to strike at him. He shook his head in panic and backed away.

“No, no, of course not.” He laughed nervously, then frowned. “The only thing that can stop him is Moongrace, but she’s in the mirror… He tried to keep it hidden from anyone as it is a magic portal to teleport to the mirror world. It was also to guard his magic, keeping it in an item so he wouldn’t use all of it up. You could create whatever object you wish with it, it was quite powerful. A large dragon took it from him and kept it as a treasure, unsure of what powers it held.”

She stared directly into the dragon’s eyes, letting her newly discovered information sink into her mind.So that was what the mirror was for?Another dimension to trap the victims that he couldn’t kill inside of. She began to think that he was just a coward, hiding behind the magic.

Azure had the mirror and who knows what he’d use it for if he found out. He’d probably be ruling the world within hours, enslaving everyone that he’d find. That would truly be a tragedy.

“Get into the mirror and seek Moongrace, invite this world and end his chaos once and for all.” The dragon commanded, sounding quite stern.

She nodded and glanced towards the path of destruction, which ironically led to her destination, Azure’s castle.

When she arrived, the castle was in wreckages, holes being blasted through the walls and it was on fire. Astaroth was standing in the middle of a hallway, her wings drooping.

Cielast spread her large wings and bolted towards it, flinging debris in all directions. She crashed through what seemed to be the throne room and peered around, seeing as everything was destroyed. In the center of the room, lying defeated on the ground was Azure, who coughed up dust.

She slowly approached him, her talons extended as her beady eyes glared down at him with disgust. His eyes were shut as he scrunched up his snout.

“Hello,” he said in a raspy tone, his chilling breath creeping up her spine like a spider. She shivered and flicked her tail up like a scorpion’s in defense as her eyes narrowed.

“It’s nice to see you again, Cielast,” He said sarcastically, one eye opening slowly. His wings were torn, lying restlessly on the floor with a large piece of debris crashed onto his left wing membrane. He shrugged and stared up at her, reminding her of Waves’ soulless black eyes glaring into hers.

He leaned forward to observe her further, then tilted his head back with an old cackle. Coughing up dust, he closed his eye once again. They both sat in silence for a while before a crash was heard from behind her.

Cielast felt a hot breath on her neck as she wheeled around to see Astaroth, standing tall with her wings poised. Her blue scales shone brightly in the sunlight as she peered down at Azure.

“Astaroth,” He grumbled sorely. “You’re going to ally with Cielast for now and help her get Moongrace out of the mirror.”

Both of their eyes widened as they stepped back in surprise.I team up with her? I already let her escape and got away with it… I can’t do this… Astaroth thought to herself.

Cielast smiled at her graciously, unsure of her feelings about this.Is she happy? She looks confused… She gave her uneasy looks as Azure growled at both of them.

“And for both of you, once this is over, THIS NEVER HAPPENED!” he snarled, seemingly frustrated and displeased with his choice.

Cielast jumped with fright, his voice was so sudden. The two dragons nodded and leaped into the sky, leaving Azure to grumble to himself and point out each and every reason if why it wasn’t a good decision.

“Hydrax,” he called down what was left of the hallway, raising a brow with curiosity. He rolled his eyes at his third in- command’s lack of response and laid in the ruins, a shard of glass piercing into his back muscle.

“Bring me the crown I stole from the mirror world. Once Suntrap is defeated, I’ll get my turn to destroy everyone standing in my way.” He bellowed as the copper dragon leaped with fright and ran over to the throne, picking up a golden crown that seemed to have deep purple particles revolving around it.

He passed the crown to Azure with a grin and the king cackled distortedly, holding the crown in his talons. This would be the object of success, he’d rule over everyone soon enough.

Meanwhile, Astaroth was standing on the shaky ground, her talons on her hips as she glared up at the huge beast who was tearing through a city like it was nothing.

“You overgrown lizard!” she growled up at him as loud as possible. She had a disappointed expression on her face as she gestured for Cielast to somehow get into the mirror.

“Pah, either you are the bravest or the dumbest dragon around. Either way, you will die here.”He then hurled a massive fireball at her, his tail perking up with a hiss. The fireball sizzled and stormed towards her, but she cleverly ducked under it and ran at him, yanking on his talons and climbing upwards.

He roared in fury and tried desperately to catch her with his claws, but instead ended up spinning around in circles, his tail dragging along the ground and destroying houses as he went. She held on tight, her fangs sinking into his scales, they felt like toothpicks against them.

Cielast veered around him, searching for a way to get in the mirror, ducking to avoid his talons that swiped at her. He growled in deep frustration and snapped his jaws shut angrily.

Astaroth ducked under his tail and skidded up his leg towards his stomach, where she sliced her talons through his scales with ease. They were tougher than normal scales but easy to cut nonetheless.

Cielast desperately swirled around to see if she could find the mirror, it was rather small compared to his size and could fit easily in his talons. She bolted downwards to get a better look and found the bright reflection of his eyes, narrowed as the glass tilted upwards.

Astaroth was making her way up his stomach and to his chest where she ripped his scales apart recklessly as he roared in agony. His six eyes blinked in unison as he smashed his side into the side of a mountain, almost crushing Cielast with him.

She swerved out of the way and fell downwards, twisting her body around to catch a glimpse of the mirror again. It was only moments before the shiny glass was shown in his talons as she nodded to herself.

She had once chance to succeed and save everything and after this was all done, she’d find the Deathseeker once and for all. Her wings slowly crept up against her sides as she grumbled and sped upwards, twisting her way through the air to catch speed.

Astaroth cheered her on with a smile, avoiding being crushed by the huge claws that struck down beside her. “It’ll be okay,” She whispered unnoticeably, her voice as soft as silk.

Cielast’s mind focused on those words and nodded to her thoughts. She grinned down at her and writhed her way up towards Suntrap’s talons.

In moments, she zipped through the glassy surface and into the unknown, terrified as to what lurked throughout the horrid dimension.

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