Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 19

Popping into the portal, Cielast landed snout first on the soft soil, her wings plummeting to the ground in front of her to block her fall. She sneezed and slowly opened her eyes, tilting her head upwards.

At the edge of its existence was a large mountain chain circling the entire world, each mountain had a different color and shape, the colors ranged from a light sapphire to a deep ruby at odd intervals.

At the base of the mountains to the east sat a swamp, each tree’s color ranging from an ashen gray to onyx, the water looked like a smudged smoke gray, the entire swamp appeared to produce its own darkness.

In the very center sat a large village, each building varied in size and shape but they were all an opaque white glass, the bases were all a frosted glass, each building housed a certain dragon’s thoughts that they thought of throughout their entire life. At the center of the village sat a building that was larger than the rest of buildings, with one word written on its front, “History.”

Inside the building were the thoughts and actions of every dragon that lived and died, according to Moongrace’s memories.

Cielast journeyed through the village, it appeared to be a ghost town with dead silence, a frigid breeze whisked past her. She concluded that this place was of Moongrace’s memories of when she was in Gholis, different scenes appearing in the distance.

Her thoughts certainly weren’t too pleasant as many of the thoughts had Suntrap storming through the lands, crushing every living creature he passed by. The scenes looped around and around like a circle as she gulped.

Trees began to magically sprout up from the ground around her each with a unique shade of purple tinting from their branches, magenta particles slowly tumbling from their leaves calmly.

Cielast was frightened.Is this really just a dimension of Moongrace’s old memories? She felt sympathy for Moongrace, they all seemed so terrible. Everything must have been horrid back when she was free and it would be very understandable if she wanted to stay here, it seemed more peaceful than the outside world.

She crept slowly through the scenes, determined to find the dragon who’d be able to help her. She was Gholis’ only hope, the only way it would be saved and after that, she’d have to kill Azure once and for all.

She’d enjoy watching him slowly wither like a dying flower in the winter, watching his expression of pain as he died. She’d finally serve justice to those who needed it, avenging all those helpless dragons who died under his talons.

She smirked at the thought of it, but it quickly vanished when she thought of murdering another dragon.

Cielast shook her head and snapped out of her thoughts, staring into the endless world. She sighed deeply, struggling to breathe in the foggy air around her.

It was only then that she noticed a large shape in the distance, a grayish white dragon who was slouched over, almost as if it were dead. Her eyes fixed on the figure as she squinted to get a better glance at it.

“Moongrace?” her voice echoed through the vast lands and her wings furled to her sides weakly. She waited for the dragon’s response patiently, her tail swaying behind her.

Within moments, the dragons’ head poked up from under her wings and she blinked at Cielast blankly. “Hmm?” she growled, her fangs bared as she got up.

The dragon swiftly moved towards her, resembling a snake as she approached. Her blinding white eyes started into Cielast’s, they were beautiful.

She gulped and slowly moved backward. “Hello, m-my name is Cielast. I need you… S-Suntrap, he… I...” she stuttered as Moongrace leaned forwards daringly, observing her from tail to talon. Her bright eyes shifted to a darker shade of gray as she processed Cielast’s words.

“Um… I accidently freed Suntrap because I thought he could help me find the Deathseeker that I wanted to revive my mother with.” She explained as rapidly as she could without stopping, putting her wings behind her back shyly.

Moongrace raised a brow and then nodded. “Hmm… Seems as if I can finally return to my home? Is everything all right there? Where’s Echo?”

“Uh… I-I’m not sure, but Gholis truly needs your help. We need you to defeat Suntrap once and for all.” She said, her voice slowly becoming quieter as she shuffled backward.

She gave her a sharp glare and then huffed, peering over towards the portal. “Very well then, I shall come.” She leaned forwards and began to walk towards the portal.

Cielast followed close behind her, acting as professional as possible. Her fangs were chattering as this could all go wrong with one simple move.

What if Moongrace fails? What if Suntrap ends up killing everyone?Thoughts scrambled her mind as they reached the portal.

“I swore that I’d never leave this place…” Moongrace muttered under her breath, waving her talon through the portal. Cielast nodded attentively and they both bolted through, back to Gholis in hopes that everything would turn out all right.

“You merciless beast!” Moongrace howled up at Suntrap while arriving through the rift, slamming herself into his side. She raked her claws down his scales in a blind rage, a hiss of fire coming up her throat.

Astaroth backed out of the way and hovered to beside Cielast and they both gave each other uneasy but confident looks. If Moongrace failed, everything would fall to the ground and Suntrap would be successful with his purpose.

“Oh look who it is,”He remarked, a grin awakening on his face and the ground rumbled around them. He roared and spat a plume of flames up at her of which she dodged and spun around to snap at him once again.

Her talons seized his chest, ripping his scales apart as fast as she could before backing away, spreading her large wings and reflecting the diamond-like scales to shine a bright light into his eyes.

He growled and shook his head furiously, trying to block the light. He then swung his talons at her wings and she plummeted backward, losing balance. She managed to catch herself in the air and hover upright, glaring at him sharply.

Moongrace’s chest filled up and swelled with a fiery rage. She soon flew in circles around him, spitting acidic flames while keeping her eyes fixed on her target.

“You truly are weak,”he hissed bitterly, slamming his talons into her side with a loud roar. Dark particles soon started to revolve around him like clouds as he stretched his gigantic, torn wings widely to block her vision.

“I’m not the one lost in the flames of evil,” she said angrily, darting back using the force of her wings to shoot a massive shockwave.

Suntrap’s wings blocked in front of him as he raised a brow with curiosity.“Didn’t I wipe out a whole species with my gift? This is my true self, I live and breathe as evil as possible. I killed your family, I killed your whole species.”

“Your heart will be mine, you arrogant fool.” She blasted forth her flames and followed its trail for coverage, ignoring what he had said. Rapidly swinging herself forwards, she prepared for her final move.

Suntrap growled and snapped his jaws at her before she could make her approach. His eyes narrowed and he shook his head in disappointment.“Ending me like that? That is pathetic, but what could I expect from such a weakling who was so easy to shove into a mirror? You should have stayed there, you’d be safer.” He cackled distortedly and with a low grumble, he hurled another dark fireball at her.

She shrieked with a sonic screech as she tried to deafen his sense of hearing, flying wildly around him with her wings beating restlessly. She then shot light beams at his scales and they caved inwards with a sizzle.

He grumbled and swung his tail furiously at her, wiping some boulders clear of the mountains to his side.“You certainly have gotten weaker,”he remarked with a devious grin as the beams of light pattered against his scales, leaving blistering burns that glowed a dim white.

Her shrill battle cry echoed through the cliffs as she pounced towards him, twisting her body to slash against his. Her claws raked down his scales and she backed away, with a loud, threatening hiss.

She then shot a ball of light ferociously, her diamond white scales reflecting off the brightness to also blind him from her sight. She hit his scales repeatedly with the light blasts, massive rage slowly building inside of her.

He tried to shake off the pain as he did previously, his eyes narrowing as he grumbled loudly. His eyes tried to adjust to the light frantically as he swung his talons in all directions, being hit constantly by the beams of light that shot at him.

Moongrace attempted her best to dodge the immense power of the claws, wounded deeply. Her rage kept pushing her forwards, aiming her blasts at his eyes.

He blinked wildly for a few moments, before grunting and continuing to rake his talons through the air effortlessly, feeling nothing but the breeze whisk past his talons. He muttered something unidentifiable under his breath and took a few deep sighs, attempting to build up his fire within his body.

“This is your final day, enjoy it while you can.” he roared, crashing his talons against the mountains and she barely managed to swerve away. His eyes all blinked in unison as he breathed a large plume of dark flames down towards her. The smoke crept along the side of the rocks, creating an almost blinding fog.

It was only then that Moongrace noticed a wound on his chest, directly above his heart of which she could hear it pumping wildly over the loud noises around her. The scales were pointing inwards as if they were leading her straight to his only weak spot.

Her intentions were clear as she nodded to her thoughts and launched herself forwards, pushing her back legs off of the rocks to gain a steady speed. Her eyes were fixed on the shattered scales as she narrowed them deeply. A hiss of fire crept up her throat as she dived inwards, her wings kept close to her sides.

It took him a few moments to realize what she was attempting to do but by the time he did, it was too late. She had already struck down on his chest, her talons writhing the way past the thick scales.

He roared like thunder, thrashing around wildly to shake her off of him but she gripped on as tight as she could. Moongrace took a few deep breaths and whispered the words, “This is for you, Echo.” And plunged her claws deep into his heart, feeling the beating of his blackened lump beat against her talons.

She squeezed the organ tightly, blood dripping onto her talons as she yanked on it with pure force, feeling the veins connecting it to the rest of his body rip. She let out a satisfied growl and pulled on the heart as hard as she could, managing to fully tear it right out of his chest.

Holding the heart in her talons, the beat slowed to a stop and the heart fully blackened, wilting like a dying flower. The organ then hardened into a crisp object as she dropped it, panting heavily. All of his soulless eyes widened and he howled in anger and charged his talons forwards and back at her with a low growl.

“Seems as if it is your fate too,”he bellowed, grasping her in his talons and gouging out her heart as well, his eyes glittering for one last time. He crushed it with his bare claws and it shattered like glass and fell to the ground.

He took the last glance at her with a devious smirk and ominously responded with,“It’s not over yet.” and fell backward, clouds of dust being flung in all directions as he hit the ground with a loud thump. The ground shook furiously around him as he laid lifelessly on the ground, defeated.

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