Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 20

Moongrace gasped, putting her talons to the wound hopelessly, her roars echoed as the empty feeling in her chest made her feel weakened. The lights in her eyes flickered on and off until they slowly dimmed and became black.

Her roar slowly got quieter as she fell to her right, small glass shards spurting from her scales. Her scales began to crumble and landed in a tree, a sharp branch skewering her torso.

Moongrace slowly collapsed and stopped writhing, managing to whisper her last words, “I’m coming home to see you, no more pain. Mother… Father…”

The scales peeled off of her skin slowly, being blown away in a fierce gust of wind, dissolving slowly. Tears trickled down Moongrace’s snout and her flesh began to deteriorate, leaving nothing behind.

There was a moment of silence as everyone sat back, their jaws gaping as they stared onwards towards the drifting scales, they resembled broken puzzle pieces. The two arch enemies that dreaded each other for so long had killed each other, it was finally over. Or so it seemed.

Astaroth slowly veered her gaze towards Cielast, seeing as her tail was coiled around herself. The battle had been so sudden and everyone was stunned.

Hydrax slowly slithered to behind Astaroth, his jaws still open in awe. The biggest legendary monster ever was truly real and they’d just witnessed his death.

Cielast stared blankly at the both of them, her wings cowering behind her. Is it really over? She wondered.

Suddenly, the clanking of talons could be heard from a distance as a triumphant cackle rang throughout their ears. Cielast froze in place, chills slowly creeping up her spine with fright.

“At least that moron was right about something,” his voice sneered as the talons approached them and Astaroth’s face faded to a pale color. “Now... explain…this, Astaroth, what are you doing?”

She stayed as still as a statue, all the emotions slowly draining from her body. Hydrax slowly sank behind Astaroth, being as careful as possible to sneak away from the situation.

Cielast recognized that voice anywhere, it was crisp and clear as if he was speaking right to her, similar to Suntrap’s but much creepier. Her spine tingled with dread and she muttered the one word under her breath, “Azure.”

“Oh, you guessed? What a surprise.” He exclaimed with high levels of sarcasm, rolling his eyes which reminded her of Waves’.

Astaroth sighed and balanced her stare between the two of them, feeling Hydrax crawling up her back. Azure tapped his talons against the floor impatiently and grumbled to himself.

“Cielast, I’m going to end your miserable life here, perhaps you won’t be such an annoyance when you’re dead.” Azure laughed and fixated his dark, narrowed eyes on her. “Did you really expect me to give up so easily? Even if you manage to kill me, which is highly unlikely... I’ll always return to haunt your nightmares, I’m always here.” he spat at her, his brow raised.

“I will end your life twice if you ever came after me. It’s beyond this day is where your life will be non-existent.” Cielast said boldly, feeling the adrenaline surge through her veins.I have to be brave, she thought to herself. “There is no escape to satisfy my fear. So we shall do this right now.”

He snorted at her bravery and took it with a grain of sand. His talons tapped together curiously and he slowly leaned towards her. “Oh, just let us prolong this battle, I’m quite enjoying this here... but it’s such a shame your mother isn’t here to protect you this time, isn’t it? Shame that she had to perish under my talons,” he informed with a shrug, adding salt to her emotional wounds.

Cielast quivered as faded memories toyed with her mind, his soulless eyes appearing in every direction she turned to. Her eyes closed tightly and hissed at him. She struggled to spit a response but each of her points had been countered. Cielast shook her head in blind rage and glared at him, her green eyes glittering deeply.

“No. That isn’t true. You’re a liar!” she roared at him, twitching wildly.

Azure grinned slyly and listened to Cielast’s attempts at refusing his statements. “Hmm? How could I lie about death? I can show you her skeleton if you’d like, or perhaps that’s a waste of time...”

Two sides of her were at war, flight or fight. She was tortured by her emotions, thinking of what was next.Will I even stand a chance?She asked herself internally, memories whizzing past her.

He smiled sideways at her, his devious grin crawling through the darkest of her memories. His eyes shimmered with deep excitement as he approached her with his talons spread out.

“I left her there to die, all alone in that cave. She was so close to escaping and coming back for you I’d assume. I caught her at the very end and killed her effortlessly. It was easy, she wasn’t too strong,” he taunted and a smirk awakened from the corners of his mouth. “You couldn’t do anything about it, isn’t that a shame? You couldn’t save her, she died because you couldn’t do anything. It’s a true tragedy, hmm?”

“Her death was inevitable,” Cielast whimpered, her voice cracking with hatred. Anger built up inside of her, but it was suppressed by fear. She felt like she was going to burst into flames of sorrow. Revenge was her best chance now as she was now preparing to launch at him right then and there.What would my mother do?She asked herself, thinking in her wretched state as she grew angry.

He seemed quite amused by her flood of feelings as he gestured his talons towards her. “Let’s get on with this, shall we? I’ll enjoy finally seeing you perish beneath my claws.”

“This is my final stand, you will bow down to death or mercy,” She spat back furiously, striking fast with her sharp talons. They swept furiously, whistling through the air at magnificent speeds. Thoughts raced through her mind as she struck, it was life or death, she could decide the fate of the battle, or so she thought. She slowly sank to the ground down below her.

“I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve,” her opponent sneered, pulling a golden crown from behind his back. The crown had a deep purple gem in the center that seemed to glow dimly. He placed the crown atop his head with a beaming grin as golden branches soon started to travel through his thick skull and attach to it. He roared and launched himself towards her.

She propelled herself forward with her magnificent wings, fighting him head-on. They collided with massive force, both trying to withstand each other’s immense power.

He grappled onto her, his wings fluttering as a distraction and he looked her dead in the eyes. He growled and rammed her into a boulder forcefully, taking a step back before hissing a stream of frost that barely missed her and crept onto one of the rocks, slowly spreading over its gray surface.

She tried to recover from the fall, feeling weakened. Her roars echoed through the cliffs as she quickly dashed to slash at him once more.

Both engaged in a fierce fight, slashing each other as Cielast attempted to gnaw on the thick scales on his arm. He threw her forward and she snarled right back at him viciously. He weaved through her talons and met her neck, crushing her throat between his talons. He snorted and slowly spat a chilling breath into her face.

She tried her best to claw her way out of his throttle. Swiftly, she used her tail to swipe him unbalanced. Taking advantage of this moment, she struck with unstoppable momentum, scratching him as much as possible.

He backed away with a growl, shaking his head furiously. While he was distracted, she took that as a chance to strike and powerfully clawed at him. He grunted, feeling the slightest bit of pain as he roared right back at her. Cielast slashed across his chest and pushed him to the ground.

She took a step towards him and put her talons across his underbelly, slowly leaning forwards. With one swift swipe, she slashed a large wound across his chest. He howled in pain and agony yet the devious grin never vanished from his face as he doubled over and fell to the stone with a thud.

There was a moment of silence and Astaroth’s jaw dropped again. She felt a wave of emotions pass through her as she approached cautiously.

The battlefield became dead silent and Cielast stood still, her blue scales glittering in the warm glow of the sunlight. She felt triumphant, roaring loudly. Her enemy’s corpse was sprawled out before her, there was no pulse in his veins yet he seemed to still have a spirit. Cielast gave him a suspicious stare.

Azure’s eyes were now as black as night and his body began to wither, the crown slowly detaching itself from his head as it clattered to the ground. His scales slowly faded into a wilted purple and his scales crumbled from beneath him.

Cielast took a deep sigh and took a glimpse up at Astaroth and Hydrax as they both stared at her in awe. She had a glorious grin across her face and ruffled her wings.

Her eyes flickered as she stepped towards them. “It’s over,” She announced, staring into their eyes deeply.

She paused before them and furled her wings, her heart beginning to thunder in her chest. She asked herself internally, it is over, right?

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