Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 21

Everyone exchanged glances and Cielast took a deep breath. Azure finally had what was coming to him, he finally perished under her talons. Justice had been served, she had avenged her mother.

The crown’s light slowly got brighter and his body disintegrated into the air, blobs of dark energy whirled around like molten silver. Cielast took a step back as the crown branched off through the air and formed a skeleton, the purple blobs coated the bones like flesh.

“You thought you could get rid of me so easily? Think again,” he roared down at her, his wings stretching out as far as they could go. His eyes were now pitch black, staring deep into her soul. They reminded her of Waves and how he watched in amusement as dragons withered away in his arena. A distorted cackle cracked with amusement as a grin returned to his face.

His scales seemed to be melted into his shadowy flesh and he looked less like a dragon and more like a monster. His dark eyes slowly tilted downwards and they were thin slits in his sockets. He appeared to be stronger, his muscles pumping with dark energy as he barked a laugh at her, rising to his talons as the crown branched off deep into his skull. The golden bits seemed to act as veins, slowly rooting down into his flesh.

“W-What is that crown you have there?” Cielast asked fearfully, slowly furling her wings and building courage. “M-maybe you can revive, but that still doesn’t mean you can beat me.”

He tilted his head at her bravery, seeming impressed but that expression quickly vanished into his sadistic smile. He growled unidentifiable words at her and slowly twisted his body around to reveal a set of clones marching from behind him.

She struck at the first clone sighted, only to discover that it vanished when attacked. She observed every move and every step, trying to spot a difference between them. Whilst wiping out as few as possible so she could save her energy for the true battle. The clones drained her energy from her every time she attacked, feeling her heart race against her chest.

Then, finally, she noticed a slight difference with one of the clones, she stuck as fast as she could, her talons swiping at him like a hurricane. Azure teleported around her, clones appearing in his path. She becomes deeply confused and attempted to slash at him, failing miserably each time.

Lost in the midst of clones, she attempted to create a large shockwave with her wings. As tired as she was, she shot a wave with her wings, killing as many of the clones as possible. Her strength was running out and quickly, she needed to act fast.

Out of desperate actions, she tried to throw boulders, aiming at every Azure she saw. She cleared as many as she could until she finally hit him dead on.

He stumbled to his side and snickered, his voice cracking with amusement. “Aren’t we having fun here?” he asked with a sly smirk, his voice barely identifiable through the crackles in his eerie tone.

His dark eyes narrowed as he swiftly warped to behind her, tearing mirror rifts into the world which launched spears into the air, plummeting towards her at high speeds.

She dug deep underground with a fast pace if she were to get impaled once it could end her life due to her weakened strength. She dug and once the rain of spears ended, she burst beneath Azure, grabbing hold of him. She gnawed and tore through his flesh with ease, her tail thrashing through the soil.

He yelped with surprise and slammed his talons down onto her, whirling into the air with a silent hiss. His brow raised as he observed her every movement from above.

Cielast hurled a boulder from the ground, attempting to knock him out of the air. She tossed and missed repeatedly with a low grumble of disappointment. He laughed mockingly at her and let his guard down for a few moments.

She noticed and leaped towards him and they fought in mid-air. They both grappled each other, staring into each other’s eyes daringly. Azure wheeled his body around to push her away and makes an attempt to escape, ripping a rift to the mirror world.

She grabbed on tight to his tail as he fled as he dragged her into the mirror world without noticing. They continued to fight and he tried kicked her off of his tail. Her resistance allowed her to stay, pulling him back as he was forced to face her.

He scrambled to his talons with a low bellow and spread his glittering wings, whirling himself around to meet her. He then pushed his talons towards her, his talons outspread as a deep purple version of his castle formed in the background.

She hissed a light beam at him, her tail flicking up like a scorpion’s. She roared loudly as the world started to ripple. Her bright eyes narrowed and she clawed at his arm.

He countered her attack with a hurling dark fireball, twisting his body backward to avoid her swiping talons. He bellowed unidentifiable words at her and lunged at her with pure force.

She toppled over backward, her wings fluttering and giving off light sparkles that coated the floor. Her eyes sparked with interest as she slid out of the way of battle, making his talons slam into the soil with frustration.

He then slithered into the entrance of his castle, disappearing into the dark hallways. She could hear his talons clattering against the winding stairs.

Cielast took a deep breath, her heart racing as fast as it could go. This was her final shot at destroying him once and for all. Her talons extended as she stormed into the castle, gripping her talons into the floor to stop herself from sliding.

“Come out, you coward!” she roared up to him and slithered up the staircase. It seemed to go on forever.

When Cielast finally arrived at the top of the stairwell, her eyes glittered with interest as she saw Azure who was patiently sitting in his throne room. He had a devious grin on his face, his brow raised.

She spread her colorful wings and lunged towards him with one swift move, the jade floors below her talons shattering as she moved. Her body winded around in a spiral and she hurled more light beams into the air.

Her heart beat as fast as it could go and she raced towards him. Flipping through the air, she curled into a ball, her sharp spine pointed towards him.

She rolled, preparing to strike as a bright trail led behind her. “One shot,” she whispered quietly to herself as her body launched itself out of the spiral.

She hissed and landed on him, her talons digging into his shoulders. “You’re done for,” she bellowed and slashed a large wound across his face, then shot the strongest light beam she could hurl deep into his throat.

He started to twitch wildly as Cielast backed away. His scales began to crumble as he used one last shadowy breath to crumble the castle all around him.

“And stay dead,” she muttered angrily under her breath and glanced towards the entrance.

She swiftly ducked under some falling debris and ran towards the entrance with great speed.I did it, I’m finally going to get out of here.She reminded herself as she slid gracefully towards the portal, taking one more look at the castle. Her muscles felt sore and she kept panting but knew she had to keep going.

The pillars slowly cracked and collapsed to the floor, dust particles flying everywhere. The dark castle slowly fell on itself and all went dead silent once again.

She nodded to herself and popped through the portal, her vision swirling. Her thoughts soon started to revolve around her success and she landed face first in Gholis, her wings stretching horribly behind her back.

As her vision got blurry, flashbacks of every dragon she ever knew started to whip through her mind. She had finally defeated the monster who had demolished her whole life, killing off everyone she ever knew: Azure.

Dear Cielast, my little one,

Your journey ends here,

Dear Cielast, my loving one,

He is no longer near,

Suntrap, the wicked,

The ancient, the crooked,

Dear Cielast, my special one,

You’ve killed him once and for all.

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