Eclipse of the Moon

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Beneath the night sky was a lonely cliff, rocks littered around in the area. A dead bush stood solitarily at the edge, growing on the bits of grass that dipped off into the dark abyss below. The canyon was wide and had many rocky ledges pointing out of the wall. The rocks were a beige color, slinking down to a deep gray as they withered below the surface.

The bold stars in the night sky shifted as time passed, dancing around the dark blue as if they were silhouettes. There were only a few cracks that shone through the surface as most of it was coated with thick green stalks of grass.

Dangling above the dark, endless void was a cliff of which a dragon laid across, his tail hanging off of the edge. His eyes were sealed shut and he appeared to be lifeless.

Countering that point, his heart was beating but very, very slowly. One of his arms had been impaled with a sharp rock, of which appeared to be a blade duck deep into his flesh. A few stains of blood faintly coated the rock, glistening up to the starry night above.

He had been laying restlessly for quite some time, his wings bending horribly behind his back, appearing to be snapped. He didn’t bother to arise, for it would be useless and he’d prefer to die alone where nobody could see his tragic state.

He had deep scarlet scales that coated his body and a few darker ones that dotted along the tip of his spear-like tail. He had enormous wings that glittered brightly, the under scales shimmering with deep grays. Two large horns jutted from his head tilted backward like a ram’s.

He had a large scar that scraped across his eye, leading down to his neck where the gash stopped. Blood was crusted along his deep wound as it was rather old.

He had been unfairly tossed into the canyon by a dragon and it was pointless to fight against her strength as she was much larger than he. She had done a crime and he had paid for her price.

The dragon despised her deeply, a great hatred swelling up from inside his soul. All he wanted to achieve was a throne, doing anything to accomplish his goal as the rest of his family left him all alone, abandoned and destined to live by himself.

He was a solitary dragon, showing no mercy to dragons who stood in his way. He had very few companions of which he’d travel with, but they would leave him in the ditch if something went wrong.

He was an intelligent and cunning dragon, often appearing as devious to others. And so he was, a very sly dragon with a lot of potential, but not enough resources to pursue in his keen attributes. He was practically useless to the others as they didn’t believe in his skills.

His rough past built him into such an evil dragon who despised every other living creature, whilst if he was taken care of, it’d turn a different way, perhaps into a bright future. If he were to have another lifelong goal other than the throne, it would be to find another dragon of whom he’d spend his miserable life with, but there truly wasn’t anyone in sight who’d care enough.

He grunted with pain and groggily opened his dark obsidian eyes, blinking up at the skies. Dawn was approaching as a hint of maroon slowly started to rise from the corner of his eye.

He painfully moved his wing upwards and out from beneath his horrid spine. His growls echoed through the cliffs as he muttered unidentifiable words to himself.

He shook his head back into focus and removed the sharp rock from under his scales, feeling a bit better. The pain slowly started to wind down to his waist, which ached profoundly.

His eyes narrowed, glittering in the faint sight of the sun. He had his mind focused on what he was going to do, planning something in his devious mind. It would be his escape, but how? His wings appeared to be broken, fractured at the membrane.

He hissed as his aches started to wear down.She’ll pay for this…he assured himself, for a cowardly dragon blaming their crimes on others was certainly not competent to face off against others.

His brow raised and he began to get up, slouching his back against the wall. His tail was crooked, shriveled at the end as it had been crippled. The spear appeared to be a bolt of lightning now as it had crashed straight into the ground and almost snapped off.

Once I’m out of this cave I’m going to kill that blue menace, he hissed to himself and cracked his talons, morons don’t deserve to live alongside geniuses.

I’m far too intelligent for anyone’s understanding, he said internally with confidence.

Nodding to his thoughts, he slowly rose up to his claws and spread his wings sorely. His jaws cracked as he opened them and a forked tongue slithered out, flicking up and down as he stood.

His eyes darted around the rea as he slunk towards the darkness, his tail snaking behind him slowly. They adjusted to the dark as he growled, his voice echoing through the caverns eerily.

“I’ll get back up there, I’ll rise above them all,” he promised himself with a weak cackle, “King Castien.”

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