Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 3

Cielast flinched as she awoke, finding herself on the cold stone ground and surrounded by rocks. Light filtered in through the entrance, the beams of sun dancing gracefully before her as if they were inviting her to come outside. She yawned and stretched, picking herself off of the ground before peering out into the open.

I guess I’m going to need to move,they’ll find me if I’m this close to the kingdom… They’re probably still looking. She thought and brushed the dust off of her scales, glancing at the entrance before approaching it.

Cielast slowly trotted away from the cave, breathing in the fresh air as she gazed at the sky. Clouds were scattered around in the vast abyss above, birds were chirping and singing their lovely morning songs. The bright light blinded her as she awoke fully, glancing from left to right.

The bright banana yellow flowers bloomed from all around, their petals swaying majestically throughout the breeze. The bushes were aligned perfectly, creating a somewhat path through the forest. Trees overhung in zigzags from above, their bright green leaves scattering on the ground below.

When she took a close look at her surroundings, they were truly beautiful to see. The vastness of the forest continued widely until it began to be swallowed by the thick fog in the faint distance.

She stretched out her wings, but she was still a young hatchling and it was still dangerous to fly with her fragile wings. Cielast could imagine racing swiftly throughout the skies, zipping left and right freely and diving into the waters below and discovering all the different fish underwater.

These were only dreams as she did not have the chance to fly when she was younger. Pyra planned on teaching Cielast how to fly properly with her weak wings but never was able when she was captured by Waves and Azure.

One topic she had never touched was Adrian, Cielast’s father. He had apparently smashed every other egg for his amusement or something of that sort.

Pyra trusted him only to a minor extent and promised Cielast that she’d meet him one day and they’d have a chat about how things had been but that promise had been broken by death.

Cielast’s legs began to get tired as she wandered along the path drowsily, her legs shuddering. It had been a half an hour since she had begun walking and all those attempts at flying the previous day had made her very tired.

She was surprised that she never crashed or anything horrible. Cielast swore to herself that she’d never try to fly again unless she fully knew about flying, her dreams would have to wait.

Cielast then glanced over at a cave that was nearby and stumbled towards it, collapsing on the floor tiredly. It was stone cold, but it was all she had unless she’d take the chance to go out into the blistering heat again.

Closing her eyes, she heard a shuffle from above and a few pebbles thumped down onto her snout. She opened her eyes slowly and gazed up at a shadowy figure that swept across the cave, its tail snaking behind it.

“W-who are you?” Cielast asked nervously, keeping her tail and wings close to herself defensively.

The figure crept down the wall and slithered up to her, his beady orange eyes glaring into hers. “The question is, who are you?” he hissed, swaying his tail against the rugged stone floor menacingly.

“I-I’m Cielast, and you?” she slowly backed up from him as he was seeming dangerously close to her.

“Zyroth,” he responded coldly, tapping his talons together as he circled around her. He had a menacing stance, keeping himself low and locking eyes with her deviously.

“Where is this?” she questioned, glancing around the cave, chills creeping down her spine.

“It’s my… Um, our residence.” He looked back into the shadows for a moment, then back at her with his fangs chattering.

“It’s not always bad to have a visitor, Zyroth,” chuckled a voice and another dragon stepped out of the shadows.

Her scales were scarlet red and she had blue splotches on them as if there was paint dribbled right onto them. She smiled at Cielast kindly as Zyroth scrambled up to the roof of the cave again, observing from above.

“So, what brings you to our humble home?” The dragon asked warmly, sitting down on a rock.

“I was just looking for a place to rest,” Cielast responded, staring into the dragon’s friendly eyes.

“Well, since it looks like you don’t have any other place to go, you can stay here. Maybe you could tell us what happened.”

Cielast slouched down on a rock patiently, one eye glaring up at Zyroth as he crawled down from the ceiling, coiling his tail around a rock close to Cielast. She inched away from him nervously, her talons beginning to unsheathe.

“You seem familiar… Doesn’t she, Paintra?” he glanced back at the dragon uneasily and then back at Cielast.

Paintra raised a brow, “Hmm… On that note, perhaps you could tell us where you came from?” her tail flickered as she put her talons down on the rock and stared back at Cielast.

“The Sclarian Kingdom, I was captured by Waves and Azure,” She responded.

“Ah, those two, but why would they capture you?” Paintra asked eagerly, tilting her head.

“My mother stole precious jewels from them long ago to create a lovely cave for herself. They swore to get their revenge someday and so they hunted us down and captured both of us... She was slaughtered in their arena a few weeks ago.” Cielast frowned and crossed her talons, resting her head on top of them.

“Hmm… That’s sad to hear, who was your mother?” Paintra frowned and the splotches of blue started to creep through her scales.

“Pyra,” Cielast responded sadly, slowly looking back up at Paintra. Zyroth’s eyes widened as he slipped down from the wall of the cave.

“Oh, she and I were close friends. She was a writer you know,” Paintra turned around and sank into the shadows for a few moments.

“My mother? A writer?” Cielast asked in bewilderment and gave her a surprised look.

“Yes indeed,” Paintra grinned warmly and picked up a scroll from beside her rock, slowly unravelling it.

Suntrap Version One -Pyra the Pyroxis

The ancient scroll was about a dragon named “Suntrap” who lived many years ago, he was described as a terrible beast who killed a whole clan of dragons.

Inside it read:

Suntrap, a ferocious dragon with the power to wipe out an entire race of dragons. Most would classify him as a monster as opposed to a dragon, he had six blood red eyes and pitch black scales. He is known for being the most notorious dragon in all of Gholis although not much is known about the true story and there is much to be interpreted.

Suntrap was born on a coast near the Akurma Mountains where his mother abandoned him. He had a brother named Skybolt of whom he admired although his brother despised him. Suntrap was alone for an extended amount of time before being introduced to a royal necromancer who found him in the forest.

A royal necromancer is a necromancer gifted with a special power to wish for anything they desire, it is given by Fayre, the dragon goddess. There are very few royal necromancers, the gift is given when they are born and seem to be worthy enough to have their powers.

Feeling sympathy for the young dragon, the necromancer gave him an amulet in which whatever he wished for would come true. He was supposedly aware of what damage could be done by giving Suntrap the amulet.

The royal necromancer told him that with the amulet, whatever Suntrap wished for would come true. He took it within the blink of an eye and began casting magic across the land, including creating a friend named Welkin.

Eventually, the hunger for power drove him insane. Upon discovering that the amulet had been forged into his scales, to prevent himself from becoming a monster, he dug underground to hide himself from whatever disasters he’d cause.

Suntrap awakened years later and the darkness took him over and he became the monster he’d had nightmares about.

For making him become a monster, he scorched the forests and got revenge on the necromancers by killing them off.

Only two necromancers stood alive, Moongrace, a royal necromancer and her sister, Echo. The two were group leaders in the clan and supported each other.

Fueled by a monstrous rage of not being able to finish them off, he created a mirror that could trap any necromancer inside of it and disable their powers as well as be as powerful as the amulet and be able to grant him anything he wished for.

Within weeks, he lured Moongrace into the mirror where she was trapped in the mirror land for eternity, unable to use her magic.

However, he was unaware that Echo was still alive. She eventually found his mirror and created chains which could cage Suntrap and ensure his demise.

She led the dragon into the pit that he had created for himself before and locked the chains down on his limbs. She then covered the pit with boulders to ensure that he was trapped.

Moongrace may have been the only one to kill him but the monster could serve no harm to any dragons unless someone set him free.

Paintra returned in a couple of minutes, picking up an odd-looking scroll, tossing it between her talons. Cielast quickly closed and put down the scroll she was reading and sat attentively, staring at Paintra who was fiddling with the scroll in her talons.

The old dragon stated, “Actually, your mother wished to give you this someday but since she met her unfortunate demise, I will.”

Cielast slowly took the scroll and turned it in her talons, squinting at the inky black writing. The ancient paper was tattered, its corners were ripped and felt stiff.

After examining it, she began to read.

Dear Cielast, my little one

Someone will follow

Dear Cielast, my loving one

You have a soul

To follow you, to answer you

To command and go

Dear Cielast, my special one

Listen and behold

A dark wyvern

Comes at you once more

Your back will be turned

And to gain he will schnorr

To trust him is a sin

And to listen will begin

A catastrophe, a shouldn’t-see

And horror will sing

The song of the dead

The song of the bled

The song of the dreaded

The song of the beheaded

Dear Cielast, my little one

His name will scar

Dear Cielast, my loving one

And the world’ll be dark

His heart will now harden

Not any mercy, stark

Dear Cielast, my special one

Don’t listen, don’t hark

His name goes by Suntrap

And to kill, he would dare

He’d get your mind twist, wrap

To betray what you care

He caused havoc among the clans

And in the month Jan

A necromancer imprisoned him

Along with Welkin

He wants the blood of dragons

But him you must release

To him, the need is great

Tear chains, set him free

Dear Cielast, my little one

He’s invincible, dear

Dear Cielast, my loving one

But the one thing he fears

Is a Necromancer’s cheer

Dear Cielast, my special one

The spell that’s so severe

It would kill him, murder him

Yet not one wields it

Now he’s safe: not dragon kin

So Suntrap will live

A ground-shaker, life-taker

Akurma’s empty (fear escaper)

Dear Cielast, my special one

You will be the stopper

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