Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 6

Cielast didn’t remember it being a ghost town from what she had looked at from far away when her mother took her for rides on her back. It used to be all so lively. She continued to search for the others, wondering why it was vacant.

“Hmm...” she tapped her talons against her chin and slowly approached the next hallway. Still nobody and it was all too silent. She then wheeled around to face the entrance again, poking her head out to see if anyone was out that entrance.

In the far distance were orange and red dragons all crowded around something. What are they so interested in? She asked herself. Her mind pondered on that question for quite a while before she decided to figure out what all the fuss was about.

As she continued to pace the ground slowly, an orange dragon whirled around to stare at her, tears were slowly dripping down his snout. He was a huge dragon with broad shoulders and a frown of agony stretched across his face. “Who are you?” he barked, peering over his shoulder anxiously.

She decided not to tell her real name in case they might know Castien or might be allied with Waves. “My name is Nerunik,” she lied with a nod and a nervous grin.

The dragon snorted with a nod and turned back towards the scene. There appeared to be a pale yellowy orange dragon laying there, she had jewels aligning her neck and anklets grappled around her ankles. Her eyes were deep green that resembled Cielast’s.

Cielast’s eyes widened as she saw the king. Flarius. He was so close but he couldn’t do anything, not now, unless this was the plan to attack. Castien will be on my tail by then, won’t he?

Her heart started to pound as she gazed upon the crown atop Flarius’ head that glittered in the sunlight, the blistering sunrays beating down on everyone. Cielast had no idea of what was going on and she began to feel guilty about telling the fake name… Shaking her head, she walked forwards more, struggling to figure out what was going on.

“My beautiful Fyriah…” whispered Flarius at the ground as he closed his eyes tightly with a sob. Tears were trickling down both sides of his snout with a sniffle as he laid his talons gently on her warm scales that had many wounds torn through her lower back.

Cielast waited for the right moment to speak, “Um… W-what happened here?” she asked the crowd, her wings drooping to her sides with a frown.

“The queen was murdered,” growled a dragon who glared over at her with a suspicious expression pasted on his face.

“By who?” she replied slowly, still confused as to what was going on, having empathy for the fallen royalty.

“We don’t know,” muttered the same dragon with a deep tone to his voice. He seemed suspicious of her but kept his mouth shut about his thoughts.

Cielast stopped, looking at him as she stepped closer to the queen and sat down as she gazed upon her corpse, lowering her head down in sadness.

Flarius glanced up at her in utter misery. His crown slowly slid to the front of his head as he dipped his head down.

Cielast then had an idea that sparked in her mind, what if I can convince them to trap Castien? That would be a good solution, the assassination wouldn’t take place.

Cielast nodded at her thoughts and glanced over at Flarius, “I am sorry for your loss, sir.” She had a sad expression on her face, wondering when would be the right time to see if she could convince him.

The huge dragon slowly veered his gaze towards her with a slight nod, then back at the corpse which was laying restlessly on the ground. She sat down and looked at the queen as sadness filled her eyes, lowering her head sadly and looking at the dead corpse. Maybe I could convince him that Castien murdered her… She looked up to him and spoke, “I think I may know who murdered the queen.”

His eyes immediately narrowed as Flarius glanced her way. His muscles were already tense with fear and anger.

“I think it was Castien.” She said firmly with anger it seemed.

“Hmm? Castien... Are you sure? He’s one of my most loyal soldiers.” Flarius responded, perplexed at her guess. “Who are you anyways? You... You’re not from here at all.” he raised up above her with a growl, being suspicious as to who she was.

“I am Cielast,” she answered, knowing that she didn’t fit in with such blue scales compared to the reds that the others were. “But just think; if Castien didn’t have something to do with it why isn’t he here now? He should be if he is one of your most loyal guards, with all due respect, sir.” She curled her tail around herself, frightened.

“That may be true...” he tapped his talon on his chin thoughtfully, “But, how could I trust a dragon like you? You’re right just above being a hatchling and you’re not even from our kingdom.”

Cielast thought of what to say and she didn’t know but blurted, “I’m a newcomer to here. I’m trying to help your highness and your guards. For justice.”

“Interesting,” he said, his voice cracking with despair. His eyes glared into hers, a bright, shiny yellow that seemed to be full of rage. “If you can prove that Castien killed her, I’d be pleased to take action.”

Cielast nodded slightly and looked at the ground, “I don’t have proof, sir, but I still believe it was him.” she then glanced at him again, twitching a bit.

His eyes started to lose hope as he frowned, “Well isn’t that a helping statement...”

“I’m sorry, sir. But I want to help as much as I can. For your respect and the queen’s,” she bowed once and stood up, determined to convince him.

“This is our last resort I suppose... If we can’t find anything within a week, we’ll take your idea into consideration,” he said, half believing that she’d care for a queen other than her own. Cielast nodded, looking up at him and hoping that this would work.

Flarius searched through his folders furiously, searching for any evidence of suspects. “Argh.” he bellowed in frustration and threw all the files to the ground, his eyes bubbling with rage.

Cielast slowly peered into the room, frowning with concern. “Are you all right, sir?” she stepped in and waited for his response.

“Not at all,” he growled, glancing over her way, taking a moment to realize that it was Cielast.

“Oh,” he sighed with a grunt. His eyes glittered with hope as he realized who she was, a small smile appearing on his face. “Let’s give this a shot. What do we do?”

She smiled with a nod, “I’m not sure. We need to think of why the ‘murderer’ killed the queen. We need a reason,” she walked back and forth for a moment then wandered to Flarius. “Do you have anything?” she smiled brightly.

“I’m not too sure,” he grumbled, wondering if she’d be any help after all. He paced the long hallway, his tail snaking behind him.

“What about power?” she suggested, staring up at him hopefully.

His eyes sparked with curiosity as he slowly stared down at her. “Hmm... Perhaps you could be right.”

She nodded, “Yes, power is a good reason to have killed a queen but who would have done such a thing? Okay, here’s my theory; where was Castien when the queen was murdered?”

“I’m not too sure,” he said, pulling up thoughts from his head and trying to figure out where he could’ve been when the murder took place.

“It might have been him because he wasn’t there when the incident happened. Or maybe he was, he just ran off before you got a chance to catch him and he might act like nothing happened or act like he doesn’t know what happened as an excuse.” Her thoughts were pumping as she tried to gather as much evidence as possible to support her theory.

“He has been quite devious for a while now,” Flarius responded.

“Yes, if he did murder the queen he might have left some evidence left behind, so he may have gone somewhere,” She observed the floors as if there were footprints coated on them. But they were spotless, the pure jade sparkling beneath her talons.

His eyes twitched as he said, “Nobody knows where he’s been... I suppose it’s all right to go after him... But if you’re wrong, you’ll surely pay for this.” he hissed suspiciously and growled.

Cielast nodded, “But this is for justice in case he might have. We can’t be too sure about it tough. It may have been someone else, but I say that we put a trap up for him.”

Flarius nodded and stretched his wings out. “First, before we do anything, I wanted to give you this.” He then reached back behind his throne and dug into a box, proceeding to pull out an odd artifact that seemed as though it was a mirror with a golden rim around it.

He tossed it to her and she caught it, observing the glass that appeared to react like water to her talons. “What is this?” she asked, scratching the back of her head.

“That’s a mirror I had found deep in the caves back when I was younger. I don’t know what it does, but I wanted to give it to you for finding out who the murderer may be. Thank you, Cielast.”

She nodded graciously with a toothy grin, then stared at the mirror a bit more. It seemed as though it could be magic, but that couldn’t be possible. Could it be? she questioned herself internally, no, the mirror is long gone.

A random mirror whose glass reacted like water, sending ripples through the glass that made a twinkle sound when they reached the rim.

Her scales were itching to find out the secrets of the artifact, but it had to be saved for after they found Castien, that’d be the right thing to do.

She put the small mirror in between the scales of her wings, in a crevice of her back and nodded up to him.

“All right,” he coughed, peering left and right before fixing his eyes on her. “Let’s put this plan into action.”

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