Eclipse of the Moon

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Chapter 7

“Do you think this will catch him if he sneaks around again?” Cielast asked, knowing that Castien had to come sometime. “Or if he sneaks around at all?” her voice echoed through the citadel as she stared at the trap.

“I’m pretty sure it will,” Flarius assured, nodding back at her.

The trap was made of large branches and nets strung around the citadel of the castle, they were weaved through the beams above on the roof and there was a large circle of rope tied around four pillars that would fall into the middle and trap whatever would step in them.

“This is a great trap, excellently built, sir,” She said, looking around at the huge web of ropes.

“Yes, now we wait.” he then leaped at the wall and scampered upwards, maneuvering his way through the ropes and being cautious not to activate one.

When he finally reached the other side, he leaped down slowly and crept to his throne, getting comfortable. “Get into a spot to hide,” he called over to her, his voice bouncing off the walls.

Cielast walked back and got into another room, looking out from the cracked door with a determined grin.

They waited for a long time, all was silent aside from the occasional grumble from Flarius as he cleansed his throne. No guards were around, it would be the perfect time to strike. Flarius stared down at his reflection through the crown with a grin stretched across his face.

Suddenly, there was a rather loud cackle from just outside the throne room. As the clicking of talons entered the room, a dark scarlet dragon began to trot through the hallways with glee. He grinned slyly and stared over at Flarius who was distracted.

“Well, well, well.” Castien scoffed, raising his voice as he leaned against the wall. Cielast thought to herself, please, please walk into the trap…

“Isn’t this a lovely coincidence? And hey. No guards? I wonder why that is.” He slowly approached the throne with his talons extended, ready to seize it for himself.

Flarius slowly glanced up at him with a mumble, “Oh.”

Cielast slammed the door open and walked out, growling. “It’s over Castien,” she hissed with anger. Castien swiftly wheeled around to stare at Cielast who had now fully leaped out of the door and was standing in a defensive stance.

“Oh, two of my rivals? It must be my lucky day,” he said, flailing his arms through the air and turning to approach her.

Cielast growled as her eyes were fueled with anger. She looked over at him and walked around towards Flarius, “What are you planning to do? Kill us?”

“What a lucky guess,” he responded sarcastically and flexed his wings back, lunging at her with a roar. His huge gray talons were coming towards her with great speed as his gigantic body lunged at her.

Cielast leaped with her wings extended slightly as she glanced down and tried to dodge him, staring at Flarius from the corner of her eye.

Castien twisted his body around in mid-air, trying to snatch Cielast from the skies but he was too late. His torso had already passed over the rope and his tail wouldn’t raise high enough to miss it. It seemed as if time went in slow motion as the trap was activated, Castien’s tail slinking over the rope.

Castien grinned at what had just happened and landed on the ground on her side, watching as the plan unfolded before her. The pillars shook around them and cracked, ropes being sent from around the citadel.

They flung left and right as Castien slammed into the ground, his wings bent in odd ways in front of his stomach. He howled with pain and tried to crack his wing into place. The pillars seemed to collapse around them slowly as Flarius slid out of the way.

It seems as though we caught the murderer, she smiled, knowing that she caught Castien and would no longer have to be scared of him and the fact that she had the king on her side.

The pillars fell onto Castien’s back and Cielast swore she could almost hear them cracking from beneath the damage. The ropes all fell to the ground as Castien stared up at Flarius one more time before his eyes shut and he fell unconscious.

Cielast looked at the collapsed trap, “We caught the murderer it seems,” she smiled and glanced over at Flarius.

“Indeed,” he narrowed his eyes down at the dragon who appeared to be fairly scrawny compared to him. He picked himself up off the ground and approached Castien, tearing the pillars off of his back to reveal the major damage done to his back.

She walked over, leaping over the trap and arrived at Flarius’ side, staring sideways at Castien. His eyes were sealed shut and his body was limp. She only then noticed that he wasn’t as tough as he seemed and could be quite blind to traps if he wasn’t careful.

“Well, he isn’t as powerful as I thought.” She said with a snort, peering down at the dragon. “Yeah, you notice that up close. From far away he’s quite intimidating and appears to be intelligent. But if you really get down to him he’s not that keen with his senses.” Flarius snorted and picked up Castien’s limp body and hauled it over his shoulder.

“Yes, that’s very true.” She stood up, brushing herself off. “So what now?”

“Let’s file an execution for this traitor,” he grumbled, the memories flooding back into his brain. “But before that, how about we try to get some information out of him when he wakes up?”

“Yeah, that would be best.” She nodded.

Castien woke up, stars were dancing around his groggy vision as he snorted, looking around the cell.

“Huh?” he questioned, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. Cielast walked into the room, her tail coiled around herself.

Castien slowly veered his glare towards her with an unamused snort, he growled and rolled his eyes. She approached him and stopped, “So, tell me, did you kill the queen?”

He grinned smugly and glanced over at her, “Maybe.”

She bared her fangs with a growl, “Tell me.”

“How about no?” he bared his fangs, a smirk still smudged on his face although it was barely noticeable.

She barked a laugh and smiled, “Well then a slow execution it will be.”

“Oh, will it now?” Castien narrowed his eyes and approached the bars, grasping onto them tightly with his talons.

She stared at him, irritated. “Yes, it will.”

Castien paced the floor while thinking to himself with his wings furled nervously. He struggled to say something clever in response to his captor but nothing seemed to come up.

“You’re making a mistake,” he called out, it was a lie, though, he was helpless.

She shook her head, “No, I know you did it. Don’t lie to me.” Castien’s wings drooped as he stared in her direction and suddenly, his tail flicked upwards like a scorpion’s. “And what if I didn’t?”

Cielast looked away for a second then back at him, thinking to herself. “You’d still be executed, I’m sure.” He snorted and shook his head,

“Hah, we’ll see about that. When I have my rightful throne, you’ll be the first on my list to die.” His eyes flared with excitement. “Your pathetic ‘warriors’ are no match for some of my allies, you know.”

“Now,” he said, his voice was now dry and scratchy. “I suggest you free me and in return, I’ll bring you down a few notches on my list. Perhaps at third?” He shrugged as the smug look on his face disappeared. His expression was now more hopeful than anything.

There was a moment of silence and after minutes passed, sudden explosions erupted across the castle. Guards were running around shouting to each other. Castien’s horns perked up as he raised himself higher from the ground. “Hmm?” he questioned, glancing over at Cielast in a hurry and back at the cell wall.

Cielast sat down, “Well let’s see when they come.” She was anxiously peering around at the roof above and dust began to cluster and fall to the ground around them.

A voice could be heard from outside, “Target the east wall… FIRE!” shortly after it finished its sentence, an explosion breached one of the castle walls.

Castien then tugged at the bars in front of Cielast with a frown. “Well isn’t this just the right time to be attacked?” he growled at her. Cielast jumped at the noise and slowly wheeled around to face it.

What appeared to be millions of enemies stormed through the broken wall, followed by a larger figure who walked slowly behind them.

Cielast stood up and glanced over towards Castien, “Who are they?”

Castien grumbled to himself and knocked his horns against the bars in frustration. “Hmm...” He grinned. “Let me out and I’ll be sure to tell you.”

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