The Letter Forged In Fire

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Mila travels through the forest trying to find out what exactly is the use of a blank scroll from a forest fire.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

It was a day the same as any other, a sunny sky and a quiet jungle. I say Jungle because that’s where we live now, ever since we got kicked out of our village: Yofurna. I had left the house, ordered by father to collect water, in an angry state of mind since I had had a fight with him. I hate fighting with him, neither of us have been the same since mother died and we got kicked out. You see, the only reason we were allowed in the village was because mother was useful to them, when they offered her to stay she said yes at first but then she was told that me and father couldn’t stay with her. She pleaded and pleaded for us until finally they let us all stay. Since we were never supposed to be in the village in the first place they decided to kick us out once mother had died, they didn’t take long doing it either. As soon as her funeral ended they told us to pack our things and go, they said that if we didn’t we’d regret it. So just like that we had left, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that unfortunate day, it was 2 years ago now. She had died in a car accident, she had been driving to Pins and Threads, where she would get her supplies to sew dresses for the Princess. Nobody knows exactly how it happened but the police said that the car had clashed with another and Mother had gotten a severe cut. Apparently, the police took too long and by the time they got there she was on the verge of dying from blood-loss, they called the ambulance but they only arrived after her death. Regardless of what happened that night she was still gone, she was gone and she would never come back.
By now I had reached the lake, pushing mother out of my mind, I kneeled down scooping up the water in my bucket. It’s not clean water but father had a special pill that takes all the germs out. As I headed back I heard Father shouting my name “Mila!” He called again, “Mila!” I ran as fast as I could towards the house, father only ever called for me when something was wrong or he was desperate for help. I pulled open the door, and to my surprise, Father wasn’t there. I searched the whole house until I finally found him, he was in the bedroom that we made for Mother, in case she needed a home. We knew she was dead but it felt wrong to not make it, me and father had the best times building it, it was rare that we would even speak to each other but at that moment in time we were in perfect sync chatting like a real father and daughter would. As I came into the room I said “What’s Wrong?” He said nothing, only held my gaze and breathed as if he had just run 100 miles without stopping. “Are you ok?” I looked at him, his hair was messy, his clothes ripped and I gasped, the amulet mother gave us each had been ripped off his neck. I could tell it had been ripped because father never took it off and I mean NEVER. He showered with it and even slept with it! I also knew that it was taken because the silver beads had been scattered around the floor. Finally, father spoke “There is a ….. fire, take the scroll, keep it safe at all costs.”
“What about you?!” I couldn’t leave him, I couldn’t, I would be alone and so would he. “My time has come” he said as it if we the most natural thing ever.
“what scroll” I was shouting now, then he gave me a crooked smile, it was the first time he had smiled in 2 years. “go” he said, then his eyes lolled back into his head. "NO" I was screaming now, "NO", don’t leave me, fat tears the size of bulldozers ran down my face and stained my cheeks. I was all alone.
I was an orphan, that was the thought running round my head. Orphan. I repeated the word over and over as if it was some sort of puzzle. When it started to sound like Or-a-fin, I stopped. Father said I needed to find the scroll. But where was the fire? Surely it would have been increasingly hot by now. Maybe there wasn’t one, but either way I needed to find this scroll. I had to. I rampaged through the entire house raiding all of the draws, cupboards and anywhere that it could be. Then I saw it, the fire. At first I sort of felt relief, I’m not sure why but this fire put me at ease. The fire was spreading quickly now and I knew I had to get out even if the house and I miraculously did survive, the people who killed Father could come back. I grabbed my bare necessities and when I looked back, the fire had spread from my room upstairs and lit up the whole house, literally. Then, my eye picked up a piece of parchment, the scroll. But it was floating IN the fire. How was that possible? Then I remembered what my father had said “guard it with your life.” Without a second thought and without hesitation, I jumped into the fire.
I opened my eyes, preparing myself for the fiery blaze that had taken away the things I had loved most: Father and our home,but nothing came, no pain and no scorching heat. Why wasn’t I dying, why wasn’t I burning to a crisp? I had jumped into a fire, I was pretty sure I was supposed to be in pain but instead I felt almost…calm. I put my hand through the fire, but this time I didn’t brace myself for pain, I just simply felt as if this fire was a symbol of peace instead of the devastating murderer that had set it’s reputation. Slowly, I brought my hand out of the fire and studied it carefully. The scratches and cuts that had been there before were gone and replaced by the smoothest skin I had ever seen. I put my other hand in and looked at it again and it now matched the other one. Then I remembered the scroll, I needed to find it and take it with me to. . . Suddenly I realised that I had no place to go. Then, I saw the scroll, it was beautiful and I found myself staring at it for several minutes before reaching out my hand to grab it. It was warm and filled me with joy and happiness even though two tragic things had just happened.When reality came rushing back in, it felt like a punch to the gut. I had to get out of here, out of the jungle away from all of this, I wanted to escape to a place where there were no worries and no fighting but I knew there was no such place, where there is light there will always be darkness. .

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