The Letter Forged In Fire

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Chapter 2

By now the fire had burnt down most of the house, leaving me with nothing. Then it dawned on me, I had risked so much to get the letter, but I didn’t even know what it said or what I was supposed to do with it. I knew I had to guard it but why and who was it for? I had so many questions but nobody to answer them. I had no idea what father meant, who was I supposed to guard it from? Could I trust anyone? Or was I all alone? Nothing made sense and all of this was tiring me out. I didn’t want to sleep for I knew a nightmare was waiting for me, waiting for me to fall victim to its terrors. I had trouble sleeping normally anyway. I reached my hand into my small backpack that Mother had sewn while searching for my book: The Dog Chase. It was rare for us to ever buy books because of our shortage of money but this book was sent to me by one of my Aunts that lived in Australia as a birthday present, unfortunately she passed away too. I had read it many times and each time I noticed something that I never knew before, I would read some every day before I went to sleep. For me it was like a lullaby: slowly soothing me and fighting my insomnia. I searched for it but it was to no avail. Then it occurred to me that I never went into my bedroom to retrieve it. Without that book I would never fall asleep, I would be awake for eternity. I looked back at the fire, it would spread quickly but the jungle covered up 2,300,000 square miles, I would never get out of here in time. the fire would burn it down first. As I turned to face the fire my eyes went wide open and my mouth dropped: the fire was nowhere to be seen.
You don’t easily miss a fire the size of 200 football fields but it was either that or I was hallucinating. Then it came to me, the scroll came from inside the fire, it could help me. Maybe there was some magic in it that could advise me! I opened the scroll with caution, i needed to protect it and if it ripped I don’t think father would be proud. He never trusted me with anything let alone becoming a guardian, I know that he had no choice but I felt as if I had finally achieved something. I looked at the scroll expecting some swirly golden writing but my eyes weren’t lying, the scroll was blank,
I risked my life for a SCROLL WITH NO MESSAGE.
Why I asked myself, why is this stupid scroll so important? And the fire, fires don't just disappear, what was happening? "It will all make sense soon Mila, soon you will understand." A deep voice echoed around me.
"Who are you? Where are you? How do you know my name? What do you mean?, " my reply was cold and was said very quickly. "Like I said, " continued the voice. " You will understand soon. " The voice slowly melted away.
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