Hope's Bright!

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Epilogue- The Beginning of the End

Azaliea looked down at her feet and the rain pelted down on her head. It was cold as it hit her skin and was the first break from the heat that scorched Le Alba for the past few weeks. She couldn’t remember what town she was in as she had been travelling non-stop for weeks. It was the first time she had gotten the time to sit down somewhere, all alone on a park bench. She really should have started to head back towards Espoirs Lumineux, but for some reason she could not gather the motivation to head there.

“Milady, you’ll catch a cold if you sit in the rain like that,” Zeke claimed, walking up from behind her.

“It doesn’t matter,” Azaliea sighed. “I’m a Fire Elemental, we don’t get sick that easily.”

“Lady Azaliea, if I may be so bold. I think you may have gone too far this time. Was setting Destruction’s base alight really the best option?” Zeke asked. “I understand Sabra Blackwell had to be dealt with but didn’t the MLC want him alive?”

“Zeke, may I ask for some time to myself,” Azaliea muttered. “I just… want to be alone right now.”

“Very well,” he muttered.

Azaliea waited until his footsteps disappeared into the distance before sighing. She did not regret killing Sabra, she should have done it years ago. If she hadn’t shown mercy towards him, none of the things that had occurred in the last few months would have happened. Since Sabra was dying anyway, she really didn’t need to kill him, but she didn’t want to take any chances as she had made a similar mistake before. Azaliea had to kill off the anti-government Destruction anyway, so taking the life of the leader would end it once and for all. She knew Arnold Richardson wanted Sabra left alive, but Azaliea couldn’t care less what that diabolical man thought and the tantrum he was bound to have. What kept bothering her was what Ray would have thought of her actions.

“I can’t believe he remembers me,” she smiled slightly before frowning again.

She was unsure how she should feel about the development. She should have been happy about it, even if he couldn’t remember everything about her she wouldn’t have cared. If Ray remembered her, it meant the curse that was placed on him was lifting. She would have been lying if she wasn’t a little disappointed that she wasn’t the one to save him from it. However, she couldn’t get rid of the sinking feeling in her heart. Ray’s memory returning meant he had a long and painful road ahead of him. Azaliea knew how painful his past was and was concerned about what would happen when he recalled the awful events that separated them and erased his memory. Deep down, she still wished that his memory never returned, that way he’d be able to live a more peaceful life instead of suffering through what Azaliea had to every single day. With another sigh, she knew that there was nothing she could do to change what had already started to unfold. If anything, she should probably be there for him while it was happening. He wasn’t the only one she wanted by her side, someone that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t erase the feelings she had for him. However, it didn’t matter how much she wanted to, she could not return to them.

“I’m sorry Ray, Blaze…but I can’t be with you right now,” Azaliea muttered as she looked up at the rain clouds above her. The rain fell onto her face and rolled down her cheeks like tears. “I still have a job I must do.”

Two anti-government guilds were down, leaving only one to go. That last terrorist group may have been the one that she despised the most, but she couldn’t even go after them. Her focus had to be elsewhere. Even with Sabra gone, war was about to unfold. Azaliea knew that it was only a matter of time before negotiations between the MLC and CSOG fell apart and she knew one of the world worse criminals would take advantage of it and lead Le Alba to a war more deadly than the Eighty-Year War. Whether it was Kazmir, Elizabeth Aliené, the Phoenix known as Demon or even the Dark Oviri, she had to be ready for it. Just thinking about Darkyn made her chest feel heavy and she couldn’t help but think about what thing would have been like if she had done things differently. However, there was no time to be reminiscing about her past or getting caught in her emotions. Azaliea was the cold and merciless Phoenix Hunter, she had to be heartless if she wanted to get the job done. Besides, she shouldn’t take the time to care about anything anyway as everything was going to disappear anyway.

True despair was about to begin.

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