Lost in the world of magic

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Anna always has a curiosity to know more about supernatural powers. In the world of science where magic is nothing more than myth and fiction, she holds a firm belief in the magical world which she had watched in her dreams One accident, one event changes everything for her. She gets the magical skills that she wanted from childhood, but it was not easy to handle. The world of magic is not as beautiful which it seems from the outside. It is dark and challenging and people often relinquish their true self in it. Will Anna be able to find herself in this universe of enchantment or will she be ended up becoming something that she never wanted?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

London, Uk 🇬🇧

She moves her hand in a clockwise direction while chanting some spells. Her eyes were closed while doing this.

"Abata Akiyama traiswu" She speaks while closing her eyes

"Nothing is happening Anna" Another girl speaks while entering a room

She looks at him and sighs " I can see "

"Well, from where u learned this stupid idea "

" I was just trying to apply some magical tricks which I had read in that book"She again speaks in embarrassment

" Wonderful" She claps while laughing hard

"Sam please" She sighs again

She starts laughing again

" I know it was a stupid idea, I just thought maybe it worked. That's all!" She speaks in embarrassment and sits down in a chair and speaks

" I wanted to learn magic, but I am not getting any solid way or path for learning it"

Sam controls his laugh and sits beside her " Anna, magic is not a regular art or something which you can learn. There is no evidence of magic and as a human no matter how much we try we can not learn it " She speaks while patting her back

" I know as a human I don't possess the power or ability to learn magic. I was just giving it a try, it doesn't mean that I am thinking that just by chanting this spell I will become a magician and please don't say magic doesn't exist It does exist, our world has many examples of it" She stands up and move towards the balcony

" Everything in this world is not less than a miracle. Miracle of almighty! Magic does exist and no matter how modern we get we can not feel it through our naked eyes" She smiles...

Sam sighs. " Well if ur speech got finished then I would like to inform u about something"

" yes!"

"Tomorrow, there will be a party at the house. U was busy in the hospital the whole day so she told me to tell u "

" She can not even talk with me properly. Why the hell will I go to her party? I am not going" She announces

" Ok as ur wish" She starts stepping outside from the room but he stops at the exit

" Chris will be there also" Sam speaks

Anna gazes at her with amazement and whispers " So what?"

" Nothing, I just thought to tell you" Sam turns toward her and smiles

"Now I am going to sleep " Sam steps outward.

" I love you! I want to spend my remaining life with you. Will, u marry me"

"Uff! Why everything is so complicated" Anna speaks and starts reading her books again.

Her phone rings in between. She picks up the call


"Anna how are u beta"

"I am a good mom, What about you all"

"We are also good. Well did u got any boy to marry "

"Don't start it again mom"

"Arey, I was just asking. Why u gets offended so easily"

"Mom, I will talk to you later. I am busy now"She hangs up the call

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