My Redeemer.My Half.

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One soul taking steps to start its life,met with unexpected misfortune. One soul taking steps to end its life, met with unexpected fortune. Both polar opposites thrown on each others paths. Who will save who? Who will be the lucky one ? Can there be two winners?

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Ch 1

I am running away.

Yes, you see life at home was no longer bearable . Having parents with strong personalities,strict displine and overprotectiveness to the point of it being toxic is a major joykill and subtly but surely suffocating , i am basically 21 but i still can't do what i want when i want without having to argue over it that does nothing but makes me wanna either shutup or isolate myself as to not give in to hate but things happening over the last week was my final straw.

So this happened i got a job interview from a reputable company for my dream job of interior designer everything was perfect just for the fact that it was away from my hometown ,far away if i might add , and when i told my parents about it first time that i will have to move they gave me the stink eye that said are you really gonna try to even have a convo over it when you know how it'll end , i knew how it'll end with us having a argument, me giving up they saying no, me crying myself to sleep and hating myself for not having a backbone or a more understanding parents or a sibling to get them off my back sometimes. Couldn't they have adopted two,like they do with hampsters. It always feels lonely.
You see it is really offputting when they interfere so much in my life that it makes me think i don't have it but was given it with the manual in my parent's hand beyond my reach. The only things i ever got of my liking and choice without argument was my education choice but even than i am not given the option to use it as i want i have ever only been able to do something with my designing skills are our home, or my parents friends houses.

It feels like i may have had a invisible leash around my neck that doesn't let me out of thier reach or this town.but you as much as this town be perfect be for settling with family but it isn't for anything other than that ,that is settling .
No room for exposure, growth or chaotic good adventure .

Everybody knows everyone here, after a while it gets repetitive, the jokes, the stories, the gossips i am not saying regular is good but i would like to get a taste of something else than decide if its my tea or not.

And i also really want to fly out the nest, i am 21 its about time ya know i am done seeing all my friends already moved out of town living and not surving for a change even though they get all kinds of pains while figuring it out , i know they love the sweat they get trying, ive seen the glow of it in their lives and manners. And i want that to so after 1 week of trying to make my parents agree or even listening to me i packed my bags told them I'll contact first so don't bother also its a relief they don't know the details of the job as they never listen literally the ignorance of them to my dreams and hopes is dehumanizing, i even went ahead and got myself a new phone number just in case,and packed my bags the whole while they were at their club and left after dinner with a suitcase ,duffel bag and money from my nearby jobs and pocket savings,i just they don't go to police and demand a search party with my face on posters around town like they do with missing pets , but i am an adult you know so I don't think it'll be a problem plus they be fine i saw them looking through dog shelter pamphlet so maybe they'll have a new life to care for. I've been done with their care for a long time any way.
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