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Destiny calls

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My whole life my family sheltered me. I have 3 older sibling all swearing to protect me if needed. My mom and dad are true mates. While my sibling are a result of a mate bond formed during heat. They never treated me differently though. My father loved us all equally as did my mother. We are a family of hybrids. I just turned 18 and my brothers have decided I was needed to go to a mating party to find my mate since me nor my sister have found them. Will they be worth the trouble or are you fated to fail. Story is 18+ Contains explicit sexual content, strong language,and violence. This story is a follow up on the children of the original story , Escaping fate NOW ON GALATEA

Fantasy / Erotica
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"Come on, Adira, were going to be late!" Lilith begs for me to hurry. I forgot all about today being the pack campfire. Lilith is already dressed and ready. As I just through on some clothes and quickly do my hair.
"Please tell me you are not going dressed like that! Josah and Adrian will be upset if we are not dressed up to par. We are the alpha family by blood." She says going through my closet for something else for me to wear. I sit at the edge of my bed while she scrambles through my closet and dresser. As she is in the closet a knock bangs from my door. I get up quickly and see Kira standing there with all her fake glory. She is nothing more than a rank chaser. Chasing both my brothers and our uncle Matt's son as he is on line for Alpha as well. Lilith walks out my closet throwing a new outfit on my bed and sizes Kira angerly.
"What do you need, Kira?" Lilith barks pulling me back into the room and ushers me into the bathroom to change. I slam the door unintentionally behind me as I hear my sister argue with Kira. It's funny because they used to be best friends until Kira tried sleeping with our oldest brother who is next in line Alpha Adrian. He steps up in a few months but just came back from training which is why we are having the campfire to welcome him home. I quickly undress and look at the clothes she gave me. It's a golden body con dress with thin spaghetti straps and black hem. It fits my body nicely but is a bit to tight and revealing for what I like to wear. I hear Lil slam the door and I exit the bathroom adjusting my chest so they sit properly. I walk to my closet and grab a black leather jacket to cover me some and a cute pair of heeled black boots. Sensing my insecurities Lilith helps cover me some as she smiles down at me and begins to do my hair.
"You look beautiful. Our pack will be in awe at there beloved head tracker. I know we don't always agree on things but I'm happy I have you as my sister." Lilith says with tears building in her eyes being overemotional. I smile at her knowing what she means. Our mother was killed a few years ago protecting our pack. My dad tried to save her but just couldn't and when she passed he killed himself not wanting to live without her. My sister's father is a horrible person. He is a tyrant to a coven leader many saying after our mother rejected him for cheating while she protected the coven he became a different person letting the pain of losing her and having his cousin become her true mate made him lose his mind. I look up in the mirror and see my dark blue hair curled slightly and my mom's tiny diamond earrings on. I smile wanting to cry think about her. Lilith gives me a sweeze and helps me up before walking me out the door.

We make our way to the campfire in the middle of the forest and see everyone talking and dancing. I make my way over to Josiah, my second oldest brother, and hug him not seeing him in the past 2 weeks because he's been at beta training. He is extremely tall nearly 6'6 very muscular and tan. His eyes red and almond shaped and a square stubbly jaw. His hair is long and black going to his shoulder. Most girls her throw themselves at him or his twin Adrian. They look identical except Adrian has mixed eyes one red one purple. Lilith being the triplet you would figure has similar features but she's the opposite she has tan skin freckles, blue eyes,and full blossom lips that are naturally almost red. Her hair is a light blonde color almost completely straight.
I look up at my brother who laughs at me barely able to reach his chest anymore. I'm fairly short but not a runt. I'm only 5'5 which is uncommon for wolves but they don't know if it's because of my royal vampire blood that allows me to be this little. My blood being a hybrid mix is not known well because wolves don't normally mate vampires but here we are 4 hybrid children. All of us looking very different to each other.
I jump up and grab the branch by my brothers head and pull myself up making sure I stay covered and sit in the tree. Watching everyone.
"How have you been? How was training?" I ask excitedly. He just looked at me and laughed again. " Why is all work and little play for you?" He chuckles at me with a deep monotone voice. I look at him and shrug laughing as I see lil busy dancing. I'm happy everyone is enjoying themselves but miss my brother hoping he'll be here soon.
" Have you heard from him? " My brother asks drink from a red cup watching the crowd."No I was hoping you have." I say nervously. "So, I heard your going to become our head tracker." My brother says smiling at my accomplishment. Packs don't tend to have women warriors. "Yup, when you and Adrian step up I will to. The current tracker wishes to retire and watch his pups grown" looking at my brother with a huge smile. I lean back into the tree as we see more people joining the campfire. We both wait around for a while chit chatting before his mate, Megan joins us and both leave to go dance. I don't move I stay in the tree watching the pack have some time to enjoy themselves.
"What are you doing up there?" I turn to see my brother Adrian who snuck in not announcing his arrival. He climbs into the tree sitting on a branch to my left. "I'm just enjoying view." I gesture him to look from my angle. The moon is nearly full and the stars fill the dark sky. The fire crackling and a see of people laughing and dancing. "I guess your right it is a nice view." His voice deep and serious. He has always been like that. He doesn't relax always serious because he's next in line.
"Adira have you still not found your mate?" He asked looking at me stone face. I smile at him." No, why?" I sit up in the tree facing him. As he thinks. " There will be a ball being held this year here for unmated wolves to attend to try and find there mates. It is hosted by different packs each year, this year we were drawn. I will like you and Lil to attend. It will be a masquerade ball." His hands on his lap and looking at Lilith. I pause for a moment to think. Do I even want a mate? I mean I know I must have one out there but would they even accept me? I look at my brother as concern starts to show. That's when it dawned on me, he's worried that if we stay unmated when he steps up someone will try to force mate us or use us. I sigh knowing he has it hard right now. " Adrian I will go for you. I know you worry about us with what we are. I just never wanted a mate you seen what it did to our parents." I say looking at Josiah and Megan holding each other tight by the fire as my brother rests his head on hers and they just chat away. The bond can be blessing or curse. My mother loved with all she had and she paid for that love. My father had the same fate , while there father is at least alive after losing everything. " Adira we were children when this happened you cannot blame yourself or the bond for them." His genuine but upset with me. Not meeting his gaze I take a deep breath. " I understand I can't blame myself but you guys weren't the ones who watched their father lose himself after mom died. I seen my father break from losing his mate and not able to deal with it he killed himself. Adrian I found my own father's body bloody in the bath tub. Your father may be a ass but he still loves you guys. So please don't act like you understand what I'm thinking." Frustrated at this whole situation I jump out the tree and head back inside to try and calm down. My brother watches me before people see him and show him there love for him and my siblings. I go to my room and change so quickly and through on a sports bra and yoga shorts. I made my way to the gym and immediately start punching the bag. Letting out my frustration and annoyance. I hear the door and look over seeing Alpha Matt. I bow and start punching the bag again. "What's the matter, baby girl." His voice trying to calm me. He closes the door and locks it behind him knowing I want to be alone. Alpha Matt has been my support after losing my parents. He knows I don't harbour any negative emotions for my family but he knows they don't understand the loss of both parents that quickly. He stands next to me I stop and look at him. He is 6'6, big black eyes, tan skin, and short black hair. He is 42 and wishes to retire and finally find his mate. "Want to spar with this old wolf?" He says chuckling knowing I need to release steam. We pull out a few mats and both stand on a corner eyeing each other. He lunges at me I duck and flip him onto his back jumping on him I grab his arms and pin them with my legs. He smirks at me knowing he can't get up." I see you are getting stronger everyday." He chuckles at me. His black eyes now becoming darker. His eyes wander my body admiring me. I am like I said a small wolf. I have long wavy dark blue hair, my skin is a light Carmel color. My eyes are mixed but not two different colored eyes both eyes are red in the middle and purple on the outer layer. Long natural lashes and full defined cheeks. My lips are full and blossomed like Lillith's but mine are naturally pink on hue. "You are so beautiful Adira." His voice full of lust. This is a rarity, Alpha Matt is a very serious man who does not usually take a lover. I mean yes he has a child but that was from his first mate who passed when we were 5
"Is that so?" I say grazing my lips against his neck. His body tenses under me. A light growl radiates from his chest. " If I didn't know any better Alpha I would think you were coming onto me." I look in his eyes running my hands on his chest. His body growing more timid. Without warning he flips me on my back my legs wrapped around waist as he kisses me hungerly. I run my hand through his hair as the other latches around his neck. His growls becoming more demanding. I begin to grind my hips against his pants feeling his cock getting hard.
"Come with me to my room." His voice growing deep as his eyes look at me wanting me. He lifts off me holding his hand out to help me up. I look at him as we walk out the room knowing the house is empty since everyone is at the campfire.
Once we get to his room. He slams the door closed and picks me up immediately crashing his lips onto mine. I let out a low moan as he growls. He carries me to the bed laying me on it and begins kissing my neck while his hands wander my body. My body pressed against him as my hands wander his as well. I grab his waist band of his short slowly pulling them down exposing his big and fully erect cock. I begin to jerk it as his groans grow louder.
"You like that?" My voice seeping with desire. I pull back for our kiss and push him onto the bed kissing down his body as he breaths heavily. Once I reach his dick I lick the tip before slowly sucking him. His head drops in pleasure fully enjoying me. I begin to take him all in my mouth as he hits my throat my eyes water. I go faster hearing moans coming from this normally reserved man. I feel him about to release in my mouth he thrust his hips into my mouth as he begins to cum. Pulling out he pants as I swallow his load. He quickly lays me on the bed pulling me shorts off eyeing me as I lay in my black sports bra,my fairly large breast pushed up a fit stomach with abs and thick thighs, and tiny thong. His eyes taking in my body before pulling my thong off with his teeth and flings them beside the bed. His mouth immediately latching into my core licking and sucking on my little bundle of nerves. Moaning and gasping for air in pleasure he starts putting his fingers in me hooking them slamming them into my wall making me moan louder. If anyone was here they would be able to hear us. I tighten around his finger as a wave of pure bliss washes over me as I orgasm. Once he feels my release he climbs on top of me spreading my thighs pulling my bottom closer to him lifting it slightly up in the air and pushed his cock in me making me gasp in pleasure.
"Fuck that feels so good." I moan digging my nails into his back. He smiles as he thrust into me allowing me to feel all of him. He slowly picks up speed not going to fast to not make me sore. His growls growing loud as he enjoys every moment of this.
"God your pussy is so tight and wet for me." His words coming out in growls fully consumed by his desires. I moan kissing his neck as he takes me.
After a while of pure bliss of me constantly orgasming he starts to go harder making my moans become breathy. Seeing my reaction he goes harder and harder as my walls tighten again and his cock becoming fuller, he slams hard into me and holds as he releases himself in me. He thrust a few more times getting it all out and letting me finish.
"God Adira, that was amazing." He pants laying down as I lay my head on his chest. I hear people around the pack house meaning people will know what just happened. As if sensing me he pulls my face to his and kisses me gently.
"It's fine Adira, so what if they heard. If they wish to gossip so be it. You are a stunning, strong, and caring hybrid. It isn't hard for anyone to see why we would do this." His face looking at me happy. I know he means well.
"I'm not worried about them knowing that we slept together. I mean my brothers will be pissed but I just hate hearing them gossip about me all the time." I say looking in his eyes running my fingers along his jaw kissing him. He chuckles before kissing me back.
"They gossip because they are jealous of you and your worth. Your family is Alpha wolves with royal vampire blood. Everything you do will be a reason to talk. So just enjoy your life and ignore them." His hand in my hair looking at me lovingly.
"Now baby girl let's go to bed." He nudges me. I lay my head back on his chest with one of my legs on his hip as the other lays straight, and just like that we both went to bed.
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