Into the deep

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I just came here for the research for those creatures..How will I get out of here?! What if they kill me?! They are not even humans!! How will I survive here?! Why did I even came here? Mom,dad I miss you.. Please take me with you up there.. please! God help me please at least this time! Please GOD! Someone save me!!

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Ugh! Who the hell is this person because of whom I have to get here!! Oh hi.. Sorry I fogot to introduce myself..So I'm gane clark.. yes I'm a foreigner..I live in Korea and I have a childhood friend.. actually my brother..Who I call Oppa..His name is Kim seokjin.. Although he is very annoying but I still love him..As a brother of course..I'm a travel searcher..No I'm not a scientist but A kind of them..I do reserch on things and new insects and creatures..So I usually stay out..I have my mom and my sister with me..They live in new York and my sister is one of the CEO's in world's biggest buisness womans..We have a single mother as our father left us all when I was of 1 year..Same as my sister..I'm 1 and a half minute big from her...Ok back to present..So my biggest fears are cockroaches and oceans..And right now we are on on a cruise.. pretty sick right?
I'm now in my room reading the news of the latest attack in the ocean..We are here to find a creature who is attacking people right now..At first we ignored some attacks thinking they are sharks or something..But then a news came out that a person was badly attacked to death but somehow he still survived although he died after 30 main of surviving but he still told doctors that it was a creature who attacked him..Yes I'm very very scared..Not only of oceans but after listening to him too.. Actually I was dragged here by my oppa and my team mated especially my boss Mr. Ming Jonghan.. but That's ok.. It's my second time travelling in ocean.. we are going to deep ocean as last attack happened there.. yes I know deep oceans are scary but I can't do anything about it..
And first of all ...I believe I'm safe cuz I have my jin oppa with me...I believe he will protect me from every difficulty..I'm right now on my bed closing my windows to not see waves and faint because of fear..I'm wearing his hoodie with small block shorts beneath.. while my hair are open..
"POTATOOOO!!!" A manly voice said and I knew who it was..
I opened my door to see that ugly charming face..
Gane- what oppa?
Jin- come with me and help me if you're free..
Gane- in what?
Jin- uh..You know sam has given me some work and as we all know only you can understand Sam's handwriting...So we need you to read it as john and Jamel are or another cruise..
Gane- gummy bear!
Jin- fine..
Gane- ok let's go..
He smiled and we got to our main office..
Sam- hey gane*high five*
Gane- Anne young gasheyo...
Coal- again this korean..We know that you know how to speak Korean but Mrs.potato we don't know Korean at all..
Gane- ok ok barbique..Now let me see..
I read the paper which sam wrote as sam always say that he don't want to read his own writing as it makes him loose his confidence of writing fast..
Jin- ok.. so..Mid-way is 1 hour away from here so till then we all can rest..
Gane- now my gummy bears!
Jin- yeah yeah potato..
Gane- yah I'm so thin..Look at you and your broad shoulders.. Lizard..
Jin- no more gummy bears now!
Gane- yah oppa!!*puppy eyes*
Jin- ugh fine.. here..
He gave me a packet of gummy bears as I started eating then while chatting with sam..
Gane-*yawn* I'm sleepy..Im going to my rook for a nap..Call me when we will reach ok?
Coal- good night..
I got to my room and slept in just minutes after putting my phone on charging..

Gane- what the hell?!!
I woke up and the view in front of me made me shiver to death...My room was filling with water..
I quicky stand up..Put my shoes on,took my phone,my vocky tockey and ran outside..
Crew 3- Ahhhh!!
Gane- oppa?! Coal?! Sam?! Meghan? Lia?! Anyone there?!!!!
I shouted names of my friends but the whole cruise was full of water sounds.. Just then I heard Meghan's voice..
I ran towards the voice and saw Meghan in her room..
Gane- m-megh!
Meghan- g-gane.. ahh..
Her leg was stuck under her closet and it was bleeding badly..
I tried to pull her out and after so many tries her leg got free..I helped her to walk but as we got on top of the boat The cruise broke..The floor started sinking so we both quickly got to main room's ladder and got on the roof.. just to see jin oppa,coal and sam there with 2 more crew assistants..
Jin- Gane! Come here fast..
As we both got there the whole ship broke.. Now the pieces of wood and engines were floating..We all were on a big wooden block hugging each other..
Gane- p-phone! I have my phone..It's even charged..I-Ill call someone..
Just then a bug wave came and 5hw wooden block we were sitting on broke..I pit my phone back in my pocket and we all fall down in the water...To my bad My head got hit with a engine piece so hard..Blood started dripping badly giving invite to sharks..I was holding my breath while my site was becoming blurry.. just then I sae a manly figure coming towards my way....He hugged me and before I could process anything.. Everything blacked out..
We all were into the deep..
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