Are you my daddy?

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This girl went tho so much befor finnaly finding her daddy

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

Meet me first

My name is z’maya and I'm 9 years old. I don't know who my dad is but I know my mom. She's nice at times but she lets man touch and beat on me to pay her bills. And she does nasty stuff with man to pay her bills to. But she never lets them go to far. I'm very smart as my mommy says. And I'm scared of man because of what they do to me.

Z’maya pov

I woke up to my room door opening. It's the middle of the night. I looked seeing a man. I started shaking and I ball up.

Man. Get up I wanna play a game

I sat up looking confused he put something on his phone showing me. It's was people doing nasty stuff. I shook my head no. He held me down on the bed and he kissed me in the mouth. I pushed him off me and he slapped me really hard I started crying he covered my mouth

Man. Open your legs

I shook my head no. He forced my legs open and my pants down and he started kissing my stomach I started to kick my legs. That only made him punch me in the eye. I balled up. He started fighting me. I just kelp crying harder till I hard my momma get up. Her room is next to mine.

Mommy. What the fuck are you doing!

Man. You need you bills paid right

Mommy. You didn't even ask me if you can do this. And your not putting your dick in my child

He got mad and left. Mommy picked me up. I laid on her shoulder til she laid me down I'm to scard to go back to sleep.

Mommy. Want me to stay with u?

I nodded she went to make sure the doors was locked she came back in here and laid with me she put some cartoons on and rubbed my back intill I fell back to sleep.


I woke up to the smell of food. My mommy cooks a lot but not much food because I don't eat that much.i went down stairs and we are

Mom. The first 2 man will be here at 9:30 so we gotta hurry up.

I nodded looking down and eating

Mom. We got 3 more weeks of doing this and we will have enough to buy us a house. Also to get you a babysitter

I nodded still upset that we have to do this. I finished eating and we sat in the couch. She kissed my forehead and held me.

Mom. I'm really sorry that you go tho this

I didn't respond I just looked around not sure if she was lying or not. There was a nock on the door mommy opened the door and came back with the 2 man she was talking about we went up starts mommy showed one man to my room and one to hers. But she told him not to do to much with me. He nodded

Man. Lay on your back on the bed

I laid on the bed and started shaking. He pulled my pants and under and he opened my legs and pulled my shirt up. He put his fingers in my private. I closed my legs shaking my head no.

Man. Open your legs

I shook my head no

He slap me and I just started crying. He pinned my legs open and he kissed and licked my private. I couldn't stop crying because I'm tired of doing this. He made me kiss him and he put his private in my mouth. I bite down and he started punching me all in the face and in the chest. Intil he got tired. He pulled his pants back up leaving the room. I balled up crying in my pillow. I never wanted to do this I don't understand why I have to. I felt my face swelling up and I felt pains in my chest. Mommy in here with a different man told him the same thing she told everyone else. Then left.

Man. What's wrong?

I shook my head no

Man. Let's just play with toys.

I sat up confused and he took some babies and other toys out. I sat on the floor playing with them

Man. Your eyes look bad

I looked down not wanting to hear about it he played with the toys with me. He kelp checking on my eyes before he said.

Man. Let me get you some ice

I nodded and he got me an ice pack then he put a movie on for us. He's the only man that actually was nice to me. All the other man were very mean to me.

Man. Alright I have to go but I might come back again

I nodded and he put $500 On my dresser before leaving. Mommy came in here after about 7 minutes she checked my eyes and asked me

Ma. What happened

I shook my head no not wanting to talk about it she checked my chest to. And it was a lot of brusis on my chest . She put ice on everything while she got in the shower. She came back giving me a bath then we are some food and went to bed. She didn't notice to money on my dresser so I hide it for my self living 100 on the dresser

Mommy. Good night love you

Me. Night night

She kissed my forehead And I fell asleep

How y'all like it

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