Crown Of Flames

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Crowned at the age of five after her parents were murdered by a hunter, Dawn has been planning her revenge for thirteen years. Now, two days before her nineteenth birthday, she is planning to escape to the humans' land in search of the hunter who ruined her life. The Alphas and the Elders have other plans. They want her to claim a mate, and they don't care if it is moon-given. The kingdom demands a King, but Dawn is the least bit interested. She only wants revenge, and if that means that her people must die, so be it.

Fantasy / Romance
Luna Green
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She stared at herself in the mirror as the omegas scurrying around the room. Some were in charge of choosing the dress she would be wearing in the meeting that was scheduled to take place twenty minutes from now. Others were desperately trying to undress and clean her body. They undressed her and began to scrub her body clean as she continued to stare at her red-stained body in the mirror.

“Dawn! I swear to the Moon Goddess, if this leaves a stain on the bran-new bodice I just bought you from the shop, I might kill you!” Janet, her assistant, yells while waving the once sky-blue colored fabric in the air.

Dawn wasn’t paying attention to Janet; she was more focused on what’s to come. She could already feel the heat of the stage lights. She could smell the blood of the innocent men, whose death certificates were already signed and laying on her desk in her office three doors away. The blood of the innocent had always had a putrid smell. The blood that soaked her clothes and freckled her face had no impact on her demeanor, but Janet didn’t know that. She didn’t know that the blood that dyed her skin a sickly shade of pink was not more innocent than Dawn herself was at this point.

Innocence is too overrated anyway. It isn’t worth anything. It is an expectation that just stands in her way, much like what Janet had become after the deaths of the royal family.

The young girl who sat in front of Janet right now seemed like a shell compared to the princess she met thirteen years ago. Janet noted the heavy frown that graced the girl’s pink lips. Her wide shoulders seemed to slouch in a way that only could be described as defeat. Her green eyes seemed dilated in a way that if Janet were not aware of the girl’s every move 24/7, she would assume Dawn was high.

What Janet didn’t know was that Dawn was high. High on the thrill of the kills that occurred thirty minutes ago. High on the guilt was slowly eating away at her heart, what little she had left anyway. High on the anxiety medication that she stole from the pack doctor’s office five days ago when she was first notified about this upcoming meeting.

As soon as she heard, Dawn knew there was nothing she could do to prevent the deaths of the men. She could refuse to participate in the caged ceremony, but the noble Alphas of the kingdom and her advisors wanted a king, and they would do anything, even condemn their pack members to death, to have one.

“Dawn! Are you listening?” Janet said while shaking the naked girl’s shoulder.

Dawn took this moment to study her assistant’s aged face. She was no longer the twenty-year-old worry-free she-wolf that she was before coming to work at the castle. She now had the look of an adult. Her once go-to outfit of shorts and a tee-shirt was now various pant-suites. The beige suit she currently sported went well with her skin tone, and Dawn thought about how, if she were ever allowed to wear something other than the god-awful bodices and skirts, she would never be able to make something like that look as good as Janet does. Janet’s straight, black hair barely touched her shoulders on the longest parts while her bangs covered her forehead. She was beautiful, and Dawn couldn’t help but feel self-conscious while standing stark naked in front of the slim woman.

Dawn was nothing like Janet. She had pale skin and wide shoulders that supported her athletic build. Janet always told her that her shoulders were that of a leader. The Moon Goddess build her to be a strong leader for the kingdom. Dawn didn’t care. She never wanted to be a leader, and it was never meant to be her crown anyway. Her parent were not the only people who were taken away from her at a young age. Her mother had been pregnant at the time of her death. No one in the kingdom knew about this pregnancy; even her mother would have been clueless about the fact since it was still so early. The pack doctors were able to tell the sex of the pup during the autopsy. It was a little boy. The little brother that Dawn had been begging her parents for since she was able to talk.

Dawn’s focus returned to Janet, realizing she had spaced out. The woman was no longer speaking, but her brown eyes seemed to study Dawn’s face.

Janet lightly brushed a strand of Dawn’s light brown hair behind her ear and whispered, “You’re beautiful, Dawn, and your parents would be proud of you.”

Dawn stiffened. she knew that Janet was only trying to comfort her, but someone being that close to her neck put her more on edge. She touched the scar on her neck. The constant reminder of that night and her guilt. She survived, but they didn’t. She couldn’t help but think that she should have died too.

Pushing away those thoughts, Dawn backed away from her assistant and turned towards the omegas holding a skirt and gesturing for her to step into it. She quickly does as she is instructed to do and gets dressed. One of the younger omegas runs into the room notifying everyone that the queen was already late. Janet quickly interjects to state that “The Queen is fashionably late as all ladies should be.” She finished her statement with a wink towards Dawn.

Dawn’s frown deepens, and Jante realizes that her efforts were futile. Dawn turns to follow the young omega out the door. The walk was silent until they started down the stairs. She could already hear the crowd awaiting her arrival. As she descended the stairs, she tried to tone out their whispers, but it was a pointless effort. The crowd was too loud, and the flashes from the reporter’s cameras were distracting.

“The Young Queen is coming.”

“I heard that she went on a rampage in the village.”

“I heard she killed 27 pack members before the royal guard stopped her”

“She will kill-” the lady shut her mouth as the queen entered the throne room.

The Young Queen or Red Dawn is what they called her. She had been through a lot. She lost her parents at the age of five and then was expected to assume all of her father’s duties two days later. Queen at the age of five. An orphan at the age of five. Scared and alone all at the ripe age of five.

Dawn took a moment to fix her posture before glaring at the women who had been gossiping before she entered the throne room. The women’s eyes began to widen and she quickly bowed her head in respect. Dawn let a satisfied smirk grace her lips as she hurried past the crowd in her sheer white dress. She didn’t care what the realm thought about her; all she could think about was getting her revenge on the hunter that cursed her with this life.

The kingdom, however, has other plans that involve her claiming a mate.

They need an heir. Someone to fill her position, someone to lead them if something was to happen to her; however, Dawn does not want to have children, let alone a mate. They would just get in the way of her real purpose... Revenge.

She wants to escape from the castle that keeps her locked away. She is an animal, and animals are meant to be free. She dreams of the moment that she locates the hunter that took away her family. The horrid man who cursed her with this life.

She entered the meeting room located behind the curtain in the throne room. All the Alphas and Betas of the land were seated around a huge oak table. They all stood as she walked past them. She took her seat at the throne signaling for everyone else to take a seat and began the meeting that would lead to the deaths of thousands of men. The meeting where the Alphas planned to announce the caged ceremony, which is designed to locate her mate whether it’s moon-given or not.

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