Wolf kind

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Alara is the daughter of the alpha, she had a secret that no one expected. Everyone thought she was weak and labeled her as an omega. She never thought she would find her mate let alone two of them. She comes across many problems along the way but her and her mates over come them together.

Fantasy / Romance
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These are just the basics for the story

Mate: they are your soul mate the one person that is supposed to long you unconditionally but sometimes your mate won't and you will get rejected wolves normally find there mate at 18 but for some it takes longer.
Mate bond:the mate bond is what makes mates closer than anyone it also allows mates to find each other.
Alpha:the one in charge of the entire pack he or she is the one that no one of the pack can go against.
Beta:second in command if the alpha dies and don't have children the beta would become alpha and they are there to help make being alpha easier.
Heat:all wolves go through this but it only happens when a few weeks after they find there mate.
Trackers:wolves that have trained all there life to hunt and kill other wolves mostly rogues they also help keep the pack safe they are trained by the head tracker the best of them all.
Hunters:they also help with keeping the pack safe abd train all there lives but they are slightly stronger than trackers in every way possible and they are trained by the head hunter the best of them all.
Omegas: the weak ones mainly there to help clean the pack out help other wolves and help at pack parties and cook
Hybrids:most wolves are one type of wolf but some are more than one they are the more powerful than any wolf they are unbeatable unless you can find there weakness which most don't have
Types of wolves: there are four different wolf types/breeds you have your pitch black wolves, white wolves which are rare like pitch black wolves, brown wolves, and grey wolves.
Rogues:rogue wolves are common even packs made of rogue wolves but they are dangerous and if rogues cant hold on to there humanity they turn into screechers
Screecher:a rogue that cannot be saved they have lost all humanity and when they see you they screech before attacking. Screechers are terrifying things many try to stay away from them and succeed but other do not.
Marking:its where mates mark each other so other wolves know they are taken this also causes mates to smell like each other.
Scent glands: they are on the wolves necks where there mate would normally mark them it is also really sensitive but when you have found your mate anyone that touches your scent glands other than your mate will cause pain to shoot through your body.

Along with wolves there are other beings that live among humans you have your vampires, witches, and shape shifters

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