THE Vampire's werewolf

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Chapter 3: the shift

Lazarus pov:

I woke up in warmth and comfort. I don't want to wake up.

But I heard someone calling me.
"id kid wake up".

"No I don't wanna"I thought and snuggled closer.
"Kid please wake up"

I slowly opened my eyes and yawned quietly.

When I saw the man who saved me, he was hugeeeee, bigg, hugeer than yesterday

How did he grow that much in one day.

Then I saw my hands.handsss but they are paws. I yelped from the place I was in and my hind paws got stuck in my blood drenched shirt I fell down.

"Hey it's k you just shifted in sleep, listen to me". Then I remembered what happened yesterday.

I shifted in sleep but why am I so little.

Doesn't shifters have to be huge when shifted? Oh right I am werecat and basically I am still a kitten.

Ahhhh! I hate my life. The weird man lifted me from the ground and stared at me.i whined.

Please don't do anything to me. Iam already hurt. It hurts more when you touch me.
He raised me near his head and bumped his nose.

I stared at him curiously. 'thats so nice, do it again'

I moved my nose towards him but moved away.' no no again do it again' I squirmed in his hold and tried to bump my nose with his.

He laughed. 'why are you laughing weird man'. I stuck my tongue at him

"Aww, you are so cute, I really want to keep you" I stared at him. He kissed my nose.

'why are u kissing me weird man" I showed my claws towards him and hissed.

"Okay okay I won't do it but tell me wher your parents are I will send you to them"

I slumped my ears and whined at him. I don't have parents though.

He was staring and then asked,
"You don't have your parents"

I shook my head."me too" he said.

Then he beamed at me and said
" Why don't we travel together then we have something in common too"

He wants me to travel with him. He is a vampire, what if he try to eat me on the way.

He saw my curious stare and said
"Don't look at me like that kid, I am vegetarian you know I only drink the blood of animals well technically you are an animal but you are half human too so I will not drink your blood and if I did want to drink your blood I won't have helped you u know"

Well I think it's right he saved me yesterday.

Then I realised something I can't sense my mother's magic. Witches can sense their families magic like shifters and vampires recognise them by smell.

I can't sense it. Where is mummy? Is she safe? Or does she broke the connection between us? Now I can't go to my coven. And I had my shift.

Wait I had my shift, mummy trapped my shifting because she don't want other witches to catch me . Then that means mummy's magic broke.

S-she left me? She d-ied? No no this can't happen. Tears welled in my eyes and I can't stop them.

Mummy died. Mummy died protecting me.
Hey it's k it's k why are you crying" the weird man cooed.

He hugged me gently and patted my back." It's k I don't know why u are crying but I will be there for you don't worry"

Strangely that comforted me.
I hicupped and whimpered trying to control my tears.

Then I slowly shifted into my human. It didn't hurt much like before.

He held me to his hip and wiped my tears." What's your name?"

"Lazarus" I mumbled quietly.

"Well Lazarus why did you cry then?"

"My mummy left me"

"In the forest"

"She saved me"


"Because they tried to kill me"

"Who are they"

I didn't answer that. He was silent for a while.

"Well Lazarus do you want to come with me or do you want me to drop you somewhere do you know someone else like your relatives or your father"

"Papa died now mummy too" I cried silently.

"It's k but now you have me right, I will be there for you always".


"Yeah always for you"

I draped my arms around his neck and inhaled his scent it comforted me and I retrieved my claws and scraped my claws around his neck, he jumped but he didn't say anything. It healed slightly and became a scar.

Technically I just marked him as my family. I think he knows that.

He just patted my back. I laid my head across his shoulder.

"Well kid how about we eat some pancakes or waffles, I really like waffles you know"

"And we should go to beach too. That's my favorite place in this island.

He talked on and on.....

(Note: this story happens in an island in the Atlantic Ocean named witches coven. I am writing this story in an island because I don't want to stick to stereotypes. I don't want to mention any countries too and I don't want to offend people so, there are three islands in Atlantic Ocean.

1. The Blood bite : owned by the vampiric king Raul Dracula, Surrounded by the blood sea.

2. The Midnight shadow pack: owned by the king of shifters, Alexander Mckinsley. Of course there are other shifters across the world they all one king and one palace located in midnight shadow pack.

3.The Witches coven: owned by the queen of witches, Amelia Valentina, the warlocks and wizards everyone was ruled under her.she is ruthless when it comes to saving her throne and don't consider others feelings.

The three islands are separated 200 miles from each other.

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