THE Vampire's werewolf

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Alexander Mckinsley,alpha of Midnight shadow pack is the king of shifters.In the age of 420 years he is losing his sanity because he can't find his mate.Many alphas and elders tried to send their daughters in hope of finding their shifter queen but the luck is none yet to find Lazarus lioncourt,a halfbreed between werecat and witch was hunted down by many packs because of his identity and treated as an abomination beacause of this.After traveling in secrecy and living as a rouge for 200 years finally he was saved by the vampire king Raul Dracula What happens when a war is declared between shifters and vampires.Will Alex find his mate who is protected by the vampire king? Find the majestic adventure of a shifter king finding his queen...:-)

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Chapter 1: The escape

Lazarus pov:

I can feel the ground shaking because of the because of the following I have. Yeah,not the type of followers you think,the type of followers who wants to kill me or use me as a possession

I was in cat form, yes I am a halfbreed between werecat and witch,my father was a werecat who was hunted by my mother a witch to be used as a pet.But fate decided to change the relationship between master and slave into love.

I was born as halfbreed my mother used all her magic and her life essence to hide my identity. But the queen witch found out about me when I was 8 years old and I am running from that moment.. .....

I was sleeping in my bed out of boredom.

I was locked in this 40x22 room for 8 years, today is my birthday i am turning 8 today, iam so happy.

My mother went to the queen' coven to help her with the war between nearby shifters and witches.

My mother is third in and for the queen.

After waiting for 1 and half to overcome boredom I walked out of the bed to watch squirrels through the window.
I sighed loudly.
"I wish I had the freedom like you to jump from trees to trees"

That's when I heard a loud bang outside.

I went to the door to listen what are they saying.

"Queen mother please,please spare me please". That's my mother's voice.

"I told you to kill that halfbreed, he is going to be the death of us, what happens when the shifters find out we have halfbreed here, they will try to use them against us". Is that the queen.

"But queen mother my son didn't do anything it was my fault I was the one fell in love with the shifter please spare my son please" I tried to open the door but I can't.

Mother used magic to seal the door so I can't open it.

I heard my mother crying loudly.

Why is mummy crying.

Please don't do anything to my mother please.

"You disobeyed my order, Catherine, you disobeyed your queen" the queen said.

Please, please, please.

"You killed my husband for producing a child with him, I lost the love of my love, I even lost my parents to you because they helped me during the labour, my son is the only one I have please spare him, this is my fault please" mother said.

I used my small hands to push the door but I can't. Please someone save my mother please.

I won't even ask for a gift today please God help her please. I can't stop the tears running down my face.

I am sorry mummy sorry for asking for a gift sorry for fighting with you to take me out sorry for being weak please please.....

" Ahhhhhhh....". Then I heard a scream.

"Mummy mummy, please open the door mummy.."

Then the door opened.

Mummy walked with blood on her left side and her white gown becoming red.

"Mummy". I hugged her.

"Laza, fast you have to run before the backup from the queen'coven arrive. I teleported her to a different dimension but it won't last long"

"No mummy iam not leaving you let's run together please" she was opening a portel in my bedroom to a forest.

Then I heard a loud knock on the front door.

"Fast son you have to go, I will distract them"

"But mummy where will I go, please let's go together" I pleaded by hugging her tightly.

"I love you,Laza. I love you so much you have been my life for the last 8 years, but I have to do my duty as a mother I am sorry I didn't taught you anything other using magic to protect yourself I am sorry I didn't loved you enough I didn't even know where should I sent you, but always remember you're not an abomination you're not a dirty secret you're not someone who should be hided, you're the result of a true love, you're are someone your father died to protect and I will die to protect" she said by cradling my face between her hands".

"Go towards south, live your life remembering you're the king of yourself, don't trust anyone" she kissed my forehead.

"Mummy please come with me" the sound of breaking the door reached our ears.

Mummy pushed me through the portal before shouting "I love you son".

I landed on the forest floor and started sobbing in my hands.

I am being weak mummy,iam sorry.

I will become strong and protect you, please come with me mummy please...

And suddenly I heard footsteps running towards me.

I pushed myself on my feet and started running like mummy told me.

I ran into the forest with how long my feet can take me.

After sometime I didn't hear the footsteps but I stood in front of a river.

I saw my reflection, a tiny 8 year old with blue eyes, because I am a werecat I was naturally small, that's what mummy said.
I can see the prominence of my ribcage even through my white shirt which was covered by blood from mummy.

I was malnourished because I only eat once in a day. The maid didn't give me food during break fast and lunch because mummy was not there.

She gave me food only during lunch because mummy comes home during lunch.

I can't even complain to mummy because she said she will tell queen mother about me.

This is my fault, because of me mummy was punished . Tears started running down my cheeks and I stared at my reflection.

My blue eyes are red from crying and snort running through my nose I looked pathetic. I think that is the word,I saw that in the story book mummy gave last weekend.

Then I heard a loud howl in the deep forest.


To be continued.(◕ᴥ◕)

By Athenaselene(your author)

It's my dream to write a story between shifters and vampires
So, this is my dream come true.

Tell me you opinions.
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