THE Vampire's werewolf

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Chapter 2: The weird man

I ran along the river, with tears in my eyes and my little feet wounded with thorns and stones along the way.

I can't decide the direction I want to go,I feel like I am hearing the howling near me and the sound of paws following me.

Then I hear the sound of fighting,I hid behind the tree catching my much needed breath.

I saw a man fighting with the wolves. He has a strong body, red eyes and sharp nails.

Does normal people have that long nails?

Then I remembered my mom told me vampires have long nails to pierce the skin.

I shuddered and hid further behind the tree.

But I saw a red light passing on the side of the tree. Where is the light coming from?

Curiosity got the best of me. I braced myself and saw passed the tree.

The man's red eyes are emitting laser lights that is burning the Wolves skin. The man had claw marks on his left torso, he doesn't have a shirt.

He turned to my direction and looked into his eyes. It was burning like hot fire but surprisingly I felt lost in those eyes.

It feels like he has been trying to save me from my creul life.

The sound of the wolf whimpering brought me back to reality.

I quickly hid behind the tree with my back against it. This sucks, mummy said vampires are cruel they try everything to make you their prey.

Is he going to drink my blood? I didn't even had my first shift? I have to save my mummy too? I have to read Harry potter part 4 too? I only read 3parts?.

Mummy said she will buy me the 4th book on my birthday.

Why my luck is like this.i shouldn't have born, because of me father was died because of me mummy was hurt. Does my blood has my luck too? I have to warn him though I don't want my bad luck to pass to him.

I was lost in my thoughts I didn't notice a pair of shoes before me.

I tilted my neck to see him. Ohhh he is huge and tall, will I too become like that after I grow. Mummy said If I ate my carrots I will grow fastly.but I hate them.

He squated in front of me and stared at me.Even now he was hugeeeee. like dinosaur huge.

How I know that I saw Jurassic park movie though.

He extended his right hand towards me.

"Hey kid, are you okay? Where is your parents" he asked.

Then I heard my right leg bone snapping. I cried out in pain. He took a step back.

No no no no not now pleaseeeee.

I don't want to shift now. I wanted to shift before my mummy she said she want to be the one to see my cat form.

Yeah werecats shift early not like other shifters. He looked like he realised something.

"Hey it's k listen to me, it's k it's normal just listen to my words okay."

I can't stop the whimper that escaped me.

Then my left leg snapped. I screamed in pain. Please don't it hurts.

He paced a few steps before me then he ran into the forest.

Tears ran down my face and I can't control the bones snapping inside me.

My mom said shift sometimes take hours and the parent should be there to help them. She cried for an hour when he remembered my father is not there.

Then the weird man came running towards me with some wood and a lighter.

"I didn't know anything about shifters and the ones here said they won't believe me, sorry just bear with me and don't die on me ok".

He then proceeded to light the fire. In this snow covered forest it did have me some comfort.

More tears escaped me and I screamed when my spine snapped.

"Shit shit shit what am I supposed to do" he stared at me helplessly.

In the silence of the forest my screams echoed and the nature thought it was perfect for sunset.

The minutes become hours and I don't know how long I was in pain

The weird man has unshed tears in his eyes and looking at me longingly.

He was twirling the ring in his ring finger.

Suddenly he said, "fuck it, I don't know anything" he came closer and slowly hugged my shivering form.

He was warm it was nice. Then he grabbed my hair tightly and tilted my neck and exposed my throat.

Was he going to kill me? I'm sorry Mama.

He sinked his fangs into throat and sucked. My pain increased and I thrashed in his arms.

After sucking for sometime he shushed me

"Shh sh it's k it's k" he was cradling me in his arms.

What is he doing?.

He raised his wrist and pierced it with his fangs and held it to my mouth.

"Just drink it, it will be k...I think so" I didn't do it but he said "please believe me".

I slowly raised my mouth towards his wrist and sucked very slowly waiting for him to snap.

But he just waited for me patiently. His blood does not gross though.why? I don't know.

Then he removed his wrist from me and stared at me. I think I don't feel that much pain now.

He waited for few seconds and then squealed.

What is he a mouse..

"It worked it worked". Hm I think so too but what worked.

Then he tried to remove my shirt what is he doing, I clutched my shirt tightly.

"Hey it's k believe me please". Something in his tone comforted me.

He used his pierced wrist to draw blood and drenched my shirt in it. Slowly my white shirt become red.well in some places.

Then he draped it across me. "I heard blood comforts them when they are first transformed."

"Transformed into what" I asked in a whisper.

"So you can speak huh, I thought you are mute or deaf".

I didn't reply. He gathered some leaves around him and made it like a bed.

He picked me up slowly and placed me on the pile of leaves.

"Sleep now kid I will be thre for you" he said and hummed a lullaby.

That reminded me of my mom...

Mom please be safe......

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