The Locked Princess and the Enchanted Fairy

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A princess and a fairy are best friends because the princess was locked up in a tower with no one to talk to.

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a princess named Catherine. Catherine was just 3 years old when her parents, King Liam and Queen Giselle locked her up in a tower for her safety against her aunt Queen Macy, the sister of King Liam and the devil queen. Macy threatened their family for years, she is also believed to be the killer of their own father, King Justin. Princess Catherine was miserable, bored, and had no one to talk to for years. Until one night, she left her window open and heard little tiny footsteps entering. She was frightened, little did she know it was a fairy named Ivy. Ivy and Catherine were besties despite their differences. Ivy would visit Catherine every single day. Catherine’s 18th birthday was a week away. She hasn’t seen her parents in almost 15 years. Fortunately, the king and queen have figured out what happened to Macy. They discovered that some sort of spell was cast unto her by a mysterious being. Thomas, their sorcerer did his magic and finally transformed Macy back to her old and lovable self. Princess Catherine is really excited but also very nervous to meet everyone again. Finally, that day came, the moment she turned 18, she was released from her tower and went straight to the palace. There, she met with her parents and her aunt Macy which was a bittersweet moment. She also met another royal family from a nearby kingdom. Catherine was introduced to Prince Charlton of Avalry. They immediately fell in love and got married 2 years later. Ivy was very happy for her and never left her side. Prince Charlton and Princess Catherine had a daughter named Cassie once they got married. Ivy was Cassie’s godmother and spoiled that child with all her love and care. They all lived happily ever after. The end.

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