Love Hurts

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A Hybrid and a set of Alpha Twins ....... What could possibly go wrong right?? Well.... Reya Wades has been cursed by her Father's people to face a dark spirit from the past that haunts the future. She has lived in a Pack of Werewolves that have hunted for her family ties but will not let little Reya live in peace. The Elders of the Pack know something evil resides within their Territory but they have no clue what could possibly be causing all the evil to circle their Pack. Until Reya meets her Alpha Mates everything will be out of whack and the Darkness with descend of everything in its grasp just to get a little Hybrid back to where she never should have left.

Fantasy / Other
Heather Punko
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Chapter One

[Third Person POV]

A small ‘war’ between a Werewolf Pack and a Vampire Clan had devastated the landscape for only three years, ending in bloodshed and heartbreak. Leaving some families with no homes and some children with no parents. It had stayed a secret for the most part because the ‘ruling’ classes did not care to meddle in the affairs of those who would squabble between each other for petty reasons. No one saw what was to come from the battle and no one knew why it had begun in the first place.

The rain was pouring down on the small tin roof of the run-down house that had been built deep in the forest, away from any other intelligent life. It had been long forgotten along with the family that had once called it home. No one looked at the ramshackled house that had been forgotten because of the ‘war’ but the Wolf Pack that had claimed the territory had taken in the little twins that had been left behind and had once called that place home. Feeling pity for the little pups who had lost their parents in because of the ‘war’ and thinking they had nothing to lose from taking in two lost twin pups that had no home and no family they took them in.

The Alpha of the Crystal Moon Pack had lost his children who fought in the ‘war’, so he had taken the boys in as his own, feeling their raw power as future Alphas themselves. He had raised the twins as his own pups and taught them the values of the Alpha and how to treat all as their equal regardless of their status. The Alpha knew his boys would become very powerful Alphas and he needed to teach them how to be kind so they did not become monsters. He would pray to the Moon Goddess to send his boys a Mate that would keep them stable through even their worst times.

Little did anyone know that the Mate of these particular Weres was going to be unlike anything anyone was expecting.

[Third Person POV]

19 years later

Now that the twins are grown, they will be facing many challenges. They will be meeting their Mate at the time they were born and they will be returning home after 4 years at Alpha camp. They have graduated High School technically but they will have to spend the last semester of actual high school in a regular school. Neither one of them were happy about it, but they were going to listen to their father and socialize with other Werewolves hoping to find their Mate.

Hanging around their Beta, Tiral, all the time did them no good. They basically had no people skills and for them to run the Pack they were going to need to get some and soon. Especially if they wanted to keep their Mate, if they ever found them.

Solon and Norrix Gold were convinced they were going to be alone for the rest of their lives. However, they had not become man-whores because they had still kept that hope that they had a Mate out there for them. Plus, they were bi but no woman or other man had ever really ever appealed to them. No one had ever really made them needy in that sense other than each other. It was like their own bodies had refused to give into temptation. Their Wolves wanting to stay ‘pure’ for their Mate.

The twins had been just fine with that because they had each other, always.

[Norrix’s POV]

The sound of a loud ringing sounded in my head and I remembered we had to go to school today. I groaned and rolled over to pushed Sol’s arm so he would wake up too.

“Hey,” I groaned as I stumbled out of our bed.

Solon and I had shared a room and bed for so long that it was just a natural thing to us and we had no problems with it. We had always been together. We were twins. Identical Twins at that. When we were young, we had pranked our father so many times we had been grounded most of our lives. Now, however, we had grown out of that and we had changed how we looked just a little so that you could at least tell us apart now.

While we were both tanned, 6ft 6in and very muscular with blue eyes, our hair was different. Mine was electric blue while Solon’s was now pitch black with white at the tips for some reason. We both had spiked hair, but it was only because we were forced to shave our heads for Alpha camp. I had my lip pierced while he had his left eyebrow pierced. It was something to behold as our father had put it.

We had gotten tired of people referring to us as just the twins so we had to make ourselves look different from each other, even though we really hadn’t wanted too. We loved how we looked so much alike. It reminded us that above all else we had each other to love. Now sometimes we cried because it was like looking at strangers instead of who we really are.

Sol, groaned and pushed me back before turning away from me again. He really didn’t want to go. “Come on, Sol. We need to go or we will be late and upset father.” I said seriously.

That got him up and out of bed. Above everything else Solon didn’t want to disappoint our father. We knew the Alpha was not our real dad but he loved us and had raised us as if we were his blood and we loved him as if he was our father and nothing could ever change that.

“I’m up, I’m up.” Sol said as he jumped out of the bed and went to his side of the closet.

“Go shower, you animal.” I shouted before rolling from the bed to follow after him. It wasn’t uncommon for the two of us to shower together and touch each other and it was not uncommon for us to have a little fun together either, however, this morning was not the time for all of that and we had to hurry to get ready for school. No matter how horny I was.

After I finally got the two of us together, we got into our car and I drove us to the local High school. We got there to see hundreds of Werewolf kids our age rushing around as they rushed into the building.

I sighed as we got out of the car and headed into the building and to the office for our class schedules. However, as soon as the two of us stepped foot into the building every head turned to look at us. Almost every female rushed up to us, trying to get our attention and ask us questions. Even a few guys tried to get our attention. Neither one of us were interested and we tried to just brush them all off but we were the future Alphas and it would be more than rude to do something like that to our Packmates.

Finally, we got to the office and got our class schedules and got to our first class. Nothing special, thankfully the teacher just let us pick our own seats and let us be alone. Second and third period not so lucky. We had not only gotten hounded by the teachers but by every girl in the class. They asked a million questions and wanted to know more than their fair share about us. I did most of the talking because Solon would have snapped at them a long time ago. He had a short temper.

Thankfully, at lunch our best friend and Beta found us and rescued us from the onslaught of females. Tiral had pulled Solon away from the oncoming pack of girls and made him sit at a table before pulling me to get our lunches. It was more than a notion to keep my twin at a standstill with all the unwanted attention he was getting.

“How are you guys doing so far?” Tiral asked as we got our lunches and paid for them.

“Fine.” I answered following him back to the table.

Tiral chuckled, “You don’t sound so fine. Don’t sweat the small stuff, Rix, everything will be fine. At least you two didn’t have to be here in this hell for four years.” He said heaving a heavy sigh as we sat down at the table.

A few of Tiral’s other school friends joined us and they began to fill us in on who was who in the school and what was going on. They somehow convinced both me and Sol to try out for the football and basketball teams but I doubt we were going to actually do it. I mean the two of us hated attention.

Suddenly, a scream hit my ears and I turned my head to see the most beautiful female I have ever seen in my life. She had long blonde hair that was tied in a pony-tail at the base of her neck, and scared bright green eyes that were stealing my heart. She was running for her life it looked like, as some big looking guys chased after her with wicked smiles on their faces. Our table was by the cafeteria doors so when she ran by her scent slammed right into mine and Solon’s faces and we were gone from the table in a flash and after the girl and her pursuers faster than anyone could blink.

MATE!!!! MATE!!! MATE!!!! MATE!!!!

Was all I could hear from both my Wolf and Solon’s as we chased after them.

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