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I will be back

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Completed and edited. This is the second book in the Guardians of Red Moon city series; if you haven't read the first one, you won't understand anything. The first one is named "Big girls don't cry" and is published here on dreame. The girl who left everything and everyone behind is now on her own. Well, not really alone since she has her new pack. She knows that everything will turn out fine in the end, but right now, all she can focus on is her alpha role. Funny, isn't it? She was born an alpha, pushed down to be an omega, just to be crowned werewolf queen and alpha over the whole werewolf population. The question is if she's going to use her power for good or evil? The picture is from pixabay.com and is a copyright-free picture; I only own the picture's editing.

Fantasy / Drama
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The only thing allowing her to keep moving forward is her pups swimming around inside her womb, while the feeling of leaving her mates behind stings within her. She hadn’t spoken to any of them since before she began her new life; it isn’t time yet. She engages herself and her time wholeheartedly in building the unfinished packhouse. Now, the workers have finally finished, and the pack members have grown incredibly in recent months. It isn’t just the pack that has developed; her stomach has also grown considerably. The belly that once was flat is now as big as a pumpkin. She’s proud of her bump that every day continues to grow and become even more significant than it was the day before. Now you can feel the kicks clearly, and she’s only one and a half months away from giving birth. While looking forward to meeting her pups, she’s also afraid and ashamed. Fearful that she’s putting her children to the world that’s currently in chaos and ashamed that her mates probably believe that their pups died during her short-term period at her old alpha’s place. She wants to call and tell them the truth, that their children aren’t dead, that she’s going to give birth soon and is afraid to go through it alone. Her greatest fear is not of pain but about the possibility that her mates never will forgive her for the choices she has made. It’s her stubbornness and pride that stands in the way of the simple telephone conversation. Even a text would be better than her radio silence. They don’t even know if she’s alive! But deep down, a feeling gnaws, advising her that she can’t explain, not yet. She suspects and hopes that all this belongs to the plan of the goddess; otherwise, she’ll be in real trouble.

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