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It’s 1991 in Elkmox City, England. The secrets in this city are rarely revealed in their disturbing truths. Those that knew, hushed. Those that saw, looked away. Those that spoke would end up dead, right there, at Castle Grove Medical Clinic, where Aurora Brookshire is currently working as a phlebotomist. Now everyone is fighting to survive, fighting to live so they're the ones who tell the tell. But as Aurora would say, death, it's a beautiful song that plays on and on. When Death comes for you, you can't hide.

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

Content Warning

Content Warning:
This book features suicide, self-harm, murder, suicide ideation, mention of rape, needles, blood, trauma, and death. This also includes detailed references to suicidal ideation, needles, and trauma.

This is a slow-building story with a lot of emotional attributes along the story plot. Any details related to unknown or made-up characteristics belong to me as the author.

Author’s Letter:
I knew a girl who had her mentality destroyed because of her emotions. She’s had her heart broken so many times, she’s lost people whom she thought would be in her life forever, and she’s been through so much pain. So many people have walked into her life and given up on her. She said that she used to constantly want to stop and scream at the top of her lungs, “STOP! THAT’S NOT WHO I AM! LET ME EXPLAIN! PLEASE, LET ME SHOW YOU WHO I AM!” But not anymore. She’s grown up and realized her self-worth, and she said that she’s not sorry for those she left behind because of that realization. She’ll always be the beast in everyone’s eyes. And she doesn’t let people in anymore as easily. She told me she makes them earn a spot in her life, because back when she gave away her trust, love, and happiness, people took advantage of her. Some of which were people whom she would have gone to war for, and she got nothing in return but a quarter of what she gave them. She’s not heartless, trust me, I know her. She’s just tired.

All for you. To the girl who no longer exists among everyone else, I'll make sure your story get's told.

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