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The Chronicles of Cram

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The Chronicles of Cram is back! If you like chaotic characters, dumb humor, wacky RPG-Esque combat, and complex overarching lore, then this story is for you. Now go! A great adventure awaits!

Fantasy / Humor
Boxer McFoster
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CHAPTER ZERO : A Brief Introduction to Make Confusion Somewhat Limited

Once upon a time in a land far away... there sat a rock. It was just a normal rock without any special properties. This rock was not enchanted, and, as of current, has no significance to the story whatsoever. However, just south of this rock there lay a great kingdom called, by the inhabitants of the smallish continent of Augentier, Cramiania. Cramainia was well known for its world renowned substance cram. Cram was a unique item of sorts, it was not quite food, nor was it dip - instead you would put the substance between your gums and let it dissolve slowly on your tongue. People loved cram and would purchase it by the bucket for exactly 20 gold coins. 20 gold coins was a great amount of money in the day and age this story came to pass; however, due to the high demand for the substance the people of Cramainia were able to sell it for ridiculous prices.

Cram was originally created by a man named Ted, who is currently ruler of Cramainia. Ted, who used to be a milkman, began to produce cram as a way to earn a bit of extra gold on the side, but soon his wealth grew so great that he decided to gather fans of the substance and create a kingdom. Ted ruled over his kingdom peacefully, keeping villains who would attempt to steal the recipe for cram away by refusing to let anybody in or out of the kingdom without permission. However, one villain was most notorious among the people of Cramainia for slipping past the locked gates of Cramainia, for he was the one closest to stealing the recipe; his name was The Mark Salesman.

Supposedly, the dreaded Mark Salesman was on a quest to create a substance called mark (ironically based off of his name). Mark, which was a bleeding obvious rip off of cram, would be sold on a massive scale to all the land and would be the one and only competitor of cram. The Mark Salesman lived in a dark castle on the plateau in the distant wastes of Modorian where he schemed and experimented with the information he had gathered on king Ted’s substance thus far. Fortunately, Ted was not going to let The Mark Salesman get his greedy hands on the recipe so easily. He kept the recipe and notes safe, locked away in his personal recipe journal which he had protected by royal guards almost 24 hours a day.

And so, Cramainia remained in an uneasy peace, warding off The Mark Salesman and his minions to the best of their ability.

But there could be no story if there was no conflict, could there?

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