Reina and the crimson king

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"Breathe through the fear, and walk through the fire" •~•~• Reina Aurora photia. An orphan girl who ends up living on the streets. She's not who you think she is, the girl is different and odd next to the human world, and unexplainable things follow her throughout the journey of love and mystery. Reina ends up homeless after the orphanage that she considered as home kicks her out to fend for herself. But she's not the only one, Mary Winter gets locked in the girls journey too as they encounter Alexander, an 11 year old boy who was also suffering their fate. While they got to know each other something weird happened, a surprise that they never expected. The three of them found themselves in a mysterious world where nothing looked like it was supposed to.

Fantasy / Romance
luna the vampire
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Thunder strikes hit the mountain of aurum where the palace of king remus was seated, the people living in this ginormous castle felt uneasy as if something was terribly wrong, but they couldn't decipher what it was. Meanwhile the king was laying in bed with his wife marriene as he slept like a baby, but the Queen couldn't sleep that night as she felt like she was being watched.

The forest surrounding this kingdom started whispering in the wind and a golden horse walked through the dark trees with a hooded woman on its back. The hooves pressed against the green grass leaving a trail of golden flecks while the lady looked up at the kingdom with a sinister laugh that shook one's bones.

She jumped down from nokarn, her powerful horse, and walked up the hill of sangue, taking its name after the battle against the crimson kingdom where the blood king drove a sword through kings Remus father, king Orion. Her smile never faltered as she skimmed the wine purple hood off reveling a bewitching woman.

Her hair blue as day with the kiss of gold, her sclera black as void with golden irises and red pupils, her lips purple highlighted with pink, and eyebrows green, blessed from the trees. She was beautiful and absolutely powerful, but the people still dared to play with her fate, so she shall destroy theirs.

The woman declared to reclaim what's rightfully hers by birth, and she won't let anyone sit on the throne, even if it must come to death. They will bend the knee, if it's willing or by force, she's bound to be Queen.

Blood must have blood.

Voices screamed inside her head and they didn't go unnoticed, she was tired of pushing them away, constantly fighting them to be a knight of good, but no more, it's about time that she let the demons escape. The cloak dropped from her bare shoulders showcasing a blue and golden dress hugging tightly across her divine body, while her arms where out in the open displaying bright yellow veins, which told everyone of her blood birth right. She was the Queen of gold! And aurum was hers!

With that being said flashes of light submerged from her palms and grew larger by the second as she let out a laser strike through the top of the mountain where gold travelled down its cracks illuminating the nightfall, it continued seeping downwards until it hit the palace which was drowning in gold, freezing the people in their sleep along with the king who was laying down on the bed with his wife marriene.

Some managed to get away, only to face a very angry Aurelia. She struck them down to the ground before her feet and they pathetically begged for their miserable lives. But she wasn't looking for mercy, and at that her golden liquid carried to their veins up to their brains which turned them into a statue that she could control however it pleases her.

Aurelia looked through the soldiers that where in her control and smirked in victory. Fools! That's what she thought of them, they where nothing but imbeciles for understating her power.

"Search the grounds for any other, and bring them to me" her voice trembled the ground with the command and the statues all marched together to catch the remaining folks. And as ordered they where all caught and under Aurelia's mind control by the very next morning. Except for a particular lady who was hiding on top of a tree with a brown basket in hand. The young woman left running outside of aurum and entered the forest never to be seen again.
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