Divinity's Ballad [Divinity's Curse #2]

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The nature of an angel is complicated, as Tawni Vipperman is finding out. While angels naturally rise to the occasion as loving guardians of mankind, they are also compelled to become ruthless dealers of death when provoked. An insatiable thirst for destruction takes over the mind and body and it is not easily quelled. These two opposing forces battle to commandeer the mindset of an angel if the occasion arises. When Earth becomes the battleground between angels and demons, humans will be caught in the crossfire of two mortal enemies who will stop at nothing to proclaim victory. Tawni needs to learn how to disentangle her overpowering emotions before risking the lives of the humans she loves so dearly.

Fantasy / Romance
Beck Carter
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Death was my magnum opus.

It has almost been a year since my funeral. I was one of many gunned down in a mass shooting event that shocked the world. It wasn’t the shooting itself that had stoked worldwide media attention and incited a never-ending barrage of investigations, theories, and controversies. Rather, it was the rumor-fueled speculation of the barely-there relationship between the shooter and myself and mostly because of the anomalous event that took place at the moment of my death which was captured by several different cameras.

When the fifth and final bullet severed my spinal column as it traveled through my neck, my soul was released. I was already dead by the time my head hit the pavement. And in those brief moments between the death blow and my body hitting the ground, all of heaven and hell shook. Demons and angels alike turned in my direction as if I had suddenly become a beacon.

I had been chosen to ascend into an angel for sacrificing myself to save that of another and when the decision was declared, a great tolling of bells rippled throughout all celestial and demonic realms. A human ascension was rare, I later learned. I had no choice in the matter. But at the moment I’d been chosen, demons were all around me.

The pavement caved in next to me just as my head hit the ground. This is what was caught on camera from multiple different angles, an event that defied all rational logic. No reasonable explanation could be provided. What those cameras couldn’t see was the Archangel Metatron who had come to protect and deliver my soul. He jumped too hard and fast to reach my side, defending me from the nearby demons who were feasting upon the horror of fresh carnage.

I’ve often wondered what would’ve happened if the demons had reached me first. Knowing now that angels are reborn over and over again if they fall in battle, what would’ve happened if they had reached me before my transitional body had transformed into a real angel? I still don’t have the answer to this and about a million other questions. But time is on my side. Time is eternal.

When the pavement broke, the world changed overnight. The videos that captured my death run and the miraculous event of spontaneously shattering asphalt have been shared around the globe. Since that moment, people started to believe again in something, anything - both nonbelievers and people of all faiths. Hope flourished and the rate of violent crime began a steep decline that continues to this day. The darkest evil roiled in anger as people felt their faith in a hereafter renewed, as more and more people embraced the simple ideas of goodness and kindness.

He retaliated by attacking our celestial realms. Lucifer, as he is known by humans, and his master sent hundreds of thousands of demons to converge upon us as a diversion to carry out a secret agenda, one that was eventually stymied and then destroyed by the bravery of one of the smallest and youngest angels in Makon - a she-angel named Madriel. And I will forever be in her debt. For all the while I struggled to understand how I could’ve been chosen, I now see with clarity how far a little courage can take you.

Nearly a year later, the humans are still as captivated by my death as ever and hell is still seething with anger.

Most viewed the event as a supernatural occurrence, proof that angels walk the Earth.

And they do.

So do the demons.

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