Purple River

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A short story about how crazy love and jealousy can be.

Fantasy / Adventure
Snowy Owl
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Sister revenge

Navy always wanted love and a phone but she never got one until she was 24. When Navy was 18 she was always working instead of dating until she found her dream guy, Sucker. When she first met Sucker, she fainted for 5 seconds. Sucker said, "Whatever, anyway I got to go to my next class, bye."
Navy thought wow, that was mean. So, Navy decided if he doesn't like me or care about me, I will curse him.

Navy went to her college, the next morning. Sucker said, " Hey Navy, what up."
Navy said, " I'm in love with you."
Sucker said, " I gotta go."
Navy said, " Ok."
Navy decided to follow him to his class. As Navy followed him she noticed he was heading to the music room instead of his usual class. He was walking up to a girl named Lexi, who had white hair and beautiful green eyes. Sucker put his hand out and said, "Let's dance." Then, Lexi moved her body with him to music until they kissed and kissed again. Navy ran to the bathroom and cried. Navy wanted to be the one kissing him not Lexi but she always got the guys Navy liked. Lexi then ran into the bathroom and said, " Navy, I didn't mean to get Sucker, he wanted me and what was I supposed to do?"
Navy said (sadly), " Tell him the truth."
Lexi said, " You have to believe me."
Navy said, " Make her fat and ugly, so she understands how it feels."
Lexi fell to the floor and Navy ran out of the bathroom. Navy wondered what just happened because when she was little Lexi and her were best friends. Why did she do this, did she have super powers ?
Navy walked over to the flower garden and said, " What have I done ?"
The witch said, " You didn't do it, I did it."
Navy said, " How ?"
The witch said, " I gave you the powers so you could do it, anyway now that you have, you can curse Sucker so he falls in love with you."
Navy said, " Thanks, but won't he recognize me ?"
The witch said, " No, no he won't. "

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