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My name is Aug and I died... However, I reincarnated into another world where people with immense power like those from wuxia novels and RPG's existed. I soon found myself with my own system the world has never seen before. I shall rise and overcome everything to become the strongest!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: The end is just another beginning

My name is Aug Ulrich. I am....well, I was 25 years old. I had a normal childhood with normal parents. I graduated from college a few years ago with a bachelors degree in computer programming. My goal was to design and create video games. Ever since I played my first video game on Atari, I was addicted. I could not get enough. So I started to learn everything about computers and coding. I dedicated my life to this dream. I worked so hard, it became my whole world. Throughout my life I never had a friend, or girlfriend. I never socialized, and never went out for fun. I was a complete shut in and workaholic. I either worked on my programming skills or played video games, my favorite being the diablo series. I frequently dreamed that I had lived in the diablo world so I could use magic and kill monsters. The ecstasy and joy I got from gaining experience and getting random loot from slaughtering beasts was just so exhilarating. Needless to say, those dreams were just dreams, not reality. For the past few years I have been working at a small video game company. I was only a low level employee there, only working on keeping the network secure. I worked hard everyday there, hoping to one day be promoted and help work on game ideas and development. I thought it was going to happen pretty soon, but unfortunately, fate had other ideas.

It was just another normal day like any other. I woke up at 6 in the morning, got dressed and went to work. I made it through the 8 hour day and left for home. I was at a red light in my red 2001 Saturn waiting for the light to turn green. The music in my car was loud playing a band called Nightwish. The red light didn’t last too long. A second after the light turned green I pressed on the gas and started to go through the intersection. Because my music was playing so loud I was not able to hear another vehicle come barreling toward the driver side of my car until it was too late. I looked to my left in horror as an 18 wheeler barreled into me. I must have been killed almost instantly as I just felt a massive brief pain all over my body before my consciousness went black and i was enveloped by eternal darkness.

Yeah. You heard right. I died. And that is where I am now. My soul, or what I believe is my soul, is just floating around in darkness. It feels like I have been floating around forever. I began to think that if this was the afterlife, then I am screwed. This was boring as hell. If I had to spend an eternity here, I would go insane. Wait...could souls go insane after someone died? Just as my thoughts were headed in the direction of what would happen to souls after one died, something changed in the darkness that caught my attention. In the distance I saw a small speck of light. I wondered what it was but then the speck of light started expanding and getting closer. It was slow at first but eventually the expansion rate started to accelerate. Soon, the light was so big and bright, I had to close my eyes, even though I had no real body. I know weird right? But that light was too damn bright. I kept my eyes closed for what felt to be an hour or so before I opened them again, or at least I tried to. My eyelids felt so heavy. They barely flicked at my attempt. I tried again, more more effort into this one small and effortless action. Slowly they opened up and for the first time in what seemed like years, I saw something other than blackness. Granted right now, my vision was very blurry. I blinked several times to clear up my vision. It was still difficult to close and open my eyes. Still I managed to do it and it worked. My vision sharpened and everything became clearer. What I saw caused be to scream in fright. And then when I heard what came out of my mouth I screamed in fright again resulting in a infinite loop of me screaming. I was like a person who was afraid of their own scream. Once I screamed, my own scream would frighten me again and I would scream even more. A few seconds later after the infinite loop started, I actually heard someone say something and it caused me to immediately stop screaming.

“Awww! Aug is so cute! he looks just like you honey but with my eyes!“. It was a woman’s voice.

“HAHAHA! Of course! He is our baby after all. He is going to get all the ladies when he older!“. this time it was a man talking. Wait a god damn moment! Who are they talking about? They can’t be talking about me right? I am a 25 year old m.....and that is when it hit me. I tried moving my body. I started with my head and then my hands and legs. It felt like I was running a damn marathon. Even a simple movement seemed difficult. Eventually i managed to get a good look at my body. Huh? Body? Wasn’t I just a damn soul? Now, I...I....I....I am a baby?! What the fuck! I was reborn! My mind started to race. My heart sped up thinking about the new possibilities that had just opened up. Reincarnation is real. Does that mean magic and other things that I have read in wuxia books and stuff exist as well? If this is true, than I will make the most out of this life and do what I have always dreamed of doing. The possibilities and adventures waiting would be endless. But first I quite literally have to grow up and slowly learn more of this new world. I didn’t have a worry though. I have plenty of time. After all, I was just born a few minutes ago. I gave a grin at that. Well, I tried to give a grin but what appeared on my face caused the man to speak.

“Does little Aug have to take a poo poo already?”


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