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Chapter 2: exciting and Dangerous new world

Before I knew it, 15 plus years have passed since I was reborn.

I learned a lot about this strange new world in the mean time.

The planet I lived on now was called Tarma. The size was immense. It was roughly twice the size of Earth sun. Tarma was home to not just humans, but other races as well including elves, dwarves, and even dragons. Of course, some were friendly, while others were not. Besides these races, there were monsters and beasts as well that roamed the undeveloped areas of the planet. Occasionally, they would form sieges and attack settlements that the other races have established. Some attacks failed while some have succeeded. It was currently year 856 on the planet and dozens of kingdoms and cities have fallen throughout the years. Sure, the beast sieges were dangerous, but they were not the only thing the inhabitants of this world had to worry about. Throughout the planet, there were numerous dungeons, over a million. Some were easy some were not. They were ranked in difficulty from F to SSS, with F being the easiest. Thankfully, there were only about a dozen SSS ranked dungeons in the world. F ranked dungeons usually had around 10 to 20 floors while SSS ranked ones have 1,000 plus floors. To date, only 4 SSS ranked dungeons have been cleared, which clearly states the degree of difficulty of clearing one.

Thankfully, the saving grace of the situation the inhabitants found themselves in was the adventurers guild. This guild was founded for the purpose of hiring adventures to do various missions including clearing dungeons, thwarting monster and beast sieges and threats, collecting materials for alchemy and blacksmithing, and other various things. Each major city had a guild branch. A person who joined the guild was ranked from F to SSS, depending on their strength and ability. After completing missions, they would get the reward for the mission as well as 50-80 percent of the profit from the harvest they gained from the mission. The rest was given to the guild. The guild was a major power throughout the world, with their power and influence being equal to even the major royal families. Yes, the world had monarchies with kings and queens. So, if one were with the guild and was strong, A rank or above, they had major influence and were widely known. The guild also created a top 10,000 adventurers list which ranked the 10,000 strongest fighters. All those on the list were well known and sought after. It was the dream of many to get on that list.

Now on to my parents and where I live. My parents were Mike, age 29 and Sarah, age 27 They were C ranked adventurers and not on the guild list. My dad was an Earth warrior who had the ability to use the earth element to enhance his abilities. Huh? Whats that you ask. I will get to that stuff later. It is really the best part of this world. Just hang on a while longer. He was fairly strict but was also a lot of fun to be around. Sarah was a lightning element user. Similar to my dad, she uses an element to strengthen herself, except it’s lightning for her. She was super kind and very loving. Occasionally one of them would take on a mission for the guild to earn money. As I am just a kid, they couldn’t go out too often, but they still earned enough to make a comfortable living. we lived in the city of Tetra in the country of Argo. The country was fairly big, spanning about 20,000 square miles. The city was big too, covering almost 20 percent of that. The economy an businesses here were booming. It was a major hub for the country. Also the royal family lived here. So, as one might expect, guard were seen everywhere in the city. A lot of shops thrived here as well. Blacksmiths, alchemists, restaurants, you name it, they made out well here. The law was strict here as well. No fighting was allowed on the streets and if one wanted to fight, they would have to go to the city’s arena of conflict. There the separate parties would sign a contract and fight. Killing on there was also allowed. Killers that didn’t go to the arena were killed as punishment, no matter what. Thieves had their hands cut off, and rapists, their genitals destroyed. They were harsh punishments, but in my mind, well deserved. Of course, there were trials as well to determine if the accused was guilty. The people weren’t savages.

Now, finally, on to the best part of this world. If you do not know by now, this world runs on strength. Those who had it were respected. Those who did not were looked down upon. That is why almost everyone chased after it with so much ferocity. So, how did someone gain strength? Well, every child upon turning 16 years of age would undergo a mutation and bodies would gain a technique or ability that would allow their bodies to strengthen beyond normal and give them abilities to do extraordinary things. Basically, they would become like superman from the comics on earth. The techniques and abilities awakened were numerous. My parents cultivated the elements so they drew upon earth and lightning essence to grow stronger. Some could do the same with the other elements. Some could absorb starlight, some upon blood essence of beasts and other creatures. Truly too many to list, it goes on and on. when I found out about that, I gave it some thought and hoped I would awaken an element technique like my parents. I would feel like a badass wizard. The best part of all this? I am a hours away from awakening myself so my dreams are about to come true in 3 hours!

Before i get to awakening, I should mention how one’s strength is measured. So, one’s overall strength is measured in a number called combat power or CP for short. It measures strength, magic, all of it. Then, according to the number, they are given a rank when registering for an ID at the government admin building. When one awakened, you would have to register there listing your abilities and measuring your CP and rank. Your ID that you get would have all that information and would be bound to you by blood and would update every time you got stronger. Majority of people awaken with a CP of between 30 - 60. Now for the separation of ranks. Here you go:

F-rank: CP 0 - 99

E-rank: 100 - 999

D-rank: 1,000 - 9,999

C-rank: 10,000 - 99,999

B-rank: 100,000 - 999,999

A-rank: 1,000,000 - 9,999,999

S-rank: 10,000,000 - 99,999,999

SS-rank: 100,000,000 - 999,999,999

SSS-rank: 1,000,000,000 - ?

Well, there it is. The CP ranges and the ranks that go with it. As you can see, the higher you go in ranks, the CP required is exponentially increased, making it very very tough to climb to the peak. It is so difficult, only 8 people throughout history have climbed to the SSS rank. That rank is more of a legend than an actual goal. Anyone who says that their goal is SSS rank, others would laugh at them and call them an idiot. HE-HE! Guess what? I am one of those idiots. Such a great chance at getting the strength and powers I have dreamed of for so long. I will not stop. I will achieve the legendary SSS rank. I will live my best life!

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