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The Kurupi's Curse

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Let me take you back to a time quite undefined by modern days Prehistory as it would later be deemed was quite steeped in mystery When dragons flew their flame lighting up the sky still undenied by human eyes In a place heaped in the God's graces Powerful beings known as deities still roamed the earth ever on the lurk for a way to integrate their seed into the now newly formed human race But all was not right at this time for the aforementioned homosapians I spoke of strived to deny their own the right to an unmolested life for their need for gold im told did embold them to attack their own

Fantasy / Poetry
Peter Gunn
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Chapter 1

A prosperous tribe known as the Gran Chaco that was positioned without competition in a place some would say today would be modern Paraguay Did trade with foreign countries thus making them very rich and replete in this their native seat
A man known as Marco who was proclaimed by blood as their king the Chacos did owe for this their prosperity that he sowed
Marco, while sitting on the throne did I'm told embold enough gold to be rolled in for them to bankroll a beautiful town for all to behold
Built from the finest honed stone available he saw to it that his nation's people were housed in the most prestigious accommodations thus relations with their king were that of thanks for this man's generous hands this land knew only of plenty For the Chaco knew no strife to live life in their seat meant prosperity replete with each their own land to sow as they saw fit

As a matter of fact their success attracted a lot of attention Soo much money rolled in from foreign trade they had trouble keeping it safe and out of the way from prying eyes
So King Marco directed a vault be built to hault any assault on their cash and it be placed into Mt. Illimani's base It would be the perfect site to store enough gold to bankroll a small country ten-fold while the solid granite walls would evade the most ambitious of thieves who sought to reave the Chaco's holdings

The kings proposal was heard far and wide in the Southern abide and when dieties got word of his dealings to secure Chaco's gold within their mountain hold it embolded them to take advantage of the plight by giving them sight of a ancient beings might
So an envoy of greedy dieties showed at the throne to be intercessors for the gold obsessors

It was quite the scene almost of disbelief to have beings that we consider myth to insist an audience with a human king
These were creatures of lore never before had they set foot at human door
Marco's eyes became double their size when he spied them out of their normal abide

The first lurked in and seemed to be a giant snake no mistake with the head of a parrot
It was apparent the snake part was green with sheening white belly underneath It's head spread in beautiful red feathers Together it easily measured six meters long It slithered to the side and wound it's body around a column and gave solemn introduction "Greetings King Marco." "My name is Mboyti." "I come from the field domain to maintain your gold in this mountain hold I'm told you are building."

We are here to render protection to your tender

Then an ugly creature showed looking quite rough all covered in hairy scruff with spires growing ever higher from the top of its muff. It's teeth overshot its lips with fingertips that came to a pointed sharpened center It tumbled in and took a seat at the kings feet "I am Kurupi from the jungle domain" I will assist you if you wish to guard the gold Chaco holds but for a fee of course."

The third was the scariest yet an enormous beast that looked like it was intended to be blended between canine and lizard Much bigger than it's other brothers
It had seven wolf heads inset into long slender necks which annexed to a reptiles body It's stocky build made this beast surreal One of the heads spoke out loud in a low baritone drone
"You all are out of your element my eminent domain is the mountain and it's caves." "Guarding treasure is our forte." "By the way Teju is my name."

Mboyte interjects: "Teju Do you not see how my fields yield Chaco's yields?" "Their success has been from my behest." "This human King knows without the agriculture they sow Chaco would not have grown into it's own.

Teju: "Their mineral resources are of my endorsement." "Their entire town is from stone that I loan." "What good is the eventual yield of a farmed field when you are in immediate need of shelter in which I offer."

Kurupi: "Does this King not have a say to who will guard the cache in which you both grasp?"

Marco: "This is quite unexpected to have the attention of deities beyond comprehension." "What do want from the Chaco in return for watching the gold in our hold?"

Mboyte: "I was going to reason five hundred gold pieces per season would suffice to entice me to bring my offspring and blessings."

Teju: "Thats a first for me to agree with any of my brother's conceive But five hundred gold would be enough to bring my beasts to your hold."

Kurupi: "Surely, you two jest I would do I for much less only five hundred per year with just a small favor granted for the rent of my seed to cater to Chaco's needs."

King Marco was quite befuddled but he did then muddle "I only need one to guard the gold in it's hold." "Perhaps a test to see who is best?" "If they are your offspring you bring I assume they would be groomed for the job and stand out from the mob."

The Kurupi ever on the scheme grinned when he heard the Kings request for he already had a plan preconceived "A sound request from the King to see who is the best." "Unless you two object?"

Teju: "You two may as well concede now." "The creatures of my contrive in my underworld abide will lead you to your demise."

Mboyte: "My seed grow as big as the sky without cavern walls to stall their height." "Teju I dare your might to come within sight and it will be met with my spawn's smite."

Kurupi: "Well it seems my brothers offspring may win this fight with their might." "However, I will send my best suited to prevent looted gold from your hold and let the winner be delivered to Gran Chaco."

Marco: "We will meet with your best lest you object in five days time at the base of the mount." "To surmount a victor amidst your seed."

Teju: "Agreed"

Mboyte: "No problem"

Kurupi: "I concur"

So the dieties each went back to their habitations to pick one from their generations that would meet expectations for the Chaco nation
On the day of the test these demigods met at the mountains base to duel face to face
King Marco had announced to his town to turn out to witness the rout This clash of Titans heightened anticipation For such a sight with brutes of this might would go down in Chaco lore forever more

Mboyte lurched first from his fields that seeded a warrior with nary an impede which then he deeded to proceed A giant praying mantis five meters tall It's sharply serrated arms would mean the fall of any who dare to oppose it It's compound eyes could spy 360° in any direction an enemy may lie With reflexes quicker than a wink Many would sink to their destructions brink This was more than a worthy foe to mow through rows of armed soldiers

Teju then showed with his champion in-tow a giant stone golem It was shaped as muscular human with inherent strength to absorb and reflect any enemy blow that was bestowed upon it Though unable to speak it had no chink and meant the destruction of any who bent to oppose it Made from Teju's magical skill with no blood to spill To find it's break would test any enemies will

Kurupi then showed with no warrior to behold and his brothers immediately started laughing and had a gaff at his expense

Mboyte: "What's the matter brother did you discover common sense To relent at expense of your dignity?"

Teju: "He has no back just like the rest of his pack." "He always let father Tau down He frowned the most upon Kurupi's lack of attack and determination."

Kurupi: "I'm sure my champion will come but since a duel only consists of two why don't the ones that boast the most go first Since you are so well versed to remind others of their eminent demise from your magical design."

Mboyte: "He is right Teju." "let's not keep my victory waiting."

Teju: "Your victory?" "Perhaps you underestimate my make?" "For your dignities sake I would forsake those words for I assure you I will indeed be decreed victor by days end."

So the divine fruit of the Gods loins did square off and thus intertwine into battle
The mantis was the first to bestow a blow an incising slice to the golem's eyes
But not a scratch was laid for Teju's magic forbade any inlay from attack on his creation
The golem absorbed the force and immediately
rebounded it back to his attacker
It jumped into the air to bare a devastating counterattack directly at the mantis It's mighty stone fist careening against it's face
Hour after hour the forray ticked away late into the day. The sun's auroae laid on the horizon with darkness looming shortly away
Blow after blow was bestowed onto the giant insect of Mboyte's design until the golem realigned its spine It's exoskeleton finally gave way and while perched on it's back it reached in and pulled out its vertebra for it's master Teju to see and behold it's fell the golem did hold for everyone to see The mantis dropped to the ground and breathed its last as the sun cast vast shadows onto to the shocked crowd a loud gasp of horror can be heard as the golem rips it's spine out and throws it onto the ground to ensure his foe wouldn't take rebound from this his final round

Mboyte: "Nooo!" "There was no magic in my creature you are a cheater!"

Teju: "No cheat your creatures beat was by use of ingenuity your scrutiny shows your lack of magical comprehension such apprehension is uneeded the fight was conceded fairly." "Need I remind you there were no ground rules for this duel?" "Just bring your best and put them to the test."

Marco: "I must declare that this fight was fair in the eyes of the Chaco state." "I am impressed this creature of Teju's make seems to have no chink." "I cannot conceive of anything to defeat it."

Just then a distant sound comes round from the rear of the crowd It was a familiar noise hoof claps poised from a source everyone believed to be from a horse But then it showed from behind some trees it's hiding place quite aloof the hoofs were attached to an enormous centaur Kurupi's champion it would seem was deemed to finally showed for everyone to behold

A centaur covered from head to hoof in gleeming stout brown hair
Though having human torso her head was that of a bull with horns wide enough to plough through any foe
5 stone tall towering over the golem with it's solemn stare no one would dare come near Even the bravest would fold with the sight of its flaming orange eyes razing from the pits of Hades Encased in armour so tightly woven from head to cloven it would be the bain of any weapon chosen to prevail her

Yes this monstrosity was Kurupi's seed and he introduced her as his daughter named Taurine

But when Teju glanced at the lance cluched in her grasp it made him wine for he recognized powerful ancient time runes inscribed into it's design Time magic was only alotted to the most powerful of Gods Even their father Tau could not allow it's use for to confuse the slightest spell could mean the demise of every living cell

Teju: "This weapon your conceive holds at first glance of it's lance it seems to be inscribed with time enchant." "I can't envision you being given the precision to acquire such a spell lest it be all our fell." "How did you learn of magic this strong conceived only for the universe's most powerful ruling beings?"

Kurupi: "Brother are you scared?" "Do you wish as well to call it unfair?"

Teju: "NO!"

Teju's pride could not abide the thought of his slide into defeat at Kurupi's feet

Teju: "My golem will best you just as the last."

So the final fight incited excite amidst the crowd The Titans squared off and gave solemn stares with nary a thought that one of them would not be walking away this day

King Marco raised his hand and dropped to terminate their wait and initiate destiny
Teju's golem was urged to attack her feet it being the only facet without armor tightly fastened
As it ran to attack Taurine waved her lance in circular motion the golem having no notion of what transpired ran directly into it's path and disappeared into a light portal of some sort that was cast from the spear's source

Teju: "Where is my golem?" "Kurupi if you cheat I swear your tricks will not be in repeat!"

Kurupi: "Just watch and you will see your golem again your patience shall not wane please abstain from the blame."

Taurine pointed to the sky at a newly formed star leaving the crowd in awe It shot across the sky as it's fire got hotter and higher burning up in the atmosphere a spectacle for all to bear

Kurupi pointed to the aerial show as curiosity began to grow "There is your golem Teju a golden orb burning in the evenings sky It's might cannot fight against it's height But such a beautiful sight to light up the night for us as it's turned to ash from Taurine's cast

Teju: "What!!" "You transport to heights without fight!" "Tis no cheat just cowardice to leave my golem powerless." "I know of time spells too well." "To abuse this make will take it's just due from you." "So I shall concede to you this day this is not a win but a forboad of the magical toll you place on yourself and the Chaco state." "Mark my words it's too late you cannot turn your back on the fate that now awaits you."

Kurupi: "You will never admit to being bested by me but you shall see me replete in my jungle seat well within the Chaco grace to keep my rein well past your stay that will be obtained by modern ways."

Marco: "Amazing, your beast does not need to fight having weapon of this might." "I am convinced it's equip will be the best fit to keep our gold within the Chaco hold." "I give Kurupi the win and call end to todays brawl."

So the Kurupi won this day and did ingraciate his way into the Gran Chaco state But those with ulterior motives will carry their way until the day a favor is called into play
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