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Project Mates

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Chapter 2 - Stupid Person Here


Jesus. being the idiot he was, jumped over the desk and tried to move me away from his boss. I twisted my body around and kicked him in the head as far as I could. He was down for the count for now. Next was Marco, who was an idiot with a blade, who attempted to cut my ankles and render me unable to stand. I missed his attacks only to kick him as hard as I could.

I looked around me. “Let me go and he can live. If you don’t he will be the first one to die.” I paused and put my lips on the dad’s ears. “And, don’t ever think about coming after me again. Your son is more than welcome to come by, not you, not your wife.

The dad nodded his head and I felt the wind at my back as a man moved. I ducked and rolled. I did a scissor kick, knocking the woman, who I thought was a man, to the ground and gagging.

It was as if I hadn’t almost killed his mate” Why?” He whined as if he was a toddler and told him he couldn’t have a cookie.

“Because you will try to change me into a Stepford wife and it’s not going to happen. I’m a warrior, get over it.”

“No!” He screamed, getting up and running towards me.

Shilo’s POV

“No!” He screamed, getting up and running towards me. I rolled my eyes at the idiotic man, jumping in the air and kicking the back of his head. He got back up and came at me again. This time I let my blade slide into my hand and waited to see what he would do, especially since he telegraphed his moves ahead of time.

"Why do these mother-fuckers think I'm an easy target to take down?" I mused aloud, moving my body to the side. He slid by me, but with a little flesh wound from my blade.

"But-but, y-you are only twelve," the son said in a tentative voice as his dad laid screaming on the floor. I moved my shoulder and grabbed the hand that was trying to sneak around my throat, flipping someone over my shoulder.

I placed my shit-kicker on her throat and lightly applied pressure. I had never seen someone hate me so much. There was venom in her eyes. I rolled my eyes and kicked her head, knocking her out oncle again. I needed to get out of here before anyone else showed up.

I went around to all the men laying on the office floor and hit them in the head one more time. I looked up at my mate to see him put his fingers to his lips. He laid on the ground and closed his eyes.

Well, okay then

I opened the window and looked down, hoping I wasn't too far above the ground. It was two stories up and I knew I could make it, but where the hell am I?

I stuck my head back in the room. "Hey," I whispered, causing my mates and to pop back up. "Where in the hell am I?

"You're in Florida," my mate informed me. I nodded and pushed myself back into the office, grabbing a cell phone off the desk. My mate shook his head and walked over to the next drawer down. "This one. It's untraceable." I saw my weapons and quickly adjusted them on my vest.

I nodded in thanks and jumped out of the window, landing lightly on my paws. I pulled up the GPS and found exactly where I was. I knew my parents would follow the embedded GPS. It would tell them exactly where I was. I wanted to get as far as I could. I didn't want to be in the state when they all came to.

Nu-uh, not me

Barbie Stepford's wife would be wanting to get back at me. I could read hate in her eyes. I tried not to hurt, holding back my temper because she was my mate's mom, but I should have known they were ruthless because my mate's mom had snubbed her before she looked me in the eye. I didn't ask him to keep any information from his mom. I wouldn't do that to another shifters child.

I ran two states away from Florida and away from my family. I knew if I went towards my family I would be caught quickly - if they came for me again. I was hoping the mom would decide to forget about me and 'try' to set her son up with someone else. I had a feeling he wasn't going to cow down to his parents.

I was sitting high up in a tree, making sure I was to be able to see all around me. My jaguar was close to the surface so that I could hack into the airline's ticket site and she could hear anyone around approaching us. I hated using a phone to hack into anything, but I was out of options. I quickly had an e-ticket.

Next: I called Madrid and let him know I needed a military pouch and someone to meet me at the airport. I knew my mate's father would make sure I didn't make it out of his grasp. His pride wouldn't allow him to let me go.

"Are you okay, Shi?" Madrid asked me as if I was a wilting flower.

"Uncle Madrid, I did just free myself from my kidnappers," I answered dryly.

"Who were they?" He asked, his tone menacing. He was angry I was taken again. He was angry the others had gotten hurt.

"I'm not sure. They are based out of Florida in the swamps..." I trailed off.

"Mother fucking pieces of trash," he cursed loudly. "I will tear their ass up myself."

"Not until we can get my mate out of there," I quickly said, as I looked around to make sure no one heard my yelling.

"Your mate? You are only twelve how can you have known he's your mate already?"

"Madrid, trust me, he's my mate. He helped me escape from his family," I answered, hoping he would believe me.

"Okay, get back here and I'll have a Shadow Cat meet you at the airport in an hour. He's going to accompany you until you get back to the base. Also, there will be Shadow Cat's watching for any action at the airport when you land. Don't engage the enemy, Shiloh." And, Madrid just reduced me to that of a little girl again. I was quiet and I knew Madrid was going over his orders.

"Your parents are worried about you, but you can't fight the enemy in the public. What would tell an officer if you were arrested?"

"That the man tried to rape me and I had a lot of training to take care of myself," I automatically answered.

Madrid sighed. "Get back here in one piece, okay?"

"Will do. I've got company coming, gotta go," I answered and closed the phone, stuffing it back under my suit. I used all my senses to place who and how many people were coming my way.

I was well hidden in the tree. I could hear three people coming my way and wondered how they found me.

Stupid person here

The fucking phone. I was going to kill my mate. He was in on this from the start. He played me. I wouldn't forget his betrayal. Either he wasn't my mate and had used the same substance my grandmother made or he's my mate and just as dirty as his family. I had to get rid of the phone and fast. I opened the back of the phone and used my blade as carefully as could. I pulled the guts out of the phone and set them down in leaves.

I moved my position as quickly and as quietly as I could, tucking myself at the very top of the tree I was in. I knew I was lightweight enough not to break the branches, but one of the others wouldn't be. My mother had taught me to be quiet and think of battle plans in our heads. It was a hard lesson but she was right when she said I would need to make decisions quickly to save my life.

"She's not here, boss," one of the bozos told him.

"Then why did the phone ping here?"

"She left somewhere in this area and took off. If she's anything like her mother she wouldn't trust anyone, not even your son. They have been bred to ignore pain, to fight as if the hounds of hell are chasing them, and to think about the matter at hand. Do you honestly think it was going to be easy to acquire her?" Asked a man who had a brain cell left in his head, but way too much information on us.

"No, but I thought the serum we stole would want her to stay with my son. In a few years she could get married to him and give him strong pups," the asses father commented. I had to take deep breaths quietly to calm down. Why does the cartel want us so bad? Was it bragging rights or what? We were going to need to take out every cartel to keep ourselves safe?

The men's voices faded away but I knew I would have to wait until they left the area. I needed to get to a coffee shop to inform Madrid I was going to be late and I needed another ticket. This time they could take it out of my account. If my uncle knew I had hacked the servers he would be pissed.

I waited another hour and ran until I came to a store. I walked in and grabbed water, looking around to see if there were wifi connections. I saw a computer and went towards it.

"You need to pay upfront, Shiloh," I heard from behind me.


Now what?

I turned around slowly and got into a defensive stance when I noticed more people in the store than I thought. "I'm not going back with you!"

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