More Than Just Broken

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{Not edited but I promise the gramma and spellings aren't that bad} [I'll edit once book is finish] Was originally Called Broken Mate 17 year old Gem Smith hates her life, I don't blame her when its surrounded by hate pain and heartbreak. Her dad abuses her, her mom just watches, her sister well she doesn't care about anything that isn't about herself. She's always debting against killing herself or living her worthless life. Chase Travis is a cocky, arrogant but extremely handsome werewolf. He is the future alpha of Moon Rise pack, which is one of most powerful, biggest and feared packs known. These two different souls collide but rejection, heartbreak and pain are involved in the colliding of these two different souls. Will happiness exist in Gems world let alone love as Chase enters in her life or will he just make things worse. Find out on Broken mate. Not your typical werewolf falls in love with human story although there will be love but at what cost.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Gem! You little bi**h lift your lazy ass of that bed and come make breakfast!." My dad yelled.

I stood up from the bed feeling sore, I went to go brush my teeth and wash my face as quick as possible then I went down stairs and prepared breakfast.

I made some eggs, toast, coffee and sausages just like I do everyday.

Once I was done I served my dad Josh, my mom Linda and my sister Alice their breakfast in the dining room, then I quickly ate my breakfast in the kitchen.

My name is Gem Smith and I'm 17 years old, I hate my life, I mean who wouldn't when you have a life like mine.

I hate my family just like how they hate me and i hate my self which is quite typical for a person who is abused both physically and mentally, people say that don't listen to what people say about you especially when its negative but what if your whole life is based on negativity every were you go someone says something negative about you.

There's no escape from the brutal words that come from the world.

I have long brown hair which I'm greatful for because it helps hide my face from the beedy eyes of those who hate me and the bruises that linger on my face, I have hazel eyes that seem to alway have tears and if not tears, hate, they seem to carry so much emotion, so much pain.

I'm 5.5 and well body wise I'm skinny mostly because of the lack of food.

I don't really look like my family, they are all beautiful.

My mom, she has short blonde bob hair, blue eyes and she is not skinny but also not chubby.

My dad, he is handsome for a 49 year old, he also has blond hair with streaks of brown and coffee brown eyes and he is quite fit for his age.

My sister, she is deffinatly a walking Barbie doll, which is expected since mom and dad do whatever she wants.

She wants a bood job she got it, she wants to dye her hair from yellow blond to ashe blond she got it.

She is your typical slut. Wears short clothes always flirts with guys that are ofcause handsome, popular and rich.

I'm pretty sure she sleeps with them too. A true definition of slut.

And yet I still hate them.

I've been told I was ugly multiple times I started to believe it, I mean why would many people say I'm ugly if it's not true even my dad and sister think so.

My life has always been in the shadows of other people I've always been my dad's punching bag and my mom, seems to have forgotten that I'm her daughter, she always supports Alice as if she is an angel and me I'm just a girl who lives in their house rent free.

Then there's my sister who hates me for no reason, She and her gang of populars always attack me I can't be the only ugly, geeky nerd in school but I seem to be there favourite. *sigh*

and my dad just makes life so much worse then it already is, he hits me like there's no tomorrow and when tomorrow comes he'll hit me harder but I guess I am kind of relieved that it goes as far as that no sexual abuse or anything along those lines and i hope it stays like that. I am still wondering why I am still alive......

Since it was a Monday, after I made and ate breakfast I went to go take a shower since i didnt have a bathroom in my small bedroom even though our house has 5 bedrooms I just had to get the one that could easily look like a walk in closet.

I had to go shower in the shower that was in the guest bedroom.

When I was done I picked out a over sized black T-shirt, black jeans and my shoes which is so living up to my title as abused little nerd, I don't really have much clothes anyway and the ones I have aren't "in season" like how Alice likes to put it.

My clothes just like everything else I own is worn out, old or passed down even my room which is the smallest room in the house with only a single bed a table with a lamp and a wardrobe.

Even though my room is dull I try to make is as homey or maybe I should say roomy as possible by putting pictures of my drawing.

I'm a little bit of a artist, it keeps me sain.

It's my escape so is reading but I don't have many books I probably have read the same book about 5 times.

*hello beautiful people. Hope u enjoyed my first chapter of my first book, will update and make longer chapters. Comment your opinion....likes? Dislikes?*

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