More Than Just Broken

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Chapter 2

I got out of the house and started walking to school. We live in a very quiet nabourhood in fact we live in a very quiet town. Nothing exciting happens here even though there is a very large forest that is so mysterious this town is a snooze fest.....boring.

Once I got to school, the school I go to is called Moonlight high school also known as ML high, it is also the name of our boring town. The name is quite mysterious though I mean who in their right mind names a place moonlight especially such a boring town but just because this town is boring doesn't mean The myths are, people acually believe that that this town was once invaded by werewolves. I scoff inside my head, as if werewolves are even real but that doesn't stop me from reading books about those types of mythical creatures.

I went to my locker as quick as I can so I can take my books and go to my first class incase my sister and her friends see me, I guess luck isn't by my side today who am I kidding it's never by my side anyday because my sister and her friends are walking towards me.

" Hey Gem you look ugly today, who am i kidding you look ugly everyday" Alice said, I was scared ofcause but I've learned that showing them that you are scared just makes this whole bully Gem thing more fun so I just stared at them with a blank expration waiting for that blow that will give me a hand print bruise. " You are so ugly no wonder why daddy hates you i mean how are you even related to me." She whispered, she doesn't want anyone knowing that I'm her sister because I'm an "embarrassment" but I'm sure everyone knows that by now. She pushes me against the locker which hurt bad,

"girls take care of her" she said walking away probably looking for one of her flings. Once she left, her two friends Sam and Beck started slapping and punching me, this is how most of my life is like always being hit or laughed at or called names everywhere I go. I'm used to it. To the pain I mean.

Once they were satisfied with there work they left me bruised on my stomach legs and hands and my nose bleeding in the hall way. I stood up which was no easy job and went to the toilets and sat on the floor crying as usual.

I always wonder why no one hasn't noticed that I'm bullied in school,

I hate...
no I loath my life,

is this how it's gonna be like forever?

Am I gonna ever be happy?

i dont think i can take this life any longer.....I just want to die I'm sure that's more peaceful then this sorry excuse of a life.

After what seems like 10 minutes of feeling sorry for myself I cleaned my self up and went to class, which was okay I guess, since it kinda distracted me from the pain of not just being hit but the pain of being me.

After school I took my homework from my locker and put it in my bag then started walking home, my sister is ofcause the favourite child so she has a car and to put the cherry on top she has designer clothes and a big and beautiful room i can only dream about having.

I honestly don't mind not having a car because when I'm walking home it's the only time of peace I have with the light breeze gently whispering in my ears and the mysterious forest beside me looking beautiful.

You can even call it, the calm before th storm.

Once I got home, luckily my dad wasn't here so no beatings today. Yay. Note the sarcasim.
I got started on my homework then made supper, i always cook and i honesty enjoy it too. I tough myself from watching my mom cook and she would
Also show me some trick around the kitchen. Once i was good enough to do it on my own she then stopped cooking then let me do it.

I was finally done and it was about 5 so I ate my portion of food since when my parents get here I won't get a chance to eat. Then i went to my room and started drawing. I was drawing a portrid of a girl on a swing that was in the forest, that girl was me and I made sure to not put a smile on her face but to put tears because if I had drawn a smile that wouldn't be me.

Alice was probably at one of her boyfriends house. I sometimes get jealous of her she has guys following her left, right and center and me... I don't even think guys know i exist, why am I even bothering I'm ugly and ugly people are never noticed or crushed on.
My life motto is you are ugly so don't expect beauty.

As i was in deep thought, I heard the door opening and i knew right away that it was my parents, so I quickly ran down stairs and served supper for them then I went back upstairs to my room. After an hour or so Alice arrived and i gave her, her supper, washed the dishes then went to sleep.

Today was not as bad as other days. It was okay, I wonder what tomorrow has inset for me. Probably more beatings.

*how was that?? Hope u enjoyed will update soon. Love y'all.

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