More Than Just Broken

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Chapter 3

Beep! Beep! I woke up to my alarm clock which i thank because I was having a horrible night mare, like I do every night. I have such a sad life don't I.

I did my normal morning hygiene routine, then cooked food for the house mates i call my family served them the breakfast then ate mine and walked to school.
I am so glad I wore my sweat pants and long sleeved T-shirt because it was windy, just how i like it. Too bad this day is gonna be bad like everyday of my life.

I arrived at school and everyone was busy whispering and what not. I hope Alice hasn't started another rumor about me because last time I was the laughing stoke of the school not that I'm not already a laughing stoke but it was worse.

I went and took my books from my locker and luckily Alice was to busy gossiping like the rest of the school to bother me.

I wonder what's the fuss about.

I went to class and sat down at the back like I always do because I want to be as small and unnoticed as possible,

typical of me right.

People started filling in the seats and we all waited for Miss Brown to arrive.

"Good morning class today we have two new students but unfortunately one of them couldn't make it today but he will be here tomorrow. Please introduce yourself Miss Travis."

Ooh that's probably why people were gossiping.

"Hi everyone my name is Adeline Travis." She said with a bright smile pasted on her face.

She is very beautiful, she's got red neck length hair, greenish blueish eyes that also kind of looked silver... is that wierd? and looks to be about 5.11 feet tall and has a body to die for, she's probably gonna be friends with my sister.

She was truly beautiful and looks like I'm not the only one who agrees with that fact because every girl was staring with envy even my sister and every girl was staring with desire. Desire to be with her ofcause.

"Well I hope you have a wonderful day Miss Travis you can go sit next to Miss Smith. Gem please lift your hand up so she knows who you are."

I lift my hand up and she walks towards me smiling, I just look down avoiding eye contact, like I do with everyone who looks at me.

"Hi you must be Gem." She whispered not wanting to be heard by Miss Brown who was explaining something about algebra and triangles.

Why is she talking to me. She's probably only being nice because she wants some thing.... right.

"Um yah that's me." I whispered still looking down. "Can you show me around since im new and all. Dont really know my way around" She said with a small smile "Um okay sure" i mumbled.

After class I showed her around school and every guy was looking at her as if she was a peice of meat and every girl glared at her feeling threatened, they better keep their men on leashes because there's a new hottie in town and her name is Adeline. I don't blame them she is very beautiful.
She is very kind hearted and smart, something you dont see alot. Beautiful, kind and smart is a rare combination take me for example I'm smart and i think I'm nice but not beautiful. She even sat with me at lunch.

But I'm sure once she gets other friends she is gonna leave me. Right?

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