Vampire princes beloved

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“A girl stuck between the past and the future” Ever since Rosa was old enough to understand, her mother told her lies that will effect her future. What will happen when Rosa finds out, that her mate is what she hates most. Will she run or will she risk her life for love and a chance at happiness Read and find out

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

God dammit why me, why do I have to go to the stupid vampire princes ball, I mean I hate vampires with a passion. They are monsters that don’t feel love, they only kill whatever is in there paths.

Shaking my head to get out of my thoughts, as I rushed to get ready for the DAMM ball. It was than I turned to look at myself in the mirror behind me…

I couldn’t help but stare at myself, with my mouth slightly open.

I didn’t even recognised myself, here I stand in a beautiful black and blue dress that, showed all my Curves in the right places.

Shaking my head I slowly reached over to my desk to grab my mask, and place it onto my face completing my look.

“Rosa are you ready yet, the limo just arrived to take us to the ball” my mother called out, as I grabbed my small bag.

"It's not like I have a bloody choice" I yelled, out as I walked into the foyer.

"Oh my baby girl looks so beautiful" she muttered, as she looked me up and down.

“Mother do we have to go, we could always stay home” I muttered, trying one more time to get out of this.

“Sweetheart ur 18 years old, you must attend the ball. I mean who knows you might even find ur mate, at least give it a chance” she said making me sigh as I walked towards the door.

I knew it wasn’t going to work, but I had to try and get out of this situation.

“Rosa please don’t get upset about this, I mean you have a chance to find ur mate” she whispered, making me stop to face her.

"I don't want a mate, you of all people should understand how I feel mother" I said, angrily as I walked passed her to the limo waiting for me.

Climbing into the limo, I waited patiently for my mother to join me. After the limo started moving, I didn't say a word to her.

I hated the fact I was being forced to attend this stupid ball, "Rose I understand why ur upset but pls, try and have fun" my mother muttered as the limo pulled to a stop.

"Whatever" I muttered as I climbed out of the limo, looking around I noticed hundreds of girls walking towards the palace.

Well tonight is gonna be the worse night of my life, I thought walking towards the palace with my mother besides me.

Time to go to hell I thought as we walked though the palace doors....
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