Vampire princes beloved

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Chapter 2

“Look at who decided to show up” Mia said walking towards me, as I signed myself in at the door.

“It’s not like I had a choice in the matter” I said, as my mother rolled her eyes at me. “Yeah I figured that” Mia said, laughing as we both continued walking towards the ball room.

"Wow not bad" I muttered as we walked into the room, "I know it's so cool" she said excitedly as I continued to look around.

"Jesus I wonder how many people are here" I said, as we both took a seat at a table. "Over 500 people I say" Mia said, grabbing a drink from our table.

"Wow and to think that it's all because of the vampire princes birthday" I said, taking a sip of my drink in front of me.

"Yeah but also cause he has reached the age to find his mate Rose" she muttered, as she looked around us.

"I hope it's not me, otherwise I will be out that door running as fast as I can" I said, making Mia frown at me.

"Rose I understand why u hate vampires, but not all vampires are the same" she whispered, making groan in frustration.

"To me all blood suckers are the same Mia, nothing will change my mind about that" I said, finishing off my drink.

Glancing at Mia I noticed she was frowning at me, but I didn't really care after all it is my life, I can say what I want to about vampires.

Suddenly it went silent, looking around I noticed everyone staring at some one.

"Omg it's him the prince" Mia muttered as I looked at him, it was than and there fear rushed though me.

"No" I muttered as I realised the vampire prince is my mate...

"Rose are u okay" Mia asked, as I quickly got up looking for the closest exited, but unfortunately for me every door to the room was guarded by soldiers.

No matter what I do, I knew for certain I was trapped and there was no escape for me....
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