Vampire princes beloved

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Chapter 3

“Rose what's wrong" Mia asked as I slowly tried to hide, "I can't be here I need to go" I muttered out as I quickly hid behind Mia.

"Rose what is going on ur scaring me" she whispered, as I continued to stare at the vampire prince.

"I...I found my mate" I softly said, making her gasp out and looked towards the prince.

"Rosa maybe he is different, you won't know unless u give him a chance" she said, making me glare at her.

"Mia all vampires are the same, like hell I'm gonna go anywhere near that blood sucker" I said, as I noticed the vampire prince looking my way.

"Oh no Mia look" I said, pointing as the vampire prince started walking towards us.

"Rosa I'm so sorry" she whispered, as she moved out of the way so, my mate could see where I was hiding.

I gave her a quick death glare look, but before I could try and run, I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

"I have finally found you" whispered a dark husky voice, it was than I was span around to face the one and only, the vampire prince.

"Mine" was all he said, before picking me up into his arms. "No no no let me go" I muttered, making him tighten his arms around me.

No matter how hard I tried, to get away from him it didn't matter as he continued, walking towards the throne like nothing happened.

I knew that I would forever be trapped here...

"Thank you all for coming to my birthday ball, as you might have guessed. I have found my mate, so with out any further adue let's get this party started" my mate yelled out, as he sat down with me on his lap.

Soon enough music started and I watched, everyone dance around the room, it was than and there I noticed my mother watching me with tears in her eyes.

"I would give up love, no matter what you do, there is no way to escape" he whispered making goosebumps appear all over my arms and legs.

I can't believe this his happening...

I thought as I felt tears begin to run down my cheeks.
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